10 Cheapest Yeezys to Buy Right Now

If you’re a fan of Yeezy sneakers but don’t have 100s of dollars to spend, there are still ways to get a reliable pair at a reasonable price.

Below are the 10 most affordable Yeezys currently available and where you can find them.

Researching and shopping around can help you get the best deal on the perfect pair of sneakers.

Just a heads up: there are a ton of sites out there peddling fake Yeezys.

So, when you’re on the hunt for a legit pair, be extra careful and make sure you’re snagging the real deal.

If you’re unsure, maybe poke around and see what other folks are saying about that seller.

Price check with other shops too – you wanna make sure you’re not overpaying.

With some savvy searching and a sprinkle of patience, you’ll score those genuine Yeezys without breaking the bank.

Yeezy 380 Boost Hylte

Price: $70-$176

The Hylte colorway of the Yeezy 380 Boost shoes, which debuted on December 12, 2020, are available through AIO Bot for $230 a pair.

The typical retail cost, however, is around $176 per pair, which you can discover via AIO Bot.

In certain sizes, if you’re fortunate and visit Stock X at the correct moment, you may find them for a lower price of $68 per pair.

It’s crucial to take the effort to comparison search for the finest deals from trustworthy resellers in order to guarantee that you receive the best offer.

Also, be sure the pair you buy is brand-new and not pre-owned. You must search in the correct area at the correct time to get the most discounts.

The Yeezy Hylte is a totally distinctive pair of sneakers with a tan, yellow, and lime green camo design.

The little toe cap gives durability and protection, and the garment is made of Prime knit fabric for comfort and flexibility.

The tongue & collar are gently cushioned, and boost padding gives a pleasant surface for the foot.

The rubber outsole contains chevron traction patterns for excellent grip on the majority of walking surfaces, and the transparent monofilament window provides a fashionable touch.

Because of this, the Yeezy Hylte is a high-end sneaker and a superb option for anybody searching for stylish and comfortable shoes.

Adidas Yeezy 500 Soft Vision

Price: $140-$492

Due to its cheap price and strong demand, the Yeezy 500 in the Soft Vision color is a well-liked low-top shoe.

However, many Yeezy supporters are unable to buy the pricey shoes. When compared to other resellers, Delin Shop is offering this shoe in usually a size 10.5 only for $140 as opposed to charging up to $492 for it.

The uppers of this style, which was introduced in November 2019, are constructed of leather, mesh, & suede.

The “Feet You Wear” concept served as inspiration for this retro-style shoe. Due to its robust structure, long-lasting materials, and breathability, it also provides foot support.

It is more pleasant to wear because of the mesh panels, which provide air to flow over and around the feet.

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Adidas Yeezy 500 High Slate

Price: $126-$215

At the Fight Club website, we discovered a Slate colorway of Adidas Yeezy 500 High available at $126.

The cost may differ depending on size & demand, but the lowest cost was still $126, significantly lower than the $420 retail cost.

The typical resell rate is normally $215, which is five dollars under retail. As the inventory runs low and the demand increases, the cost increases.

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for on the first visit, it’s advised to try again daily since the stock often changes.

Kanye West and Adidas have joined forces to bring us the Yeezy 500 High Slate. It’s the first of its kind in the 500 lines, with a neoprene upper and chunky outsole.

The sneaker offers maximum comfort, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials without being too heavy. You’ll also get ample ankle & foot support, all for a reasonable price.

Some people may catch the colorway to be a bit too dull, but the sneaker’s versatility means it can be worn with various outfits.

It’s best suited for colder months, from Fall to early Spring, as it can be a little hot in the summer.

Adidas Yeezy 500 High Sumac

Price: $91-$179

In May 2021, the Yeezy 500 High Sumac was released. Its original retail price was $220, but after they sold out at authorized retailers, they were resold for as high as $400 through GOAT and other online retailers.

However, Stock X recently offered the 500 High Sumac with a guarantee of authenticity, in new condition, at a range of $91 to $$179, with an average selling price of $125.

You could also try your luck bidding for a lower cost, depending on the lowest asking price at your visit.

If you look around, it is possible to buy shoes for under $200. The key is to be patient and to keep an eye out for the best deals.

The features of this model make it very desirable. Its colors are vibrant, with an Indigo red leather overlay and a navy upper.

The flexible material allows air to flow and keeps the feet cool and dry, even in hot weather.

The main part of the upper is the Sumac mesh, providing breathability. The suede reinforcements give extra support and durability, while the tongue is neoprene for flexibility and softness.

Finally, the adiprene sole ensures strength and traction on most walking surfaces. All these features combine to create a comfortable and long-lasting pair of shoes.

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Yeezy 700 V3 Azael

Price: $139-$140

With the debut of the 700 V3 models in the Azael hue in December 2019, Kanye West presented the vision for a sneaker that looks to the future.

Since its release, the sneaker has been a success, sold out at most locations, allowing resellers to earn a large profit.

Despite the fact that the cost to resale a pair of shoes today are on average $385, some retailers continue to sell them for between $139 – $140.

The black neoprene bootie of the Azael provides a secure fit, stability, and a comfortable sensation all over the foot.

The architecture of the shoe is intended to be flexible, and it has a notch collar that gives the foot unrestricted movement.

