9 Pros and Cons of Living in Greenville, SC

Located in South Carolina, Greenville is a town for those chasing a nice blend of city life with a touch of a quiet life.

The city is full of activities, including bowling alleys, movie theaters, shopping malls, and many restaurants eager to put their culture on display. 

But is Greenville, SC, a good place to live? 

This guide contains all the pertinent information a person must know about before moving to Greenville. Read along as we discuss some important pros and cons of living in Greenville. 

So, let us get started!

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The Weather

Overall, Greenville exhibits a humid subtropical climate. A humid subtropical climate means that the weather remains humid and hot during the summer days, and the winters feel generally mild. 

While summer dominates the city throughout the year, living in Greenville allows you to experience the distinct four seasons. Spring and Fall don’t last long enough, but when they occur, the beauty of Greenville enhances. 

With an average high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this city generally remains sunny to partly cloudy. As someone living in or visiting Greenville, the delightful weather will invite you to explore the outdoors and bask in the town’s scenic beauty! 

Quality Education

The educational system in Greenville is just what people search for their kids worldwide! 

The schools in Greenville focus on maintaining a balance between sports and providing high-quality education to kids. Moving to Greenville is a great choice for someone with kids going to school or a student. 

There is an abundance of private schools present in the city. In conclusion, Greenville is the place to find good education for your children and yourself! 

Lower Living Costs

Greenville boasts a convenient lifestyle compared to the other cities in the state. A better lifestyle is not the only place Greenville scores high; The living costs in Greenville are significantly lower too. 

The median income of Greenville sits at $29K, with the median family income at $45K a year. Based on the income records, it is safe to say that residing in Greenville is quite reasonably priced.

A Lively Downtown

One of the best things about living in Greenville is its active and charming downtown area. 

The downtown area brings forth amazing activities and is home to many attractions and landmarks. There are many restaurants and shops for you to visit. Moreover, the downtown area is full of job opportunities and offers a ton of great housing options. 

In short, Greenville is full of activities to show you a good time, and you will never run out of activities.  

According to Touropia, some best venues in Greenville include: 

  • Falls Park on the Reedy 
  • Greenville Zoo
  • Upcountry History Museum 

Versatile Job Opportunities

There was once a time when the Greenville economy relied entirely on its textile mills. However, Greenville has seen significant growth in other sectors, including technology, resulting in more job opportunities and further stabilizing the town’s economy. 

As Greenville continues to gain more popularity and more people move in, Greenville is also catching the attention of many top-notch industries and entrepreneurs. 

According to Zippia, some top-notch companies offering career opportunities in Greenville currently include: 

  • Michelin 
  • Perrigo 
  • Delta Apparel


Countries worldwide are suffering at the hands of thrashing economic pressure, and the US, unfortunately, also comes under the wave of inflation. 

Even in these challenging times, the lifestyle in Greenville is surprisingly affordable! Numbeo.com marks Greenville 89.8 on its living costs index. 

These scores suggest you can manage a lush life in Greenville at an annual income of $89K. However, talking to the residents of this town, we discovered that you could manage here on an annual income less than the suggested $89K! 


Higher Housing Costs

All around the country, properties have significantly risen, and the beloved Greenville is no exception. 

Due to the current influx in the housing market, houses for over 40 years have been going for more than their actual value. To find a property in Greenville, you need to accumulate a $300K minimum. 

Renting options are costly too. Expect to pay approximately $1,500 if you choose to rent in Greenville. 

Increasing Traffic

The population in Greenville is seeing a steady increase with every passing day. An increased population means that the city’s traffic conditions worsen, and road conditions are taking a steep fall. 

Even on highways I-85 and I-385, driving on roads becomes congested. If you choose to move to Greensville, you will need to avoid driving during rush hours. 

Consequently, you will need to avoid some busy roads, including: 

  • Laurens Road
  • Woodruff Road
  • Haywood Road
  • Wade Hampton Boulevard 

These streets are packed with entertainment and landmarks, including restaurants, movie theaters, businesses, stores, and schools. 

Consider learning about the alternative routes before moving to the city. 

Prone to Seasonal Allergies

The residents of many cities in South Carolina, including Greenville, complain about falling prey to seasonal allergies throughout the year. 

The town’s hot weather is also a driving factor behind residents developing seasonal allergies. Apart from the hot weather, the plantations in this town also account for a high pollen count for many months of the year. 

Moving to Greenville is only for the strongest. If you are prone to allergies or have health conditions, seasonal allergies in Greenville raise serious concerns. Make sure to have regular vaccinations and checkups to stay healthy and enjoy the charming weather of the town! 

Final Words

Although the long lists of goods moving to Greenville bring, relocating to this city is only some people’s cup of tea. 

The decision to move to Greenville comes with its share of pros and cons. Moving to Greenville is a great move to surround yourself with a healthy environment you and your family can nurture. 

However, you should also consider the cons of moving to Greenville. Please ensure to thoroughly read this guide so that you can make an informed decision about relocating to Greenville. 

We hope that you found the information in this guide helpful!

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