12 Ways to Promote Your Blog: from 0 to 100K views in 6 months

Wondering how to promote your blog and to increase your page views? Here is how I was able to increase my page views from 0 to over 100K views in six months. 

If you’re thinking about growing a successful blog, the truth is that it can be easier than you think. Knowing how to promote your blog in the right places can help you grow your traffic and to earn income. Here is my story, along with 12 blog promotion strategies I’ve personally tried!

How to Grow a Successful Blog

Blogging is fun, and many creators love creating great content. But what happens when no one is coming to your site to read your articles? If you are struggling to bring traffic to your website, you’re not alone. 

With millions of blogs on the web, not everyone is successful. To start driving traffic, Google claims that you should work on your knowledge of SEO, but is there anything else you can do to gain some following?

In this article, I share my success story of growing DollarSanity and how my site quickly became profitable. Even with no previous knowledge of SEO, writing or blogging, I was able to grow traffic quickly. Within the first six months alone, my blog got 150,000 page views. I did it all with only 20 posts and didn’t spend a dime.

There are several ways to promote blog posts, and I’ve tried them all. As I don’t exactly belong in that “passionate” blogger category, making profit was always my number one goal with writing.

For me, if my blog doesn’t bring in money, I will fail in my mission. It’s as simple as that. To help my blog be profitable, I invested a lot of time and effort to bring huge amounts of eyes on my posts. 

While most blogging tutorials will say that you’ll have to be patient for the results of your work to start to show. In my opinion, it’s better to be proactive. Instead, what you will need to do is to learn effective ways to advertise a blog.

promote a blog


How to Promote Your Blog: 12 Strategies for Success

If you’ve been researching how to promote your website, you may have come across some content that wasn’t a fit, or that was lacking value. The truth is, not every article online is accurate, and not all tips are going to be a fit for you.  

In this piece, I’m sharing the methods that have worked to help me successfully grow my website. Take these tips and make them your own to help them work for you.


1. Aim for Quality over quantity

One of the misconceptions about blogging is that you need to post as much content as possible in the beginning. 

Instead, you’ll want to focus on creating blog content that brings true value to your readers. Try to solve their problems, and look at things from their perspective. 

By providing content that has value to your readers, they will share your blog across social media platforms, and help bring you new readers on a daily basis.

2. Pay Attention to SEO

Many new bloggers don’t understand the importance of SEO in the beginning. While you don’t have to know everything at once, start by learning the basics of SEO, and expand your knowledge as you go.

When I was just starting out, I failed to recognize the importance of SEO, and I paid no attention to keywords. I even completely left them out of my first few blog posts.

I quickly realized that most of my posts revolved around the phrase “start Amazon FBA business”, but during the first couple of months, I completely left out “sell on Amazon”, which was actually the highest ranked query on Google. By adjusting the SEO, I was able to improve the ranking and the traffic for this post.

Invest your time in finding out what specific keyword is the most popular among people searching for similar content. Then, optimize your posts accordingly. After that, there’s nothing left but to dish out some quality content and hope for the best. Not everything can make the front page, but you’ll eventually make it through.

When it comes down to basics, SEO is fairly simple, and it can be narrowed down to just two steps: keyword research as well as on page optimization. As you can see from my experience, a little effort goes a long way.

Initially, I invested 90% of my efforts in social media marketing, while nowadays, Google is the main source of traffic for my blog. I could have saved a lot of time if I had known about the importance of SEO sooner.

A: Keyword Research

While having good content on your blog is important, it usually isn’t enough to get you on the front page of Google. Using keywords is an important step in getting your articles ranked by search engines. To draw in traffic, you’ll want to find those specific keywords people are using the most when searching for their desired content.

Google ranks all pages through the use of complicated algorithms, but the most important thing is that your content matches their query. So how do you find the keywords that will draw traffic to your website? 

One tool that many experts have recommended is the Google Keyword Planner, but that tool is now obsolete. I currently use a paid SEO tool that provides more in depth details. There is a charge for that tool, however there are other free options available if you’re starting a blog on a budget.

Want to know what your top competitor is writing about and the keywords they are using? Here is a simple trick. In your search bar, enter the address of your fiercest competitor. It should look something like this: competitor. com/sitemap_index.xml.

If your competitors have a sitemap, you should end up with a nice list, showcasing everything they’ve written about so far. It can save you a ton of time, as you won’t have to go through every post in the hope of finding specific keywords.

While you do not want to copy their specific keywords, use them as an inspiration to create similar content of your own.

B: On-Page SEO

Once you have decided on keywords for a few posts, you want to make sure you incorporate them into your blog post, the link for the article and the title.

