Scaling your business to the next level is so much easier if you decide to hire a freelancer. I’ve been through this ordeal plenty of times over the years, and now, I decided to let you in on some of my tactics that help me find freelancers who are guaranteed to get the job done.

hire a freelancer

Why hire a freelancer in the first place?


Who wants to spend a bunch of time designing a logo, when you can buy one for $5 on Fiverr? I certainly don’t, although, the logo I would be able to muster wouldn’t even be worthy of those 5 bucks.

Who wants to write a 500 word article for an SEO support website, when you can order one on iWriter for $3.30? But wait, what about the quality? Who cares? At the end of the day, that content isn’t intended for broader masses anyways.

Who wants to pin images to Pinterest all day long, when an Upwork freelancer is more than happy to do the heavy lifting instead of you, for only $5 an hour?

I know what I would do in that scenario, but let’s expand the story a bit here, as I won’t dwell any further on those simple tasks. If you don’t need a particular skill in order to get the job done, chances are you’ll find someone else to do it for you with relative ease.


hire a freelance


Considering that I also did my research back in the day, as I read through dozens of articles dealing with the topic, I eventually noticed that they all share a common theme… always choose the most popular websites out there, such as Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, read freelancer reviews, blah blah… Yeah right, congratulations, you reinvented the wheel

Let me share simple truth about those reviews. The first 5, 10, or even possibly 20 are fake! Now, I’m not saying that this is true 100% of the time, but anyone who understands how online business works will first focus on pumping those excellent reviews. Some might do it themselves, others will get the relatives and friends involved in the scheme, but the end result will always be the same, someone is getting conned.

Sure, those people will be forced to leave up to 20% fee to the platform, whether it be Upwork, Fiverr, or anything else, but some initial costs for starting a business are always mandatory. On the other hand, even if the service they provide is of inferior quality, a lot of users will have a hard time leaving negative reviews and possibly ruining their profiles… I know that I definitely belong in that category. Interestingly enough, people won’t hesitate for a second when it comes to platforms like Amazon, as they will gladly critique the product, but when it comes to freelancers, and when there’s a person on the other side, they’d oftentimes just accept the hand they’ve been dealt, and go forward from there. At that moment, people try to understand that we all make mistakes, and they wouldn’t necessarily want to ruin someone’s livelihood, so they simply decide to avoid it at all costs.


However, I digress for now. I will come back to Fiverr, Upwork and iWriter later on, but now, allow me to elaborate on how to find freelancers in the first place, and most importantly, how to hire a freelancer that will help you with your business. By using my alternative method, I always managed to find the thing I need, whether it be with a help of copywriters for my Amazon listings, or content writers who are experts in a certain niche. Once you find the person who you can trust, keep them close, they’ll make your life easier, and naturally, bring a lot more money your way.

Find Freelance Writers

Find and hire a freelance Content writer


In order to make this guide simple to follow, allow me to use a car blog example as a tool towards finding your ideal content writer. If you choose Upwork, iWriter or Fiverr as your weapon of choice, every freelancer that applies to the job will claim that they are the perfect candidate for the spot. You wouldn’t believe how many subject matter experts are out there! Unfortunately, in this example, most of them never even sat behind the wheel of a car. Stop wasting your time here, and instead, go to one of the forums dealing with the topic. Find the users who are most active, see if their opinions are shared with other members of the forum, as it’s these exact automotive geeks who are your targeted audience. Get in touch with some of them, and ask whether they’d be interested in working for you. More times than not, they will gladly accept, as it’s a win-win situation. You get a quality writer who is enthusiastic about the automotive world, and they continue writing as they normally would, albeit on your platform, but also receive some money for their efforts. It’s a match made in heaven.

Do you want to start a weight loss blog? Once again, simply go to a healthy lifestyle forum, find someone who was able to lose some weight, and knows a thing or two about the process, and you’ll strike gold!

Truth be told, this doesn’t always work, as you’ll sometimes find a writer who’s a rock star when it comes to the personal finance niche, but he’s absolutely clueless regarding Amazon book sales, and won’t bring any true value to your product in that case.


