8 Pros And Cons of Living in Nashville, TN

Known as one of the friendliest cities in the country, Nashville is a vibrant town full of life. 

With its hot chicken delicacy, constant interest in music, diverse population, and stellar healthcare system, Nashville is grabbing the attention of people wanting to move there. 

But Is Nashville a good place to live? 

Stick along as we discuss the pros and cons of life in Nashville in this guide! Going through this guide will inform you about what to expect from Nashville and if relocating there is worth it. 

So, let us get going! 

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Pros of Living in Nashville


The biggest reason people are considering moving to Nashville is its affordability. According to Numbeo, living in Nashville is approximately 19.5% more affordable than in New York. 

Moving to Nashville, you will discover that general amenities, including healthcare, housing, and utilities, are cheaper here. 

The median housing prices in Nashville are estimated at $395,00. While the property values have risen at least 18% from the past year, properties in Nashville remain affordable compared to other countries. Renting, however, costs a bit higher compared to the national average of 1,572. In Nashville, average renting costs run around $1,644. 

Another benefit of moving to Nashville is the absence of State Income Tax! Feel free to use this money to get a better quality of life. 

Huge Country Music Fan

Music and Nashville have an old connection. After all, Elvis Presley recorded more than 200 songs at Nashville’s RCA Studio! 

The residents of Nashville cannot stop obsessing over country music. Being home to the “Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum,” the Americans have crowned Nashville the “Capital City of Country Music.” 

Although the city is particularly fond of Country music, music from other genres rocks the city too! Without music rocking every corner of this town, Nashville is the place for any music lover. 

Nashville also holds events like CMA Music Festival to display its love for music and to bring the community closer. 

Since Nashville is home to many singers and musicians, do not be surprised when you hear your favorite music being played throughout the town! 

Delicious Food

Living in Nashville gives you a chance to try some of the best cuisines in the country. When talking about restaurants, Nashville is a big town. 

Nashville is famous for its hot chicken, a delicious recipe with fried chicken dipped in an organic spicy sauce. Apart from the chicken delicacy, Nashville has many restaurants offering various food options, including Henrietta Red, which was placed at the runner-up position in James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant. 

Nashville will introduce you to many different cuisines with unique tastes. According to TripAdvisor, some of the best restaurants in Nashville include: 

  • Miss Saigon Restaurant
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream 
  • The 404 Kitchen 
  • Robert’s Western World

Quality Education

Referred to as the “Athens of the south,” Nashville is home to some great educational institutes in the country. Moving to Nashville can be a great decision for a parent or a student looking to pursue their education. 

Many institutes here, including Belmont University, are famous for their valuable degrees in music and nursing. On the other hand, Vanderbilt University is a famous name among people studying different fields, including law, engineering, medicine, or arts. 

The high employment rates of the city vouch for its educational strength and suggest that education in this town is good for kickstarting your career. 

Finding a Job is Easy

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Even so, the unemployment rate of this town is capped at 3.5%!

A lower unemployment rate suggests that most of the population is employed, and finding a job is not going to be challenging. The city is home to many companies, including Bridgestone America. Finding a job should be easy if you have the skills and know how to get the job done. 

According to The Cauble Group, the largest employers in Nashville include: 

  • Nissan North America
  • Bridgestone America
  • Vanderbuilt University 
  • National Healthcare Corporation

Cons of Living in Nashvile

It gets hot!

Much like other Southern US cities, Nashville becomes difficult to survive during summer. 

From May through August, the weather here gets hot and humid. With the average temperature high going up to 80, prepare yourself to spend your days indoors or suffer at the hands of sticky weather. 

However, other seasons, including spring and fall, feel pleasant and comfortable. Although the summers are difficult to survive, they do not last long. 

Consider moving to Nashville only if you can live out the humid weather and the seasonal allergies accompanying the season. 

Inadequate Public Transport

The Nashville population is seeing rapid growth, resulting in a need for more public transportation. The city’s public transportation system could be more dependable and take plenty of time to get you from one place to another. 

Although public transportation in Nashville has significantly improved in the last half-decade, it will still take some time to get things back to normal. 

If you choose to move to Nashville, you must get your vehicle. 


The landmarks and entertainment activities in Nashville are not only ideal for its residents, but they draw a lot of tourists too. While a well-established tourism industry means a better economic situation for the town, it may not be good news for you as a resident. 

Due to so many people visiting, Nashville runs out of room. Expect the road to feel congested and be ready to deal with bad traffic during rush hours! 

Final Words

Considering the pros mentioned there, moving to Nashville sounds exciting! 

The town never sleeps and has to offer something for its residents. US News also rated it as one of the best places to retire in. 

However, just like every other city, Nashville’s life in Nashville has some downsides too. Knowing about this factor will allow you to make an informed decision about moving to Nashville. Apart from these pros and cons, also weigh in your preferences. 

We hope you found the information in this guide useful!