First of all, you’ll need to allow permalinks to display your post names. If you’re not quite sure how to do it, you’ll find instructions quickly on Google. 

You’ll need to import your keyword within the URL structure. I noticed that the best way to do so is not copying the whole keyword, but separating it into a long tail chain keyword.

Not sure what that means? Here is an example. Let’s say your keyword was “strength training plan”. You’ll want to modify it a bit, so you might go with “the most effective strength training plan”. If you skip this, you might run into some trouble known as keyword stuffing.

You’ll want to make sure that your title contains your keyword. Your title also needs to be catchy and not too long. 

It’s also important to NOT use your keywords too often! Including your keyword once near the top and once towards the end of the content will do just fine. Use images from time to time, and don’t forget to add ALT tags that include your keywords, but use some other words as well.

When working on the ALT tags for your images, you also want some ALT tags that are free of keywords. Diversifying these tags is extremely important! Feel free to use synonyms here, and if you need additional information about this step, search for “Google LSI” for further reference.

Upon writing the content, I focus on the meta description, with the help of a tool known as the YOAST SEO plugin. In my opinion, YOAST is not the best when it comes to analyzing your content because it can encourage you to optimize your content WAY more than necessary.

That being said, YOAST is pretty useful when it comes to creating meta descriptions. These important descriptions that you write in meta description will show up in Google. So it is important to use this space wisely and include your keywords as well.

TL;DR: Improving Blog Post SEO

While many new blog creators can become overwhelmed by SEO, it’s really that easy. The tips I’ve shared here can help you optimize your articles. Combine these tips with the creation of high-quality content on your blog and your Google traffic will increase. 

So, when it comes down to it, here’s what you need to know about SEO:

  • Include the keyword in the title
  • URL should also contain your keyword
  • Try to use your keyword in the very first sentence of the post, or at least in the first paragraph
  • Use section headers, and once again, try to use your keywords
  • Include keywords in your Image ALT text
  • Always create backlinks within your current posts, preferable connecting to older posts with similar content

3. Be Strategic About Your Blog Post Length and Title

How long should your blog posts be? Blog post length can play an important role in rankings and search engines often rank longer pieces with a higher placement. If you were wondering, my own posts are usually around 2000-5000 words in length. I usually try to one-up the competition, and I would recommend that you do the same.

A good blog post title is also crucial for the success of the piece. The title should sum up the entire piece in just a couple of words, and it needs to be compelling enough to provoke interest.

Your headline should sum up the entire article and you may want to write it after your article is completed to make sure it includes everything. Take as much time as you need, and come up with a killer headline that seems too hard to resist. Some writers even spend as much time with their headline, as they do with the rest of the post.

When crafting a headline, many websites use the clickbait strategy where headlines are the most important thing which drives the traffic. Let’s be honest here, we all fell for this trick a hundred times.

If you’re feeling stuck with how to create successful blog post headlines, there are resources that can help. There are online headline generators that can assist. They might just provide you with the inspiration you’ve been waiting for all along. 

4. Promote Your Blog Posts on Reddit

In my opinion, Reddit plays a huge role in marketing and can drive traffic to your blog. However, when you are promoting blog posts on Reddit, it’s important to do it properly. Most individuals simply add a link that leads to their content, thinking that will get the job done.

Unfortunately for them, most Reddit users aren’t too willing to leave the well-known platform, especially if the content doesn’t seem too appealing. With that in mind, your primary goal should always be to add value to any subreddit you post in.

Every section has its own culture, so make sure you understand the general way of communication before you post anything. Some of the rules you need to pay attention to include:

  • Determining the target audience
  • Identifying subculture
  • Incorporating some useful case studies and other material which adds true value
  • Setting up backlinks to your own blog posts

During the last three weeks, I tried following this pattern on three separate occasions.

Post on /r/Entrepreneur numero uno:

promote on reddit

It resulted in more than 500 upvotes, and I was able to capture the #1 spot for the whole day!

My whole plan was to test the water and find out whether I should continue blogging. During that time, I only had two articles posted. However, Reddit provided me with a much-needed validation, ensuring me that people really wanted to hear what I had to say.

After a couple of months had passed, I decided to post my article once again. Here is the result.

promote on reddit

To top it off, I ended my post saying that all readers are welcomed to visit my blog at DollarSanity where I have much more information on Amazon FBA.

I had success with this method once again! This time, I was able to get 1100 upvotes, and I captured that #1 spot again. On that day alone, over 12,000 people saw my post! The story doesn’t end there, either.

Considering that my post was among the most viewed ones of all time in that specific subreddit, it kept on pushing the numbers.

