What Is The Best Day to Buy Gas?

With inflation being present and everything that’s been going around these past two years, it was in some way expected that gas prices would go up.

But no one expected it to go up this much!

Therefore, people are starting to wonder if choosing a different day to fuel up their machine can actually save them money.

Well believe it or not it actually can. Studies suggest that the best day to buy gas is Monday and the worst possible day is Thursday.

Monday – The Best Day to Buy Gas

According to a GasBuddy study, Monday is the best day to head to your local gas station to fill up the tank and here is why.

When we looked and analyzed gas price statistics, Monday was by far the day that had the lowest gas prices in 17 states.

This was nothing new because if you look at statistics from 2019, 2020, and 2021 you will find the exact same answer. Monday is the cheapest day to buy gas!


Interesting is that one of the former most expensive days to buy gas is now the second cheapest, we are talking about Friday.

Head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, Patric De Haan had a couple of words to say, “Even though gas prices will differ in various states, the best way to save money is to fill up your tank at the begging or end of the work week.”

Thursday – The Worst Day to Buy Gas

In the past, the weekend was always the worst day to go and fill up the tank. Therefore, it was rather unusual when studies showed that now the worst possible day to go to the gas station is Thursday.

When we look at the statistics and the numbers don’t lie, we concluded that even 28 states have the highest average gasoline prices on Thursday.

So folks, stay away from pumps on Thursdays!

The weekend is still having higher gas prices, but Thursday is definitely a day to avoid filling up your tank. Next in line is Wednesday, therefore the middle of the week is an absolute no go when it comes to buying gas!

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