The open-work cage gives the shoe more stability while allowing for unrestricted foot mobility. It also increases wearability and comfort.

The lacing system has a typical lockdown function that enables you to customize the fit & snugness to your preferences before locking it down.

The outsole’s mild gumminess helps to minimize falls and slides. It extends the whole length of the shoe, with a little toe cap in the middle to support the shoe’s sleek form.

Although these sneakers are often offered for a reasonable price, you may buy them for considerably less online if you look for reliable reseller sites.

Adidas Yeezy 500 High Tyrian

Price: $139-$257

On May 16, 2020, the Yeezy 500 High Tyrian was released to the public at $220.

As expected, the shoes sold out quickly, with collectors and resellers eager to get their hands on the exclusive sneakers.

Resellers were aware that the shoes would become more valuable in the following months, and thus many of them bought the shoes in bulk. 

The Tyrian colorway is the second style of the Yeezy 500 High and is considered one of the hardest to find.

Despite this, the maximum price asked for the shoes is $360, and most resellers have been selling them for between $139 – $257.

This is considered a good price, as the shoes are of high quality and usually carry a higher price tag.

The navy blue upper with brown & black overlays made this sneaker popular.

It was released in the Spring and quickly became the go-to for those who wanted something stylish for the trail or the court.

It was known for its comfort, vintage look, and performance.

The neoprene upper was incredibly flexible and provided some support, while the black leather & brown suede overlays on the mid-panel, collar, & toe added extra support & durability.

There is also an adjustable lace clasp at the tongue’s top, so you can get the perfect fit for whatever activity you’re doing.

Yeezy Quantum Barium

Price: $107-$385

Adidas dropped the Yeezy Quantum Barium in June 2020 with an original price of $250.

Despite the cost, the shoes sold out quickly, leading to high demand from resellers.

Many of these resellers stocked up while they could and waited to cash in once the model was harder to find in traditional stores.

The maximum price the shoes have sold for is around $385, while the lowest price found has been on Stock X for $108. The average resale value is around $200.

The Quantum Barium by Adidas is a stylish sneaker with a classy dark grey color designed to be worn with most streetwear & sports garments.

The Prime knit material that constitutes the upper of the shoe provides the wearer with a high degree of flexibility so that their feet can move naturally.

To add to the shoe’s durability, suede overlays have been provided. The sneaker is suitable for casual wear as well as playing street hoops.

Adidas has a lengthy ankle collar, added a glowing sole, and reinforced the heel cap to make the shoe even more appealing.

All of these features make the Quantum Barium a highly desirable shoe.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White Non-Reflective

Price: $140

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in Cloud White featuring Non-Reflective trim went on sale to the general public in September 2019.

Even now, many people still like this hue of Kanye West’s creation.

The Cloud White Non-Reflective differs from other Boost 350 V2s in a few ways, which is what makes it so unique.

Adidas specifically got rid of the rear heel pull and used monofilament in a transparent tint for the side strips on the top.

The lacing mechanism is tonal and enables a close fit. The full-length Boost technology in the tubular rubber sole offers the sneakers responsiveness as well as a spring in their stride.

Additionally, the Prime knit shoe offers maximum flexibility and foot comfort when worn with the shoe.

Yeezy 700 Boost Wave Runner 

Price: $149

The Yeezy 700 Boost Wave Runner comes with an outmoded-inspired design reminiscent of the styles of the 1990s.

Its grungy skate style is similar to the Yeezy 500 models. It features a leather upper with grey panels, armored black suede edges, & teal mesh underlays for a squish of color.

The model also includes a Boost sole with a contrasting orange color for flexibility and breathability.

This model offers a unique combination of comfort and style, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

It’s a great choice for anyone who appreciates vintage-inspired fashion and appreciates the finer details of design.

The Yeezy 700 Boost Wave Runner is sure to turn heads with its classic style and modern comfort.

Dying Shop is offering a great deal on the $149 re-release of a model that first came out in November 2017.

Sneaker fans were pleased to see it back in the market, and now is the time to get it at an affordable price.

The recent reintroduction has only been available for a few months to make the most of the deal.

It’s best to get it soon before its scarcity causes the price to increase.

Adidas Originals Yeezy Foam Runner Onyx

Price: $81-$160

The Foam Runner Onyx from Yeezy is the most affordable of the brand’s shoes.

It was released on June 8, 2022, and can currently be purchased for $81 from Hype Beasts.

Fight Club also stocks them for $91 each if you can’t find them there. The Foam Runner is still available in high supply, though supply is expected to drop in the upcoming months. 

This sleek shoe has a one-piece molded construction, making it easy to slide.

It is completely black, with open breathable vents, EVA foam installed for ease, and a grippy tug design on the sole.

Its futuristic look and feel make it a great choice for a casual shoe that is stylish and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The cheapest Yeezys to buy now are an exciting and much sought-after trend in the sneaker world.

While the prices of these shoes have been increasing over the years, there are still some ways to get your hands on a pair for a great price.

Shopping online for a discount or using a reseller are both viable options.

Also, taking advantage of sales and promotional offers can help you save money on these coveted shoes.

In the end, buying a pair of Yeezys is an investment. They are a timeless piece of sneaker culture and can be worn for years.

Whether you are just starting to build your sneaker collection or are a long-time fan, there are plenty of ways to get the cheapest Yeezys to buy right.

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