Reddit also has a search bar, which probably sent some more traffic my way, and in the end, more than 35,000 visitors read it.

When people think of Reddit, most users only think about posts. Promoting your blog on Reddit goes much deeper than that. Sometimes, merely leaving a comment can bring you some truly impressive results.

Because I am an avid user, I often stumble upon a thread which is perfectly suited for commenting. All that’s left is to write a good comment, and of course, include a backlink to my blog. Here’s an example of my Reddit comment:

promote on reddit

What was the result? This comment received 191 upvotes and over 2,000 visits to my blog in just a couple of days.

5. Market Your Blog on Quora

While you may enjoy reading the questions and answers shared on Quora, did you know that you can use this popular Q&A site to market your blog? 

I was able to get over a million views as well as 1k followers within the first couple of months on Quora. If you’d like to achieve similar results, the key is to be original. Thousands of writers post content everyday on Quora and you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. 

To do this, you’ll want to create content that provides direct and correct answers to the questions that people are searching for the most! How do you do that? By ticking most of these boxes:

promote on quora
  • Stick to your expertise
  • Always do your research ahead of time
  • Don’t forget to include relevant images
  • Develop different writing styles, and never stop learning
  • Pay utmost attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Always perform proofreading
  • Attach some humor to your posts, people generally like that sort of stuff
  • Use formatting tools and provide your readers with a simple structure to follow
  • Try to be honest, yet diplomatic
  • Be original and find ways to promote blog posts
  • Always get straight to the point, don’t add too much fluff
  • Be nice and respectful at all times
  • Try to answer as many questions as you can and don’t go missing for extended periods of time
  • Arm yourself with patience. Great things don’t happen overnight
promote on quora

A: Use Pictures to Promote on Quora

Are you wondering how you can achieve the most screen real estate possible? When posting on Quora, be sure to use awesome images to accompany your posts. Wondering what’s the benefit of having pictures included with your post? Readers will be much more inclined to read the first line of the text if you can interest them with a cool image. With that in mind, here are some guidelines you should follow when selecting the pictures:

  • Interesting – The image is supposed to arouse attention
  • Eye-catching – Provide people with something they care about, and they’ll stick to your page a few moments more
  • Relevant – The image and text should correlate
  • Genuine – Do your best to avoid stock photos, as readers cannot relate to this sort of content. Always aim for the more personal ones

B: Focus on the First Line of Your Answer

While the image grabbed your readers’ attention initially, it’s the first line that’ll encourage readers to actually read the whole thing through. Here’s an eye-opening statistics for you: Out of 10 people who open articles, only 8 get past the headline!

With that in mind, it’s no wonder why the opening line is half the battle. The reader should always feel like they want to find out more. Here’s how to achieve those goals:

  • The title should promise value
  • There’s a story to be told there
  • It should rely on statistics
  • It demonstrates authority

C: Provide Answers to Important Questions

Even if you provide the best answer possible, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive upvotes. Statistically, the best answers only have about a 3% upvote rate.

However, the basic formula for success is very simple. All you have to do is:

1) Make sure that a lot of people view your answer

2) Provide great value in order to get the upvotes

promote on quora

D: Provide Value With Your Answer

If you are able to get readers past the first line of your answer, they are more likely to finish your post and follow you in the future. While successful answers with lots of upvotes on Quora don’t typically have a common theme, here are some of the main points of a successful post.

  • Be unique with your answer, and take the readers on a journey
  • Strike a chord and aim for the powerful emotions
  • Share some exclusive information
promote on quora

Let me try to explain this is the simplest way possible:

Quora’s algorithm is known as “PeopleRank”. Do you think it had anything to do with Google’s PageRank, or is it just me?

Anyways, while most users hope to receive a huge number of upvotes, most of them neglect the way in which readers engage with their content.

Each user has their specific PeopleRank, and certain topics tend to attract users with higher rankings. Once they start to engage with your content, the algorithm will turn in your favor. Indeed, 10 upvotes from casual Quora users is nothing, compared to the influence you get when high ranked users provide Upvotes/Bookmarks/Shares on your posts.

What you need to take from this is that the sheer number of upvotes isn’t the only thing you should hope to achieve. Finding relevant topics and providing excellent content is much more important.

Core engineers figured out that users will want to use their algorithms in order to achieve a better rank, so they tried to hide the keys as much as possible. Fortunately, there are still several ways in which you can select the right posts. If you have a desktop, you’ll easily spot the number of views each question has received, but when it comes to tablets and mobiles, it’s not as simple.

In order to find out how many views a certain question received, just click on the 3 dots you’ll find in the bottom right corner of any specific question. Once there, select „View stats and logs“ and there you go.

