Almost daily I read in the Amazon FBA Facebook (FB) groups same questions: “How do you get the Amazon product reviews from the beginning?”, “Now we are not allowed to send out products for reviews. When you launch a product how do you get initial Amazon reviews?”, “Can someone please can help me with a suggestion how to get Amazon product reviews?” etc….


How to get Amazon product reviews


All over the place, you will hear: Run PPC, sell quality products with good service at a good price is the best way to get good sales. Once you get some sales through PPC the reviews will come as well.

Yeah right, sure… spend $500 on PPC with 300% ACOS and you will get sales and maybe, just maybe you will get a review and possibly one-star review.

People write bad reviews but neglect to write good reviews.

The reason people don’t bother to leave some good reviews for you even if you provide good product or service is that they think it’s your job to provide the best service or product and they expected that for their money. Doing your best, you are doing anything extraordinary.

But, when your customers feel that they have been misbehaved or like you didn’t fulfill your promise, the product they received isn’t as expected they go furious and want to tell others about it.


bad amazon review


178 people found this helpful!!! What would happen this is your first and only review? Your carrier would be finished, right?

Luckily, they have 1376 other reviews!!!


amazon review

Do not let similar reviews be your first!!!

You will also hear that there is no quick fix or magic way to garner reviews, all you have to do is to just ask your customers. If they haven’t complained or asked for a refund then chances are they are happy with the product. Truth is, you will barely get any sales without reviews!!!

As an Amazon seller, you already know, Amazon reviews are the KING. My business has focussed heavily on getting Amazon reviews and we have over 1,000 for our products with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Trust me, I know how to do it, so here is:


How to Get Amazon Reviews


Amazon is not allowing reviews for discounted products. Products that have been excessive or violated policy before, will be retroactively removed so this you should do at the beginning:

  • You have to have someone (friend, neighbor, a guy from Fiverr…whatever) who has purchasing history on Amazon. Purchasing history means that earlier they bought at least for $50.
  • Find yourself your product using search terms. Let me say you are 3rd listing on page 6.
  • Tell the guy to find the product just like you are and order it at FULL PRICE.
  • When he/she receive it, they can leave a verified review
  • Only two purchases for the same search term and tomorrow your product will be on page 2 for that search term. (depending on the competition in your category). For more on Amazon ranking, check out my popular article How to Rank Products on Amazon


Amazon did a study and showed that up to 21 reviews, the number of reviews are critical. After 21 reviews, the actual star rating is more important, so do not invest much in this.

After you receive these initial reviews, run PPC and to get more reviews to ask your customers. If they haven’t complained or asked for a refund then chances are they are happy with the product. So, about a week after dispatch send them a quick 2 or 3 line email asking for a review on Amazon and link them straight to the review page.

Keep it short, and just say that it will really help your business and that you’d really appreciate it but if they are unhappy you would love a chance to help solve their problem.

Here’s a general PPC strategy:

Step 1: Put your 50 keywords in a broad match campaign and let that run for a week.

Step 2: At the end of the week, pull a report and identify keywords that are profitable. Once you’ve identified them, put those into a Phrase match campaign. Also, add the keywords from your Phrase match campaign as negative keywords in you Broad match campaign.

Step 3: After a week or so, identify phrase match keywords that are converting well and add the keyword phrase to an Exact match campaign. (repeat negative keyword step). Step 4: Optimize and adjust bids in your Exact campaigns.

While Amazon’s policy has changed recently and they are finally clamping down on fake reviews there are a couple of things to remember: Amazon isn’t that great at policing things (which annoys me no end), take what you will from that.

You can leave a review on Amazon even if you bought the product from somewhere else – you just don’t get the “verified purchase” badge on the review. One idea for you, pop a card in each box asking for a review with the link on the card.

Or, pop a card in the box offering a free extended warranty with a link on your website, when the user fills in the warranty extension form they get an automated email asking them for a review that links them straight to the Amazon review page.

The benefit to this is that they are extra pre-qualified, not only did they buy the product but they also liked it enough to extend the warranty. Obviously, you do need to stand by the extended warranty but I assume you have confidence in the product you are selling. Hope this helps, Amazon isn’t super hard, keep it simple and you shouldn’t get stung.

Here is the template you can use:


Dear XY

Thank you for your purchase. If you are satisfied with our product and feel comfortable leaving us a feedback after you receive the product, we would be most appreciative. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and we have a no hassle refund policy.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Company XZ


All this you can automate with FeedbackGenius. FeedbackGenius sends auto-feedback pop-ups to thousands of orders on a daily basis

Customer service is a priority, so don’t send another “Are you enjoying the Silicone placemat” type email, that’s an automatic delete from anybody inbox. Make it something they have to open – use an interesting headline, generic headlines are deleted. For me, it’s some type of clickbait. Include some humor, send an interesting photo or free ebook…

Trust me, I literally received feedback from people thanking me for sending them the emails. Would someone thank you for a spam email? I doubt.

BTW, customers often leaving product reviews in seller feedback.

Contact them saying something like “Thank you so much for the feedback. If you want to help other buyers like yourself please copy paste feedback in the product review.”

Then give them a quote of their feedback and a link to the product review page. Key is to make it as easy as possible.

Since many saw new products with lot’s of reviews some asked how do they do it…

Here it is:


Amazon fake reviews


Reviews manipulation is easy, especially for the people with the network. Now, I am gonna show you one screenshot


amazon fake reviews


You are clever enough to put pieces together. Internet forums are full of threads like this one and unlike Facebook, these communities are anonymous and people use them to buy Amazon reviews.

Here is another example. A guy on BHW forum is looking to buy Amazon verified reviews.


buy amazon reviews


As you can see, people are buying reviews and if the product is new, just launched on Amazon then most of those first 10, 15 or even 20 reviews are fake. How do I know that? There is no way you will get more than 1 positive review on every 10 sales, no matter what you do.