12 Ways To Make $40 a Day in Short Hours

If we do some simple math, making $40 every day will translate into making at least $1200 monthly. While this most of the time probably won’t be enough if it’s your only source of income, it can be good as an additional income.

Luckily for all of us, there are more than enough ways to make that extra $40 every day and make your life that much easier.

Today, we are going to go through multiple ways to make $40 a day and hopefully learn something new along the way.

Let’s see what we have prepared for you today!

How to Make $40 a Day?

Depending on your capabilities, you can choose from a variety of ways to earn $40 a day. Whether that’s with the help of the internet or choosing a more traditional way, there is no need to worry we got you.

Choosing from anything, such as starting a blog or giving it a go as a freelance writer, or choosing a different path, such as rolling up your sleeves and offering your services to clean gutters or delivering products, possibilities as almost endless.

Obviously, people who possess a certain set of skills, such as speaking a second language or knowing stuff, such as programming or design will have a higher chance of landing a well-paying gig.

With that being said let’s jump straight to the facts!

1. Delivery Gigs

One of the simplest ways to earn money is to sign up with some of the best delivery gigs platforms out there, such as Doordash, GrubHub, Instacart, or Shipt.

You don’t even need to have a car. Anything from bikes and scooters will be more than enough. Obviously, owning a car can lighten your load a bit and you will be probably able to do more gigs in a certain amount of time rather than with a bike.

But keep in mind that riding a bike costs literally nothing, while using a car while delivering products will have additional costs such as fuel and even regular car maintenance, such as changing oil and so on.

2. Start a Blog

While starting a blog is not an easy task and requires some time, if you manage to pull through, blogging is definitely one of the best ways to build your passive income. If you’re interested, you should ckeck my story about the blog that brings in passive income.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need a lot of money to start. You can literally build your blog from scratch!

As I said, this will take some time, but it’s far from impossible. Think about what your blog is going to be about and pick your niche wisely!

3. Freelance Writing

If you know your way around words and like reading books and writing, then this is definitely the right move for you.

While being an inexperienced freelance writer won’t make you a fortune it can definitely satisfy that $40 a day goal!

Don’t tire yourself thinking you need to be some bestselling author; you are not writing a novel! Just be proficient and aim for good quality, like in any other business.

As a newbie in the freelance writing realm, you can typically set your rates between $0.05 and $0.30 per word. It’s a reasonable pay scale that many employers find viable.

4. Gutter Cleaning

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and offer your services all around your town. The easiest way is to start from your neighborhood and the people you already know.

Do an amazing job and most people will call you again and even refer you to their friends and family.

I mean, cleaning the gutters is not an Apollo 13 mission and almost everybody can do it. Luckily for you, people are either overly busy or just plain and simple lazy, so that’s where you jump in.

You can even make way more than just $40 per cleaning session, but start slow and patiently build your reputation!

5. Lawn Mowing

Gutter Cleaning’s best friend, lawn mowing, is calling for you! You have a lawn mower? Perfect, you are good to go.

You don’t have one? Don’t worry, offer your services to your neighbors, they probably have one, or borrow one from your friends or family while you are saving some money to buy one.

Plain and simple, people need their lawns nice and clean, some states even have a law that states all lawns must be nice and tidy.

If your services are not needed in your particular neighborhood, you find lawn moving jobs on “Lawnmowingonline,” “Craigslist,” or “MowMagic” and these gigs often pay cash under the table.

You can even mix gutter cleaning and lawn mowing, offer this winning combo, and make way more than just $40.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is an excellent part-time online job with flexible hours, especially for individuals without a plethora of specialized skills.

Virtual assistants undertake diverse tasks for businesses, ranging from website content updates and social media posting to basic customer service duties. The compensation can be remarkable, contingent upon your skill set. If you aim to earn $40 daily from the comfort of your home, venturing into the realm of virtual assistance proves to be a compelling option.

To kickstart this journey, it’s essential to identify and articulate your skills, showcasing how you can contribute to businesses.

Particularly for those new to virtual assistance, it’s advisable to carve out a niche and offer highly specialized services. For instance, focusing on tasks like uploading content drafts to WordPress can set you apart, attracting clients willing to pay a premium.

When seeking clients, consider exploring freelance platforms or directly reaching out to businesses. This proactive approach can significantly enhance your chances of securing lucrative opportunities.

7. Reselling

In my experience, reselling is the best way to make some extra cash. Start exploring Facbook Marketplace where people sell used stuff, anything from clothes to furniture and so on.

By simply buying, let’s say an armchair, for $30, just by merely cleaning it and making it look better you can easily resell it for a profit.

Sometimes you won’t be able to make $40 from a single item, but you can always buy a couple and make at least $10 per item sold.

8. Babysitting

In any community, there’s a consistent demand for childcare, with parents ready to pay well for it. Typically, babysitters earn around $15 to $20 per hour, and possibly more in some regions or with proven childcare experience.

Just a few hours of after-school care on weekdays or longer sessions during weeknights can easily bring in about $40 a day.

If you ask me, babysitting is one of the best part-time evening jobs out there.

9. YouTube

YouTube has become a great six figure business for many. The amount you earn depends on your views and ad revenue.

By consistently uploading content and growing your subscriber base, you can potentially earn a substantial amount. A few dedicated hours each week to produce and manage content could lead to regular earnings.

10. Selling Printables on Etsy

After the initial effort of creating and listing your designs, it turns into a setup where you can earn money with minimal ongoing work.

11. Renting out a spare room

If you have an unused room in your home, listing it on platforms like Airbnb or similar rental sites can turn it into a profitable space.

Renting out a room works particularly well in places with lots of tourists, close to big events, or near universities.

12. Surveys

This is one of those fun side gigs where you can make a bit of extra money. It might take quite a bit of time to earn around $40 a day, but it’s a flexible option for earning in your spare time.

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