There’s perhaps an even better way to find questions with the most views. Visit the main question page, scroll down towards the end, and there, you’ll see similar questions, with their view count. I always go for the questions with 100k plus views. Truth be told, I’m not yet positive why some of the questions get an insane amount of exposure and others don’t, but here are some of the things I’ve been able to pick up:

  • Certain questions/answers do really well when it comes to search for high volume keywords
  • At times, big influencers share content elsewhere
  • Use on page SEO when answering. Knowing that Quora is using search mostly for growth, it should come as no surprise that these tactics work

Here’s one final tip that worked wonders for my ranking. There have been lots of times when I did my best to write a stupendous answer, which ended up in the wastelands, and received no traction at all. Luckily, I came up with a scheme. I simply copied my previous content on different topics and got millions of views.

This probably set off a red flag at Quora, so I received a “self-plagiarism” warning, all of the duplicates were erased, and I lost a ton of views. Nowadays, when I copy my content, I simply delete the first post and go with the second one. I would advise you to do the same!

6. Promote Your Blog on Pinterest

Following Reddit and Quora, Pinterest is also a high priority for me. Most of my competitors aren’t really active on Pinterest, so that’s where I see a good opportunity to place my content. After just a couple of days, the results are already quite impressive, as you can see.

promote on pinterest


This strategy is still in its developmental stages. We created a few infographics that contain information about the article, and we plan to publish them on Pinterest.

In case you didn’t know, on Pinterest, the goal is to achieve the most pins and repins, and the number of followers isn’t as important. While some people see Pinterest as social media, in reality, it’s much more of a search engine.

Let’s get down to business! Regarding Pinterest, here’s the strategy I’ll follow from this point on:

Step 1 – Open up a business account.

  •  In this way, you’ll receive access to analytics.
  • Get a Pin It plug-in for your personal blog
  • Sign up for Rich Pins. Brief excerpts from your post will show up under the image.

Step 2 – Design Pinterest images to follow your post

  • I usually use Pixabay to get stock photos and proceed to Canva to make the images.
  • Don’t be afraid to check out what the competition has to offer. If you see the design you like, create something similar for yourself.

Step 3 – Make boards for your images

Design one board which contains a list of the pins leading to your own posts. This way, people will be able to see what posts you’ve already written on your blog. All that’s left is to move this board to the very top.

Other boards should relate to different categories on your blog (i.e. finances, relationships, and blogging). Pin all of your images here.

promote on pinterest

Step 4 – Try to join some group boards

Joining group boards are important to success on Pinterest, as thousands of people will have a chance to see your pins within these groups. A good place to start finding group boards that would interest you is definitely PinGroupie.

Once you have found some groups that you are interested in, you can make a request in one of these three ways:

  1. Follow the instructions for that specific board. These are set by the creator, and to get their attention, you’ll usually need to send them an email. I’ll further elaborate on this topic later on, as I have spent two weeks sending different requests and finding boards, so I think I have the knowledge of how things go.
  2. In case you fail to find the instructions, try sending a direct message or hit one of their latest pins and leave a request to join in there. Know that some groups are closed, so you’ll simply have to find another one that meets your criteria.
  3. Connect with other bloggers and exchange group boards among yourselves.

Step 5 – Begin to follow the others

Check out the other bloggers’ profiles, and start following them. Don’t stop there, and follow their followers as well. The other way includes clicking on a list of the group board’s followers and hitting that follow button as many times as you can.

If you hit a limit, and you’re going to do so, as Pinterest allows you to follow only a certain number of people per hour, just wait until things clear up and go for it again.

Step 6 – Get to pinning

Boards have rules when it comes to the number of pins you can put out, so make sure to follow them, as you can be removed from the group if you don’t do so. Pin as many times as you can, and also pin other’s popular posts, as this can boost your rankings.

The tactic I use is to pin my images to group boards and pin others’ to my own ones. I’ll perhaps change this tactic later on, but I’ll have to wait and see.

7. Join Relevant Facebook Groups to Promote Your Blog Posts

I admit that I didn’t have enough time to fully focus on creating dedicated social media accounts, so I ended up posting mostly from my personal accounts. When doing so, I found certain Facebook groups that interested me, and I entered the discussion. It worked! I actually had decent success in the beginning. 

Facebook groups exist on tens of thousands of topics and are a popular way for individuals to chat about the things that they love and are interested in. While you want to keep your post sharing casual, and not come on too strong, it is possible to use these groups to promote your articles. 

