How To Become A Shein Product Tester? A Step-by-Step Guide

Many companies have adapted to product testing as a tactic to ensure the high quality of their product and services. One of such companies is Shein. 

But did you know that you can become a Shein Product Tester? You read that right! Read on to discover how to become a Shein Product Tester and what products you’ll get to explore! 

the Shein’s Free Trial Program 

Shein’s Free Trial is a campaign launched by the company meant to encourage Shein customers to review products for free. This campaign from Shein gives customers an opportunity to try various Shein products for free such as accessories, shoes, bags, or apparel. 

Being a customer, Shein expects you to provide a detailed review of the items in the free trial. Ideally, your review should address the style, fabric, construction, quality, and fit of the product. As a way of thanking you for your honest opinion, Shein lets you keep the product you’ve reviewed. 

While Shein doesn’t pay the customers to review their products, you still get to keep the products. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to know that Shein will retain all rights to the photos, videos, and texts you submit in your review on the website.

Create A Shein Account 

The first step to becoming a Shein Product Tester is to make an account on the website. You can make an account through the “Me” section of Shein’s website. 

The “Me” page will let you choose between signing in or creating an account. Since you are new to the platform, proceed by tapping “Create an account” and filling in the details required. 

Once you have entered all the data, be sure to go through the terms and conditions. Once you are done, proceed with your application by pressing agree. Lastly, click on the “Register” button to complete your registration. 

The Free Trial Index 

After setting up your account, go to the “Me” section again. This action will take you to your Shein profile, where your coupon, Shein points, orders, and other features will be accessible. 

On the same page, you’ll find the “Other Service” heading. This section covers various options, but you must click the “Free Trial Center” button. Clicking this link will open the Free Trial items index. This page lists all the Shein products that are accessible to product testers. 

Picking Up The Items 

Once you’re in the Free Trial Index, you will find the items for grabs under the “in progress” section. Note that all these items will have their prices hidden and be replaced by $0. You’ll also be able to see a timer for the application of the product and the number of people who have applied to grab this product. 

Note that you will only have three chances to apply for a product. If you have applied for a product three times, you must wait a week before you have a chance to apply for it again. 

Nevertheless, When applying for a product, it’s best to utilize all three chances for a product to increase your chances of acceptance. The number of applications for a product will also affect your chances of being accepted. The more the applications for a product, the lesser your chances of getting accepted. 

Hence, be sure to review the items you’re going to be choosing carefully. Once you’ve decided on the items you want to pick, proceed by clicking the “Free Trial” button under the item listing. Doing so will submit your application to test the product. 

Application Results 

After turning in the application, the only thing that’s left for you is to wait for Shein’s email. The platform will ask you to provide the address right after clicking the “Free Trial” button. This pop-up will also ask you for the size if you’re choosing apparel. 

Clicking “Submit” will close the pop-up, and you’ll end up on the “Free Trial” page again. Shein can take up to a week to process your application. You can also check the status of your application by opening your Shein account and locating the items you applied for. 

If you’re accepted to review the product, Shein will have the package delivered to the provided address fully paid. 

Submitting The Reviews 

Assuming that you’re accepted for the application, Shein will send an email and a push notification confirming your acceptance. 

Once you’ve received the application, you can start reviewing the products. Shein requires you to include pictures and compose a detailed product review within ten days of receiving the product. Submitting your review will allow you to receive Shein points. 

After receiving points, you’re eligible to apply for more products through the Free Trial index. Similarly, failure to submit your application in time will negatively affect your record, making it difficult for you to get accepted for more product reviews. 

Why Should You Become A Shein Tester? 

Becoming a Shein Tester is a great way of staying ahead of the fashion curve without facing any financial setbacks. Becoming a Shein Tester can also have other benefits, such as: 

Getting Free Clothes 

The biggest benefit of becoming a Shein product tester is getting hands-on premium-quality products while saving a lot of money! 

Shein Points

Shein Points come in handy by reducing your order prices when shopping at Shein. 

Flexible Gigs 

Shein offers a lot of flexibility to its product tester, so it can be a good remote side hustle. Not only can you process applications remotely, but you can apply for the products at any time. 


Shein lets you choose between various sizes, genders, and ages. The widespread variety among its products allows you to get your favorite items without paying a dime! 

Becoming a Shein product tester

Becoming a Shein product tester is worth it if you enjoy trying out new fashion items and don’t mind the time commitment involved in reviewing products. It’s a good opportunity to receive free or discounted clothing and accessories, which is great if you’re a fan of Shein’s style.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need to provide detailed feedback and potentially post reviews or photos, which can be time-consuming.

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