5 Safest Neighborhoods In Cleveland, OH

Cleveland offers a good, affordable living experience with a variety of neighborhoods.

While each city has its mix of areas, certain Cleveland neighborhoods shine for their safety.

Our list of the safest neighborhoods in Cleveland should guide you in choosing where to live or stay in The Forest City.

Is Cleveland safe?

Like many cities, Cleveland has its challenges. It’s faced with issues of violence, and sometimes, it’s unfairly branded with a broad “Cleveland is bad” label.

This seems akin to how people mischaracterize Detroit based on old stereotypes. Some neighborhoods like Collinwood, 55 and Woodland, and St. Clair might be best to avoid late at night, but that’s a common urban reality.

There’s a lingering notion that the west side is the go-to spot for safety and family living, while the east side gets an undeserved reputation for crime.

In reality, lower property values on the east side often reflect the age of the homes more than crime rates.

Property crime, including car break-ins and package thefts, is perhaps the more pressing issue here, but such concerns are widespread in cities across the country.

What Are the Safest Areas in Cleveland?

  1. Ohio City
  2. Little Italy
  3. Tremont
  4. University Circle
  5. Kamm’s Corners

Ohio City

Ohio City, centered around the bustling West 25th Street, is a haven for those seeking a safe and dynamic community.

With its trendy dining and entertainment scene, Ohio City caters to diverse tastes, featuring high-end cocktail bars, beer gardens, vegan bistros, and farm-to-table restaurants.

But it’s not just about the culinary delights; it’s also about safety. Ohio City boasts a remarkable crime rate of an impressive 60% below Cleveland’s average, making it an ideal choice for young professionals and millennials.

Home to 9,132 residents, Ohio City has a young median age of 33, with a nearly equal gender split. The median home value here is $231,669, and the median rent is an affordable $895.

This affordability and its diverse and passionate community make Ohio City a coveted neighborhood.

Notable landmarks like the West Side Market, Lutheran Hospital, and Saint Ignatius High School anchor Ohio City.

The West Side Market, a food lover’s paradise, offers an array of specialty foods, while nearby craft stores and galleries add to the neighborhood’s eclectic charm.

Little Italy

Nestled just east of downtown Cleveland and a stone’s throw away from University Circle, Little Italy welcomes you to its charming, pedestrian-friendly enclave.

With a population of around 2,500, this tranquil neighborhood offers a haven that is 15% safer than the average crime rate in Cleveland.

Strolling along the picturesque main thoroughfare, Mayfield Road transports you to a slice of old-world Italy. Authentic Italian cafes, bakeries, pizzerias, and sophisticated trattorias line the street, often serenading visitors with operatic performances.

Maxi’s Bistro is an open-air culinary haven with an expansive menu, revitalizing the heart of the neighborhood. The atmosphere is enriched by indie art galleries and boutiques, showcasing local talent and Italian culinary treasures.

The neighborhood’s character is painted vividly by colorful murals recounting the narratives of Italian immigrants. Noteworthy landmarks, such as the Garfield Monument in Lake View Cemetery, add historical depth – a tribute to the 20th US president’s resting place.

Little Italy proudly houses cultural gems like the Italian American Museum of Cleveland and the Little Italy Historical Museum, offering insights into its rich heritage.


Alongside the picturesque Towpath Trail and mere minutes away from Downtown Cleveland, Tremont is an urban village where residents and visitors mingle effortlessly.

This Cleveland gem, with a population of about 2,100 and located within Cuyahoga County, encapsulates the spirit of the working class, rooted in its history of proximity to the city’s manufacturing core.

Tremont’s allure extends beyond its industrial heritage; it embraces a culinary scene that beckons with outdoor patios and a plethora of craft beer offerings.

The neighborhood’s commitment to safety is remarkable, surpassing 80% of Cleveland’s neighborhoods and outshining 60% of Ohio.

Within Tremont’s welcoming streets lie captivating landmarks and attractions, each contributing to the neighborhood’s dynamic character.

From the grandeur of the St. Theodosius Orthodox Christian Cathedral to the Paul Duda Gallery’s artistic enclave and the attractive performances at the Liminis Theatre, a cultural feast awaits all who venture here.

University Circle

University Circle is a vibrant cultural hub, home to world-renowned institutions like the Cleveland Natural History Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, known for its modern mirrored structure and ever-evolving exhibitions.

What sets University Circle apart is its commitment to safety. With an 8% lower crime rate than the citywide average, it offers residents and visitors a reassuring sense of security.

While its crime rate of approximately 54 incidents per 1000 residents may seem significant, it remains notably lower than the Ohio and national averages.

With a population of 2,663, this neighborhood places a premium on community and connectivity, striving to create a “neighborhood without borders.”

It fosters relationships with neighboring areas through housing initiatives, arts outreach, and improved accessibility.

Throughout the year, University Circle comes alive with outdoor events such as Parade the Circle, Summer Solstice, Wade Oval Wednesdays, and ice skating at the Rink at Wade Oval, providing excitement and entertainment.

Kamm’s Corners

At the heart of Cleveland’s West Park lies Kamm’s Corners. Its suburban atmosphere and dense, walkable layout make it ideal for families seeking peace without sacrificing convenience.

Its name pays homage to history, rooted in the intersection of Lorain Avenue and Rocky River Drive, marked by Oswald Kamm’s grocery store and post office in 1875.

Kamm’s Corners boasts an astounding 35% lower crime rate than the Cleveland average, fostering a true sense of security. This haven is home to around 18,000 residents, many of whom are dedicated police officers and firefighters.

The community embraces family values, evident in its esteemed public schools, such as the Douglas MacArthur Girls’ Leadership Academy and the Valley View Boys’ Leadership Academy.

The Newton D. Baker School of the Arts stands out as a beacon of educational excellence, earning the title of a Blue Ribbon School.

Nature lovers find solace here, with three entrances to the Rocky River Reservation’s Cleveland Metroparks, a nationally acclaimed park system offering versatile trails, boating, fishing, and more. Commuting is a breeze, thanks to its proximity to Interstates 90, 480, and 71.

While cars are the common mode of travel, Kamm’s Corners accommodates walkers and bikers effortlessly, fostering a sense of community and interconnectedness.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland, OH is a mosaic of safe neighborhoods, each bringing its own flavor to the city.

Ohio City buzzes with life, balancing urban energy with a safe environment. Little Italy draws you in with its history and peaceful vibe.

Tremont, shaped by its industrial past, is both safe and culturally alive.

Over in University Circle, a commitment to safety pairs well with a lively cultural scene.

And then there’s Kamm’s Corner, a spot where families feel at home thanks to its low crime and tight-knit community.

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