10 Best Places to Get Your Knife Sharpened Near Me For Cheap

If you want to get the best performance from your knife, then you need to make sure that it has a sharp blade.

knife sharpening

Experts recommend that you have your knives sharpened about two or three times a year.

So where can you get your knife sharpened? You may be surprised that there are a number of ways to get knife sharpening services in your area.

Let’s take a look at why you should get your knife sharpened and where to find knife sharpening services near you. 

Why get your knives sharpened 

Wondering why you need to get your knife sharpened? Here is what the experts have to say:

  • Creates a safer knife – With a sharp blade, you have to cut less to get the desired result. This leads to less straining and less force. 
  • Realigns the edge – You want to make sure that your knife has a straight edge. Over time, your knife can lose its sharpness. Having your knife sharpened restores that straight edge. 
  • Get more done quickly – With a sharp knife, you can finish your cooking prep faster and become more productive. 

Where to Get Your Knives Sharpened

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Nationwide Cooking Supply Stores 

You can have your knife sharpened at several cooking supply stores. There are currently 

three major nationwide cooking supply stores that offer knife sharpening services. 


Williams-Sonoma is known for its luxury cookware. The store also offers free knife sharpening services. Best of all, you can bring any knife to the store.

While you are at the store, you may want to check out all the great cookware that they have to offer.

Who knows? You may find something that Williams-Sonoma that you want to add to your collection. 

Top benefits of Williams-Sonoma:

  • Free knife sharpening service
  • Top luxury cookware showroom
  • Can do some cookware shopping while there 

Sur La Table

Sur La Table is a top-quality cookware store that also offers free knife sharpening service.

Yes, you can bring any knife into the store for free knife sharpening services. Since the store offers lots of great cookware, you may be tempted to make a purchase while you are there. 

Top benefits of Sur La Table:

  • Free knife sharpening service
  • Top staff
  • Can do some cookware shopping while you wait

Bed, Bath, and Beyond 

Bed, Bath and Beyond was known as one of the top homeware stores in the nation. While the store does charge for knife sharpening service, you may enjoy visiting the store and seeing what they have to offer.

In addition to cookware, you can find many top products for your bedroom and your bathroom. 

Top benefits of Bed, Bath and Beyond

  • Many locations
  • Fast service
  • Can shop for home goods while you are there

Btw, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy protection in April 2023 so this option won’t be available in a month or two.

Hardware Stores

Sorry, Home Depot and Lowes do not offer knife sharpening services.

However, there is one national hardware store that does offer knife sharpening services at an affordable price. 

Ace Hardware 

Ace Hardware is known as your local hardware store. At Ace Hardware, you can get knife sharpening services at an affordable price.

If you are looking to get some home improvement products, then you should check out the store’s knife sharpening services at Ace Hardware. 

Top benefits of Ace Hardware

  • Many locations
  • Fast service
  • Expert knife sharpening service 

Mail Away Knife Sharpening Services 

If you are too busy to visit a store or if you live in a rural area, then you may have some issues with finding a knife sharpening service near you. However, not all is lost.

There are a number of companies that offer knife sharpening services. Here’s a look at three of the top companies that offer mail-away knife sharpening services. 

Knife Aid

Knife Aid is the top site when it comes to professional mail-away knife sharpening services. The company specializes in all types of cooking knives.

The website is easy to follow and gives you concise instructions on how to complete the mail-away knife sharpening service. 

Top benefits of Knife Aid:

  • Free shipping both ways
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • The entire process takes about a week

Seisuke Knife

If you own Japanese cooking knives – especially Seiuke brand knives – then you will want to use Seisuke Knife mail-away knife sharpening services.

The company offers several different types of knife sharpening services that may not be available from other stores.

Top benefits of Seisuke Knife:

  • Offers several types of knife sharpening services
  • Specializes in Seiuke knives
  • Top professional knife sharpening service. 

The Edge Masters 

The Edge Masters is a top mail-away knife sharpening service that is a great choice for both cooks and outdoorsmen.

The company is able to offer knife sharpening services to a wide range of knives from cleavers to hunting knives and even machetes.

Top benefits of The Edge Masters:

  • Fast service
  • Great for outdoorsman
  • Many types of knives and blades accepted

Local Knife Sharpening Locations

In addition to national cooking stores and Ace Hardware, there may be a number of local, independent locations that offer knife sharpening services.

Here are a couple of places where you should look.

Independent Cookware Stores

Chances are there are a number of local cookware stores that may offer knife sharpening services.

Be sure to call ahead to see if they are able to sharpen your type of knife. 

Independent Knife Sharpening Stores

You may be able to find independent knife sharpening stores in your area. These places may also offer mobile services.

That means that the company will send a vehicle to your home and have the knife sharpening service done in your vehicle.

Local Outdoor Supply Stores

You may also want to check your local outdoor supply store to see if they offer knife sharpening services. 

Keeping your knives in top condition

If you want to have a safe knife that can get the job done quickly, then make sure that you have your knife sharpened twice or three times per year.

Be sure to check out the many knife sharpening services available. With the right knife sharpening service, you will be sure that your blade will stand the test of time. 

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