8 Pros & Cons of Living in Billings, MT

Is Billings, Montana, A Good Place To Live?

Being the largest city in the south-central of Montana, Billings remains a vibrant city rich in culture and full of activities. 

With its population grossing slightly over 100K, the Montana people regard this town as a hub for a better lifestyle, higher job opportunities, and natural beauty. 

But is Billings, Montana, a good place to live? 

Stick together as we explore the pros and cons of life in Billings. Studying this guide will give you an idea of what to expect from Billings and whether you should consider relocating. 

So, let’s get going! 

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Pros of Living in Billings


Even after the considerable growth in population in recent years, Billing remains one of the most affordable cities in Montana. Billings’ housing costs are substantially lower than in any other state in Montana.

Realtor.com concludes that properties in Billings cost 162% and 235% more affordable in Montana than in Missoula and Bozeman! 

Besides reasonable housing costs, Billings has 5% less everyday living costs. By everyday living costs, we mean expenses like groceries, traveling, and utilities. 

In short, Billings is a great place to get your property and to leave a fancy life at economic prices. 

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Plenty to do!

Billings prides itself on its thriving arts and culture. The town is full of theaters, galleries, landmarks, and many tourist attractions, keeping the city lively. 

Catch a live show downtown or try an exquisite meal; the activities and things to do in this town are innumerable. Billings has many leisure activities, including water parks, indoor trampoline, and skate parks! 

The residents of Billings are a sporty bunch which means you will see a lot of local sports leagues! Finding entertainment in this town is as simple as driving around and choosing a place to try. 

According to The Crazy Tourist, some best activities to do in Billings, Montana, include: 

  • Visiting the Pictograph Cave State Park 
  • Exploring the Dan Walt Garden
  • Checking out the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market
  • Catching a game at Dehler Park

Adventurous Mountains

Billings has no shortage of mesmerizing views, including the Beartooth Mountains, a mountain range adding beauty to the town’s scenic beauty. Billings is also home to Granite Peak, the tallest mountain range in Montana. 

These mountains’ presence contributes to the city’s beauty and allows the Billings residents to embark on outdoor adventures. The Beartooth Mountains are full of picturesque trails waiting to be explored. 

Billings is the perfect destination for anyone who prefers outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, anglers, and mountaineers. 

According to TripAdvisor, some best outdoor activities in Billings include: 

  • Visiting the ZooMontana
  • Going on a guided tour with Elk River Outfitters
  • Exploring the scenic Phipps Park 
  • Practicing the art at Mountain West Aikido 

Beer Town

Montana ranks among one of the largest states for producing wheat and barley. The Billings residents are putting that wheat and barley to good use by crafting beer! 

The people of Billings are passionate about having a fine beer. Thanks to breweries like the Billings Brew Trail, Billings beer is famous nationwide. Moving to Billings allows you to try some of the best beers in the entire country. 

The town is laden with artisan sports, with approximately a dozen located at the city’s center alone. Every brewery offers a distinct taste, allowing you to try and taste different kinds of beer. 

The Largest City in Montana

Billings is a huge city, and it has everything from mountain ranges to enjoy major metro amenities. 

As you move to Montana, you get a chance to dine at hundreds of restaurants offering delicious meals. There are plenty of shopping malls in the city, and you can find anything in Billings. Besides the restaurants and shopping malls, Billings also has an indoor stadium! The MetraPark Arena is home to countless performers, rodeos, and trade expos. 

The colorful life of Billings also contributes to scaling the city’s economy. Due to so many things to do, Montana’s job opportunities are huge. The unemployment in Billings is only 1.8%, which remains among the best national rates. 

Cons of Living in Billings

Dominant Crime

The residing crime in Billings, Montana, is the biggest issue for the residents and people considering relocating. 

While Billings is 5% safer than other cities of the country, as per the stats brought forward by The Neighborhood Scout, the stats are not very reassuring. Living in Billings, you have a 1 in 162 chance of falling victim to a crime. 

Should you relocate, we urge you to settle in a safe neighborhood. According to Billings Mix, the safest neighborhoods in Billings include: 

  • Baseline
  • Rimrock
  • Broadview
  • Soda Springs

Also, you should consider these other safe places in Montana.

Drug and Alchohol Overuse

Another concerning factor in relocating to Billings is the rampant use of alcohol and drugs. The consistent use of narcotics is a leading factor behind the high crime stats of the city. 

Don’t be surprised if you find an unhygienic lying about on the streets when walking around the town. Nevertheless, you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from settling down in the safe neighborhoods of the town. 

Please refer to the neighborhoods mentioned earlier in this guide. 


As more and more people move to Billings, the city has become overcrowded. According to the stats laid down by the US Census Bureau, the entire population of this city is crammed into 44.72 Square Miles. 

With so many people living in the town, confrontations have become a part of life. The solution, once again, is to choose a settlement with good infrastructure and less population. 

Final Words

Moving to Billings is a sound idea offering everything you need to live a comfortable life. The city is full of beautiful views, an ideal location, and many outdoor activities to entertain you. 

However, much like every other city, Billings has some shortcomings too. In this guide, we have covered everything significant needed to know about deciding to relocate. Before you decide to move to Billings, consider your preferences and see if the city is a good match for you. 

We hope you found the information in this guide helpful!