Find and hire a freelance copywriter


Once again, forums will be your friend, as you’ll need to act locally in order to find freelancers in your desired marketplace. Luckily, you’ll be able to figure this out quite easily from their posts.

In case your desired audience resides in the US, you’ll want to hire a freelancer located in that very nation. Copywriters always need to have a lot of small tricks up their sleeve, such as knowing popular cultural metaphors and having the ability to call to action using great storytelling. You’ll want to find a copywriter that possesses a deep understanding of sociology and psychology of your desired target audience. The same thing goes for any other market. Furthermore, the language itself is nothing more than a tool, you’ll want to find freelancers who are able to struck a chord with your audience, and connect with their emotions, as emotions sell. A good copywriter knows the subtle nuances that make a world of difference.


Want to hire an SEO freelancer?



The basic procedure remains virtually identical. You’ll want to find a forum dealing with SEO. Check out different topics, find the true SEO experts among them, and take a look at their profiles and comments. You’ll easily spot those that stand out from the crowd due to their knowledge, who are respected among their peers, and once you narrow down your choice, you’ve found your guy.

You can repeat the process no matter the industry of your liking. It can be a bit more time-consuming at the start, but it definitely pays off in the long run, as you’ll end up with a model employee right off the bat.


You’ve found a freelancer, now it’s time to pay up


Head over to Upwork, and start a contract with the person of your choice. Or, you can pay through PayPal and save 20%, and I would recommend doing this, and selecting “pay for goods or services” option. This way, you will be able to get your money back if things start turning sour. You won’t believe how often this happens, even when everything seems great at the start. They pass the profile review with flying colors, sample project turns out great, communication is excellent, and you finally start thinking that you’ve hit the jackpot, but then, the freelancer simply disappears into thin air. I’m no expert, and I can only assume that drugs or alcohol-related problems sometimes occur, but that’s the risk with online platforms. However, I doubt that even Freud would be able to recognize a concerning pattern starting to appear after exchanging a couple emails, especially with a person who was sober at the time.


drunk freelancer

How to communicate when hiring freelancers


Be precise, and don’t be afraid to go into details. Don’t be vague. Ultimately, there’s slim to no chance that anyone would actually steal your idea. Think about it for a second. Those masterminds who would be capable of pulling out such a scam would probably be conning people left and right instead of writing on some forum completely free of charge.


Specify the budget


You are a professional, and you know the market value. My suggestion would be to start off slow, and raise the rates later on in order to motivate the freelancer of your choice, and keep him close. Try not to go overboard though. If you pay $150 for a 1K word article once, you’ll hardly get a lower rate from the same freelancer ever again.

The process of finding freelancers mentioned above is long, and if you’re in a rush, chances are you’ll still head over to Upwork, Fiverr or iWriter in order to hire a freelancer ASAP, but be careful: When it comes to Upwork, never set the budget too vaguely, at let’s say $1000, because guess what? Almost all bids will revolve around that exact figure. People are greedy by nature, and they’ll oftentimes offer $1000 for their services, regardless of their experience level. Their previous work could’ve been set at $8/hour, but if you place $1000 as your budget, that’s what you’re going to get.

Perform a little experiment if you don’t trust me. Set up two identical job postings, the only difference being the estimated budget. You’ll quickly notice that the same individuals proposed two very different rates for each posting. Therefore, be careful. The budget is pretty important, but the quality of work should always remain the number one priority.

Regarding Fiverr, (and in certain cases Upwork as well) be wary of users with professional looking profile pictures. Sometimes, you can even notice their scams by using Google image search, and figure out where they stole the image from. Those aren’t writers, nor copywriters – they’re actually salesmen who outsource everything. They buy articles on iWriter for $7, logos from premade templates on Fiverr for $5, and eventually, sell it for $10. Push morality to the side here, there’s a bigger issue at hand, as their work quality will always vary, depending on the person they hired for that specific gig. Ultimately, why should you be forced to pay $10 to the person doing the outsourcing, when you can spend $5, and do it yourself?