7 Ways To Get Paid To Do Laundry

Are you looking for ways to make some quick money?

Earning money by running chores has always been among the most effective side hustles. Not only do you get a chance to earn some money, but you also get in the good graces of the people in your community. 

Since laundry can be an exhaustive chore, most people dread doing it. On the other hand, they also want their clothes to look fresh and clean. That is where the laundry care services step in!

How to Make Money Doing Laundry

Read on to find the ways that can help you get paid to do laundry. 

Laundry Care

Laundry care counts as one of the pioneer businesses to come up with this unique idea. This platform brings together by having them join the platform and acting as a bridge between consumers and providers. 

However, before you work for them, you must ensure your eligibility for the platform: 

  1. You must be at least 21 Years Old.
  2. The necessary equipment, including Washer and Dryer. 
  3. You must be able to deliver and pick up laundry. 

To earn money through Laundry Care, visit their website or get their app on your mobile phone. Sign up on the app as a provider. When someone wants their laundry done, they will send an order to the providers in their area. 

Their platform makes it easy for you to manage the orders. You can accept, decline, or manage orders through the app. Once someone places an order and you accept it, you will need to go to their residence to pick up their laundry. The platform sets you on a 48-hour clock to complete the order. 

While the money you make depends on various factors, including location, availability, and demand, Laundry Care gives you an opportunity to earn up to $500 weekly. They also have various packages to cut down your expenses and maximize profits. 

In short, if you do not mind driving around a little and can do the laundry within 48 hours, Laundry care is a great option to consider. 


With a similar working model as Laundry Care, Hampr is another laundry app option providing laundry services to customers.

Much like Laundry Care, Hampr sends you a notification when someone in the vicinity places an order, if you are eligible for it. After you accept the order, you must pick up the laundry from the user and complete the order within the 24-hour window. 

Hampr also asks you to use Dropps detergent for laundry. With a partnership in place with Dropps, providers like yourself can save a lot of money on detergent expenses and contribute to making the world more eco-friendly. 

However, to work with Hampr, you need to qualify certain eligibility criteria: 

  1. You must be at least 18 years. 
  2. A general background check.
  3. Auto insurance with a valid driver’s license. 
  4. A compatible smartphone.
  5. A washing machine of at least 4.2 cubic feet in size. 

Working with Hampr can allow you to earn $2K monthly, making laundry a profitable side hustle. 


Sudshare is the ideal platform to capitalize on an opportunity. Similar to other platforms mentioned here, Sudshare also brings a creative solution for people who dread laundry but want to enjoy its benefits. 

Whether you are looking for an effective side hustle or looking to start a laundry-based business, Sudshare is the right platform for it. The flexible working hours allow you to be your own boss and work when you see fit. This platform is also a great option if you are considering a convenient side hustle. 

The best thing about working with Sudshare is their seamless joining procedure. You only need to fill out a form and complete an in-app training session, barely taking ten minutes. Once you are through with the video, you are ready to start taking laundry orders in your local area. 

However, remain cautious when accepting jobs. Avoid taking on any demanding orders to ensure the on-time completion of your order and to keep your status maintained on the platform. 

Working with Sudshare, you must provide the following services to the customers: 

  1. Picking up their laundry 
  2. Washing and proper laundering
  3. The laundered clothes must be dried and folded
  4. Returning the laundry on the next day of the order. 

As you keep completing the orders, the platform will promote you to become a “Diamond Sudster.” As a diamond sister, you will get more orders and instant payout, whereas a standard payout will take approximately two days.


TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people who need tasks done with those willing to do them. By offering laundry services on TaskRabbit, you can set your own rates and choose the jobs that fit your schedule.

Whether it’s washing, folding, or even ironing, these simple tasks can add some extra cash to your wallet. It’s a straightforward way to make money doing something you might already do for yourself or your family.


Thumbtack is an online service that connects people with local professionals for various tasks and projects.

Whether you’re a plumber, photographer, personal trainer, or someone who offers household services like cleaning or laundry, Thumbtack connects you with local customers.

Simply create a profile on Thumbtack, list your services, and start connecting with people who need your help.

You can decide what you charge and when you’re available. If you’re good at what you do, word of mouth could turn this side hustle into a regular gig. It’s an uncomplicated way to turn a common task into quick cash.

Start a Laundry Service Business

This might seem like a big step, but the process can be quite simple. Identify your local market needs, and decide what kind of laundry services you want to offer. You might even start with just a washer and dryer at home, and make money with no initial investment required.

By providing a needed service, focusing on quality, and marketing effectively, you can turn this everyday task into a way to make money. Whether working from home or scaling up, the potential for profit is there.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is another ideal option for this platform’s high scope of jobs. The best thing about this platform is that you can browse the listings apart from laundry. The abundance of opportunities allows you to take your pick and find a job hustle you are compatible with. 

With over 700K employees operating in 24 countries, SimplyHired has to be the biggest platform on the list. Most employers prefer SimplyHired for its easy interface and high visibility. The easy access to workers causes many people to turn to this platform to get their stuff done. 

While the provided information above mainly focuses on laundry jobs, Simply Hired is a fantastic resource for finding any kind of work. If you are good at something else than doing laundry, Simply Hired gives you a platform to maximize your potential and earn profit for your efforts. 

Final Words

With technology evolving every day, side hustles have become more accessible. If you work from home or are a stay-at-home parent, finding a side hustle that fits into your daily regime can be a lucrative way to earn some side money. 

One such side hustle is doing laundry for other people. While you may have to buy additional laundry supplies, the potential $800 you can earn will more than make up for your expenses. Another worry about doing laundry for other people has to go to their place and pick up and drop off their clothes. 

However, considering the profit it brings, the efforts required seem minimal. Therefore, if you are ready to make some money on the side by investing minimal effort, laundry is the way to go.

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