How To Resell Shoes For Profit

Whether running the extra mile or completing the outfit, you never run out of reasons for having shoes. With the many purposes and fashion statements shoes make, you can never have too many of them. 

But what if we told you another practical use of shoes? What if shoes could make you money? 

Yes, you read that right! Flipping shoes is a lucrative side hustle allowing you to find, renovate, and sell shoes. But how do you flip shoes? 

That is where this guide comes in. Read on how to flip shoes and earn marginal profits. So, let’s begin! 

Finding Shoes to Flip 

To begin the shoe-flipping endeavor, you need to begin by having shoes to sell. However, before we tell you where you can find shoes to buy, you should know some things to consider. 


There is no shortage of copycats in the shoe industry. So before you buy any pair, you must ensure their authenticity. Not only is buying fakes illegal, but it is also bad for business. Selling fake shoes will hurt your credibility as a seller and drive away prospects before they even consider buying from you. Hence, being legit is the only way. 

When looking for shoes to buy, avoid any product that has: 

  1. Incorrect Branding. Incorrect Branding includes the name being spelled incorrectly or the wrong logos printed
  2. Incorrect Stitching
  3. Incorrect Labeling

However, some fakes are very good and can only be spotted if you have seen an original pair or know a lot about shoes.

As an additional step, always turn to online authentication services like Legit. These platforms can help you verify that the shoes you are buying are good to go. 


Before buying any pair, consider how famous they are and how they fare against other shoes on the market. For example, Jordan’s are relatively famous and are likely to sell quickly and at higher profits.

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Additionally, look for special and limited editions. These shoes have the highest resale and go quickly for a good price. 

Your customers will be looking for shoes they can get at a bargain and have lasting value in the long run. 

One way to know what shoes are in demand is to explore online marketplaces like eBay, GOAT, and StockX. Researching these platforms will also give you an idea of the prices at which the shoes will sell.

Setting fair prices can go a long way in earning customer appraisals and ensuring the success of your shoe-flipping business.


Condition is an important factor when looking for shoes to flip. Ensure to look for shoes that aren’t too worn out and require a little effort to renovate. 

For example, avoid buying torn shoes or shoes with a broken soles. Additionally, you should ensure that the shoes have no scuffs or tears. 

Stay away from any pair with major defects, and you should be fine. 

Now that you know about the important factors to keep in mind, let’s discuss a few places to explore shoes for flipping: 

  1. StockX 
  2. Facebook Marketplace 
  3. Facebook Groups 
  4. Craigslist 
  5. eBay

Reconditioning the Shoes

Now that you have the shoes (Yay!), the next step is to recondition the shoes to make them look dapper. Following this step-by-step process to make the shoes look brand new: 


The first step is removing any stains, dirt, or debris on the shoes. Not cleaning dirty shoes can result in complications in the steps later and hinder the looks. 

Fixing any Damages

Once you are done tidying up the shoes, look for any damages on the shoes. Any scratches, tears, or scuffs count as damaged and are necessary to fix before putting up the pair for sale. 

If the wear is minimal, you can fix the shoe yourself. All you need is some glue and polish; the shoe should be ready. 

However, if you have gone against our advice and bought damaged shoes, you may need a leather repair kit for any visible scratches or tears. The better practice here is to contact a skilled cobbler to get the job done. 


If you notice the shoes losing their color or fading, repainting them will make them look new again. Ensure to find the matching color on the shoes. Apart from matching the color, you should ensure the paint you buy is compatible with the shoe material. 

For example, you will need to buy leather or fabric paint, depending on the material of the shoe. 

Sole and Final Touches

If you feel that the sole on the shoes is too weary, you must replace them. However, you must buy the shoes’ original soles to maintain authenticity. Not only do the unauthentic soles affect the authenticity of the shoes, but they also downgrade the quality. Once again, we suggest letting a skilled cobbler work on replacing the sole. 

Once you have ensured that the sole is good, ensure that other shoe details are complete. For example, if the shoes’ laces, buckles, or studs are worn out, replace them. 

Cashing Out The Efforts

Now that you have the shoes looking new and shiny, it’s time to harvest the fruit. Turn to websites like Facebook, eBay, StockX, and other relevant platforms to sell your shoes. 

Here is a guide to listing and selling your shoes on the platforms


As far as the audience buying used shoes goes, the first impression is the last. So, when listing your shoes on any website, get clear and detailed pictures of the pair. 

Take pictures from different angles to clarify the condition of the front, sides, back, and soles of your shoes. Ensure that your pictures have good lighting to make your pictures look captivating. 


Before selling any shoes, take some time to research them slightly. 

When listing the pair for sale, write a detailed description about them. Your description should be well-written and cover all important aspects of the product. Start by including the name of the shoes and mention significant details like size, color, material, and brand. 


The entire reason behind buying refurbished shoes is to get them for a bargain. So, before listing your products, research their market value and consider the prices your competitors offer. 

Avoid setting too high and listing the pair for a competitive price. 


Don’t restrict yourself to using a solo platform when selling your shoes. Posting on various platforms increases your chances of finding a potential buyer and promotes your products. Posting on different platforms will also help you gain credibility. 


Shipping is an important ordeal in the entire process. Work out the shipping details beforehand when talking to the customer. Clarify if they will arrange a pick-up or want you to deliver the product. 

Make no compromises in delivering the shoes. Ensure to go for reliable shipping services like DHL to ship the shoes. Choosing a reliable shipping service is essential since they assure the packages remain undamaged and safe and have a fast shipping service. 

Additionally, share the tracking number with the customer once you ship the product. 

Final Words

Flipping shoes can be a profitable and fun side hustle if done right. Emphasis on “done right.” 

Many people either buy the wrong shoes or don’t invest enough effort to turn their shoe-flipping business into a successful endeavor, meaning the only struggle in flipping shoes is knowing how to do it. 

In that spirit, we have written this extensive guide covering flipping shoes. This guide includes every pertinent detail from the beginning to making your shoe-flipping business a hit. We hope that this guide can help you channel your efforts into making a successful shoe-flipping business. 

Good luck!