20 Places To Buy Kerosene K1 for Heater

If you are looking to buy kerosene, then you may be surprised to know that you can find kerosene pretty easily at a gas station.

Here’s a look at where you can find kerosene at a gas station near you. 

Where to Buy kerosene?

There are a number of gas stations that currently sell kerosene. Here is a list of gas stations that currently offer kerosene for sale. 

Speedway – There are a number of Speedway locations located on the east coast, southeast and west coast. 

Sunoco – Sunoco locations are nationwide. 

ARCO – Sunoco locations are nationwide. 

Citgo – Also operates gas stations under the Clarion and Mystik brands 

where to buy kerosene

Shell – Sunoco locations are nationwide. 

Texaco – Texaco locations are nationwide. 

Terribles – Terribles locations are primarily in the southwest 

Buc-ee’s – Buc-ee’s are located mainly in Texas with some locations in Alabama, 

Conoco – Locations are nationwide 

Family Express – Located mainly in Indiana.

Frontier – Located mainly in Kentucky 

Flying J – Locations are nationwide 

Go-Mart – Located primarily in the midwest.

Lukoil – Located in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Meijer – Located in the midwest

Road Ranger – Located in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Wisconsin

76 – Locations are nationwide 

Weigel’s – Located primarily in the south

Note: Some of the locations may not have kerosene available. Therefore, you will want to call the location and see if they offer kerosene for sale. 

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Because kerosene is classified as a hazardous substance, there are a number of gas stations that do not offer kerosene at any of their locations.

Here is a look at some of the gas stations that do not offer kerosene:



Circle K


Kwip Trip



Philips 66

Quik Trip



How is kerosene sold?

Kerosene is typically sold in one gallon or two gallon containers.

Sometimes, you may be able to get a bulk order to kerosene.

However, this is rare at a gas station.

The most common way to buy kerosene at a gas station is in a one gallon container. 

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How to find out if a gas station has kerosene available? 

Before you go to a gas station, it is a good idea to do some research to check to see if kerosene is available at that particular location.

Here are some tips to check to see if your local gas station offers kerosene:

  • Call ahead – Many gas stations take phone calls and will let you know if they have kerosene available for sale.
  • Check the gas station’s main website. – Check online to see if that gas station chain offers kerosene. 

How much kerosene can you buy at a gas station? 

You can usually buy kerosene by the gallon at a gas station. Currently, kerosene costs anywhere between $3 and $4 a gallon.

Due to the changing supply and demand of kerosene, the fuel can fluctuate in price much like gasoline. Also, kerosene tends to be a little more expensive in the winter when demand goes up. 

What you should know when buying kerosene

Because kerosene is classified as a hazardous substance, you will have to present a government-issued driver’s license or state ID in order to complete your purchase

Lesser known uses for kerosene

Kerosene is primarily known as a jet fuel and as a fuel for heaters and lights. However, kerosene is also used as a pesticide and as a cleaning agent.

No matter how you use kerosene, you should exercise extreme caution because of its flammable properties. 

What kind of container should you use for kerosene?

Kerosene is stored in blue containers to easily tell it apart from gasoline, which is stored in red containers. Make sure that the container is certified for kerosene use.

You can find blue kerosene certified containers at your local gas station that sells kerosene as well as your local hardware stores. 

How long does kerosene last? 

When stored properly, kerosene can keep for anywhere from two to five years.

So why can kerosene go back if not stored properly? The main reason is condensation.

If water is able to mix with the kerosene, then the quality of the fuel can be diluted.

Therefore, you will want to make sure that your kerosene is stored in a dry, cool place in order to ensure long shelf life. 

Can you still use bad kerosene?

If your kerosene goes “bad” due to long shelf life or condensation, it can still be used.

However, the effectiveness of the kerosene will be reduced.

Using “bad” kerosene should be considered a last resort. 

How do I know if a lamp or a heater accepts kerosene? 

Be sure to check the label next to the fuel tank on the lamp of the heater. It should tell you whether or not to use kerosene.

If you can not find a label, then you should refrain from fueling the heater or the lamp until you can get solid confirmation that the item in question is able to accept kerosene as a fuel source. 

Finding kerosene at a gas station near me

Chances are that there are a number of gas stations near you that sell kerosene. Be sure to check the gas station’s website and call ahead before you visit.

Also, make sure that you have a certified blue container – clearly marked with the word “kerosene” – to store your fuel. Finally, make sure you have a dry, cool place to store your kerosene at your home or your destination. 

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