10+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Virginia Beach, VA

So, Virginia Beach has caught your attention, and now you’re swimming in questions: “Is Virginia Beach a good place to live?” “How safe is it?” “Would it be an ideal spot to retire?” and “What’s it really like raising a family there?”

Let’s explore the pros and cons of living in this coastal city.

Pros of Living In Virginia Beach

Here are six potential pros of living in Virginia Beach, VA:

Beautiful Beaches

Virginia Beach has some of the prettiest and best-kept beaches on the East Coast.

People living there get to enjoy loads of sandy space, clear waters, and fun things to do like swimming, surfing, kayaking, and fishing.

The city really cares about keeping its beaches in top shape, so they’re great to visit all year.

If you’re someone who loves the beach and outdoor activities, Virginia Beach could be the perfect place for you.

Outdoor Recreation

Apart from its gorgeous beaches, there’s a lot more to Virginia Beach for those who love the outdoors.

The city is packed with parks, trails, and green spaces where you can hike, bike, have a picnic, or even watch birds.

Places like the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and First Landing State Park are big hits for folks who enjoy nature, giving them beautiful views and a peek at the local wildlife.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Virginia Beach is steeped in history that goes all the way back to colonial times, and there’s a bunch of cool places to learn more.

For example, the Cape Henry Lighthouse has been around since 1792 and draws in folks who love history.

If old planes are your thing, you should check out the Military Aviation Museum. Plus, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is always buzzing with its mix of places to eat, shop, and have some fun.

Military Presence and Opportunities

Being right next to Norfolk, one of the best places to live in Virginia with the world’s biggest naval base, Virginia Beach has a big military vibe.

There are bases like Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation and Fort AP Hill. Lots of jobs in the area are in the military, defense, and tech fields.

The naval base is a major employer, and the whole city really backs its veterans and those still serving. It’s a tight-knit community where folks support each other.

Solid Education Options

Virginia Beach is home to a few great universities and colleges, like Regent University and Virginia Wesleyan University.

If you’re looking to continue your studies or chase your dream job, these schools offer a bunch of programs and degrees to choose from.

Having these educational spots in town not only adds a lively, smart feel to the place but also means a lot of folks here are pretty well-educated.

Robust Economic Conditions

Virginia Beach’s economy is on the rise, offering jobs in all sorts of areas.

A ton of tourists visit every year, which means lots of work in hotels, eateries, and fun places to hang out.

On top of that, there are a good number of hospitals and medical centers around, so there are plenty of healthcare jobs.

And if tech’s your thing, Virginia Beach is getting a name for itself with businesses focusing on things like cybersecurity and engineering.

So, no matter what field you’re in, Virginia Beach is a pretty sweet spot to settle down.

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Cons of Living in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has a lot going for it, but like any place, it has its downsides too.

Hurricanes and Coastal Risks

Virginia Beach, sitting on the Atlantic coast, often faces the challenges of hurricanes.

Residents deal with strong winds, heavy rain, and surging waters.

Homes getting damaged or streets flooding are common sights, and sometimes people have to leave their homes when a big storm is coming.

All this can shake up everyday life and add stress for those living there.

Tourist Traffic

Virginia Beach is a top spot for vacationers, especially in the summer.

Sure, it’s great for the city’s wallet, but locals sometimes feel the pinch.

Roads get jam-packed, parking becomes a game of luck, and the beaches? Packed to the brim.

With all the extra people around, the town can feel a bit hectic for the folks who live there year-round.

Cost of Living

Even though Virginia Beach is one of the cheapest beach cities in Virginia, it’s not exactly cheap.

Living here can cost a bit, especially when you look at housing. Rent and house prices aren’t always budget-friendly, and some folks might find it tough to land a deal.

Living here costs about 8% more than the average U.S. city, which can pinch your wallet and make it harder to save or spend on other important stuff.

For some people and families, this can even make things like healthcare, schooling, and basic services a bit of a stretch.

Traffic Congestion

Virginia Beach might not have the big city traffic jams, but getting around can still be a headache sometimes.

Especially during the touristy times and busy hours, roads can get pretty packed, making drives longer than usual.

It can throw a wrench in your daily plans and be a bit stressful.

And when the city’s filled with more people during those high seasons, the roads might not seem ready for the crowd, making traffic even trickier.

High Tax Rates

People living in Virginia Beach have to deal with higher taxes than in some other places.

Virginia’s individual income tax varies, going from 2.00 percent up to 5.75 percent.

On top of that, there’s a set 6.00 percent tax rate for corporate income. And yes, local businesses can face gross receipts taxes too.

These taxes can take a bigger bite out of what people have left to spend, save, or invest.

So, anyone living here should factor in these costs when they’re setting out their budgets and financial plans.

Is Virgina Beach a Good Place to Live?

Virginia Beach is a beautiful place to live, start a family, or enjoy retirement.

From the lively scenes of Oceanfront to the calm vibes of Pungo, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, it’s ranked as the second-safest city with a population over 300,000, which is reassuring.

On the flip side, young professionals might find better job opportunities in Raleigh.

The city has a broader range of careers with better pay. Virginia Beach’s housing market can also be a bit tricky.

The military provides housing allowances, which tends to push up rent and house prices.

Sailors from nearby bases, like Norfolk, often look to buy or rent here, especially with the generous VA loan offers they get.