The key here is to try and find the people who might be interested in things you post. When it comes to social media, less is oftentimes more. Start by writing posts that have similar content to your actual blog posts. As people start to warm up, proceed to slowly introduce links in the comments section. Enable the like button on your blog, and hope that your readers will use it.

Here’s a neat little trick. People love to use social media as a vent to push out their frustrations, especially when they’re going through stressful times. That’s where you should strike! Share a funny story or write something interesting. The goal here is to start off slow, and in time, gather a larger audience that will feast on your positivity. The blog promotion can wait for now. The key is to make them like you.

If you’re writing about motorcycles, join a group where users share similar interests. Join in on the conversation, and where appropriate, occasionally share links when it will help individuals looking for that information. The important part is to be active. Like posts, leave comments and join discussions. If you are not participating in the general conversation, just dropping links will be viewed as spam and get you banned. 

Facebook can be a great tool to find inspiration as well. Most users don’t even bother using the search bar, so the same questions get repeated all the time. Give an answer to a few of these popular questions, and you’ll drive some traffic your way.

While experiences with blogger Facebook groups can vary, my own experience was underwhelming. The groups were mostly self promotion. I personally don’t recommend these groups and feel they are a waste of time. If you want to help out, let’s be friends on Facebook by clicking here!

8. Promote Your Blog on Twitter

While I haven’t used Twitter myself for promoting, successful promotion on Twitter involves tweeting regularly, interacting with accounts and using hashtags.

I did have a friend with 1.7 million followers share one of my posts. The tweet generated 100 page views.

promote on twitter

I won’t go as far as calling it disappointing, but similar to Facebook, I believe most people simply liked the tweet without even bothering to check it out. Click here to follow me on Twitter.

9. Grow Your Traffic with guest posting

While I didn’t focus a lot of effort on guest posting, I still saw some great results. Depending on where your guest post appears, you may or may not see great traffic, but having backlinks on other websites can be valuable for your own SEO. 

Some tools, such as Ahrefs display pages that offer links to similar articles. If you think your article is superior, try contacting them, and offer them a link to your post. 

The downside to guest posting is that having to create lots of content to websites other than your own regularly can be very time consuming. That was the very reason why I abandoned this tactic for now.

10. Promote Your Blog on Forums

While forums are falling in popularity, they are still a great place to reach a target audience. Not only can forums generate traffic to your site, but the backlinks can help with SEO as well.

My blog receives a huge following from Warriorforum, e-commerce fuel, and internetzarada. Some of the visitors to some of these forums don’t even use the English language. For example, I don’t have the slightest clue who posted my content over on a Spanish forum! Ecommercefuel is a closed type forum, which I’m not even a part of, but I can see that some traffic is coming from that direction. To whoever posted these links there, thanks a bunch!

11. Make an App to Engage Your Blog’s Readers

How can having an app help your blog? Because an app can help improve your site’s user experience. An app can also drive traffic to your website.

I’ve built an email list with MailChimp, and every single email I send ends up in the promotions tab of Gmail email addresses. This native app has a push notification and every subscriber (user) will be informed that a new article is published.

Want to try Mailchimp out for yourself? The price is affordable at $30 and it does not require any tech knowledge. Easily set up everything in three clicks.

12. Write a Catchy Article

While creating terrific content is the backbone of every blog, writing original content is not as easy as it sounds. For nearly every topic you have in mind, it has already been written about by 100 writers. 

To help make sure your article on a particular topic is original, be sure to check out the competition. Use Google to figure out what your keywords should be, take some time to read the first 5 or 6 articles dealing with the topic. See if you have something valuable to add that wasn’t already mentioned. Invest some time in SEO research, and exclude keywords your competitors already used, as well as their synonyms.

It doesn’t matter if you produce the best content the world has ever seen if no one gets to read it. Therefore, work on your SEO, offer something your competitors haven’t thought of, and stick to the trusted mantra — provide great value and try to solve some of the problems your readers might have!

Unsuccessful Ways to Promote Your Blog

Not every method I used to promote my website was successful. Despite having accounts on Medium and Steemit for a while, nothing really happened and they proved to be not worth my time. Of course, your mileage may vary!

More Information On How To Promote Your Blog

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  13. Great post and thanks for the reminder on using Reddit, finding the balance of giving while sharing my content is the trick there. Have an awesome day and I will refer back here a few more times as I refine my strategies.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. Im having trouble finding communities on Reddit that don’t class links as spam. We write parenting, and travel posts. I did manage to submit a post on a blog promotion sub Reddit but it has 14 subscribers. Do you have any advice ?

  15. Excellent post. Will definitely be trying these out! I just have to find the right way to drop the blog in a post or comment on reddit. I don’t want to catch any flak.


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