These Are the 15 Best Cities to Drive for Uber

In some cities, driving for Uber can really pay off.

We gathered official stats from Uber, surveyed 100 Uber drivers on Reddit, and also checked out data from Indeed and Glassdoor. All of this helped us give you a rough estimate of earnings in each city.

1. San Francisco, California

Uber is extremely popular in San Francisco as it’s its hometown. The city’s high population density and tech-savvy residents contribute to higher demand for rides, often resulting in better earnings for drivers. According to reports, San Francisco Uber drivers can earn up to $30 per hour, partly due to California’s minimum wage of $15.50. Health stipends are also available for drivers, making it one of the most lucrative cities for this gig.

2. New York City, New York

There are 80,000 drivers in New York City, and they now earn an average of $33.30 per hour before tips. That’s a significant increase from the $23.50 per hour drivers were making in 2018, according to Uber data and company spokesman Josh Gold. Strict city regulations require these drivers to have a special license, ensuring a higher standard of safety and quality for everyone using the service.

3. Seattle, Washington

Another tech hub, Seattle has less competition compared to other big cities and a strong demand for rideshares. Drivers here can earn an average of $25,50 per hour, according to various reports. The tech-heavy environment ensures people often need quick and convenient transportation.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Known for its bad traffic and expensive parking, Bostonians often prefer using Uber over driving their own cars. On average, Uber drivers in Boston make around $32.75 per hour before tips, according to Uber. Narrow streets and high parking fees make Uber a go-to service, especially during citywide events.

5. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital has a mix of business travelers, tourists, and locals needing a ride, which can keep you busy. Earnings here are $21 an hour. A mix of professionals and tourists offer diverse ride opportunities, from airport runs to sightseeing trips.

6. Chicago, Illinois

With a sprawling city and busy nightlife, Chicago has a constant need for Uber drivers. In Windy City, you can earn $30.75 per hour, and there’s no shortage of people looking for a ride, especially on weekends and during events.

7. Los Angeles, California

LA’s notorious traffic and widespread area mean people often opt for rideshares over public transport. Uber drivers in Los Angeles typically earn around $29 per hour. In a city where everyone seems to be on the move, ride-sharing fits right in.

8. Dallas, Texas

A spread-out city with a lot of business travel, Dallas has a high demand for Uber services. Drivers in Dallas can expect to make about $23.05/hour (based on the median earnings of drivers in Dallas from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23). The city’s size and business scene create plenty of opportunities for drivers to keep busy.

9. Miami, Florida

The city attracts a lot of tourists, who often rely on Uber to get around. In Miami, you can earn around $22 per hour. The sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife make the city a hot spot for ride requests, particularly near the airports and tourist destinations.

10. Denver, Colorado

With a growing population and plenty of events, Denver offers good opportunities for rideshare drivers. Uber drivers in Denver usually make about $29 an hour (based on the median earnings of drivers in Denver from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23). The city’s lively downtown and seasonal events provide steady business, keeping you on the road and in the money.

11. Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, drivers often find themselves busy with airport and downtown trips. Drivers can make about $21,48 an hour before tips (based on the median earnings of drivers in Atlanta from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23).

12. San Diego, California

Both tourists and locals in San Diego frequently use Uber, and drivers earn around $25 an hour before tips.

13. Houston, Texas

Houston has a lot of business travelers and a busy nightlife, offering many opportunities for Uber drivers. Expect to earn about $19.95 an hour based on median earnings of drivers in Houston from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23.

14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Philadelphia, the mix of tourists visiting historic sites and locals going about their day creates steady work for Uber drivers. Earnings hover around $24,95 an hour before tips (based on median earnings of drivers in Philadelphia from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23).

15. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix offers a mix of business and leisure travel, especially during the cooler months. Uber drivers can expect to make approximately $25.62 an hour before tips (based on median earnings of drivers in Phoenix from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23.).

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