Is DealDash Legit? (Honest DealDash Review)

Are you in the market for a laptop or a TV? It’s human nature to get the best by paying as less as possible. 

With that being said, you must have heard about DealDash through its commercials. If you don’t know what DealDash is, let us tell you. DealDash is a website that brings you premium products and gives you an opportunity to walk away with them by paying only a few dollars. 

Sounds too good to be true? You’re not the only one. After all, people have sued DealDash for false advertising before. But is DealDash really a scam? 

Read on to gain a deep insight into the topic and if you should trust DealDash.

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What is DealDash? 

Think of DealDash as a website made for online bidding. DealDash allows its customers to bid on various products, ranging from clothing to electronics. 

Being invented in 2009, DealDash has been around for a while and brings products to its customers at relatively lower prices. While it may sound unbelievable, the website overstocks products. They also have a liquidation inventory involving goods directly from liquidators and brands. 

DealDash later lists the products, giving its customers a chance to make use of these savings. 

Answering The Big Question: Scam or Legit? 

While some people might believe that DealDash operates in a shady manner, it’s a legit website offering exactly what it says. 

To further strengthen the argument, DealDash carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It also has a 4-star rating from its customers. A business having accreditation from the Better Business Bureau usually means it is authentic and can be trusted. 

On the other hand, DealDash also enjoys its “excellent” rating on Trustpilot, a platform dedicated to posting honest reviews about various websites. With more than 3200 reviews and a 4.1-star rating, it’s enough to prove that DealDash is a legitimate website. 

However, there have been reviews saying that the customers received damaged goods from DealDash. These reviews also commended DealDash’s support staff and said they were instantly compensated with a replacement.

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How Does DealDash Work?

Many people find it difficult to deal with DealDash, given its perplexing ads. However, their website’s interface is rather self-explanatory and straightforward. 

DealDash starts by listing the products on its website with a starting price of zero cents. By the rules, there is no minimum reserve price. 

Once you find a product that meets your interests, you must place a bid on it. DealDash has no limits on placing bids and lets you place as many bids as you want. 

What are “Bids”? 

After your very first interaction with DealDash, you will catch on that the website is all about “bids.” Since DealDash revolves around these bids, they don’t give them away for free. To get stuff from DealDash, you must first buy the bids. 

DealDash has packages like Bid Packs, allowing you to get bids for a lower price than what they’re worth. You can purchase bids through Dealdash’s website using PayPal or a payment card. 

What Do The Bids Do? 

Now that you have the bids, you can start bidding on DealDash and take the shot at getting stuff for lesser prices. 

Every bid you place on DealDash increases the product’s price by one cent. Placing a bid on the product also increases its auction window by ten seconds. The increase in auction time is DealDash’s way of pitting more customers against each other and selling the product to the highest bidder. 

The only way to get a product for a lower price on DealDash is to wait out other people and end up being the highest bidder. However, if you decide a product is not worth posting more bids, you can abandon the auction. 

DealDash returns any invested bids if you lose the auction, allowing you to place your bids on other products. 

DealDash Pros & Cons 

Now that you know that DealDash is a legitimate website, let’s focus on some reasons why you should and should not choose DealDash. 


Let’s start with the good things first: 

  • Simplicity 

As mentioned earlier, DealDash boasts a simple user interface. Its interface makes it easy for you to navigate the website and search for relevant products. You can also find ongoing auctions and jump in on the action, making it easy to find the deal suiting your interest. 

  • Great Support Staff 

If you go through TrustPilot and Glassdoor, you will find many reviews commending DealDash for its customer service. Regardless of their complaints, most people have reported that the support staff helped them solve their issues imminently. 

  • Auto Bidding 

DealDash has a “BidBuddy” feature, allowing users to place bids automatically. For instance, if you find a product you really want to have but don’t want to spend your time waiting, you can use this feature to do your bidding. 

BidBuddy lets you choose the number of bids and automatically places bids while away from the computer. 


  • Purchasing Bids 

The biggest downside of DealDash is its bids. The platform practically asks you to pay upfront before you can access the products on the website. Whereas its competitors, such as eBay, allow you to place bits for free. 

While DealDash has low-priced products, buying bids can mean ending up paying more for the product than its retail value. So, when shopping through DealDash, you must exercise utmost caution, or it might backfire! 

  • Sometimes Products Cost More Than Their Worth 

The whole reason behind the lawsuit was that sometimes customers might end up paying for products more than what they’re worth. Knowing when to stop while bidding on DealDash is the key to walking away with savvy deals. 

However, if you keep placing bids blindly on a product, you might pay more than its value. Hence, don’t place your bets without complete knowledge about the product, and you should be fine. 

Final Words 

To answer the question, DealDash is a legit website. There have been many rumors about the website, but the information above should prove enough to debunk them. 

Although DealDash isn’t a scam, walking away with a win on the platform is much more difficult than you think. Before placing bids on any products on DealDash, inquire about their original price. If the price has exceeded the retail price for the item, it’s time for you to lay off and look for something else. 

But should you give DealDash a chance? Refer to the pros and cons section in the guide above to know the potential strengths and downsides of DealDash. 

If you can find a way around these downsides, DealDash is worth a shot!

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