10 Highest Paying Fiverr Gigs To Sell and Make Money in 2024

A complete guide to the highest-paying Fiverr gigs to help you make the most money with your next job on Fiverr.

You might not remember this, but back in the day, all Fiverr gigs were limited to $5 but the situation has changed dramatically. There are no such limitations nowadays.

Naturally, this move opened the floodgates, as plenty of ambitious people saw it as a chance to make a few bucks on the side.

I use Fiverr often, so I’ve decided to share some of my experiences with this website.

Here are some of the top gigs and services that are amongst most expensive gigs on Fiverr.

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1. Rent the services of a tool 

rent a tool fiverr gig

These tools such as the Jungle Scout, or Ahrefs have a pretty hefty monthly subscription fee.

As it turns out, a lot of people would like to use this tool from time to time in order to get their desired reports, but they aren’t willing to put up with those expensive fees.

That is where you can swoop in, and rent your services for as long as it takes.

Naturally, it’s not enough to just get the report, you also need to know how to interpret the data you receive back, but we’ll leave that topic for another day.

2. Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when one had to pay huge amounts of money to enroll in a course and learn how to code.

Not only that these courses are dirt cheap nowadays, but if you’re patient enough, and know where to look, you can hone this skill completely free of charge.

Still, know that this won’t really happen overnight, and be ready to put the time in now, in order to reap the benefits of your labor later on.

I needed to create an App a few months ago, and check out the estimated cost of that action!

$2,800… Pretty wild, isn’t it?

best paying fiverr gig

3. Social Media Virtual Assistant

Do you spend half of your day on various social media platforms as college kids do?

Well, know that you have the power to turn that time into profit.

Whoever said that you cannot combine work with pleasure?

Check this out, a few days back, I needed to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, I got in touch with a certain freelancer, and BAM, $850 per month!

top fiverr gig

Now, I’m certainly not the one to call Pinterest overrated, but it appears that certain social media platforms have a lot more power than others.

4. Voice-over artist

Are you known for your beautiful voice?

Nope, you don’t have to join a band in order to turn your skill into profit. Instead, you can become a voice-over artist.

Don’t see the potential in that career pursuit? Well, for starters, the competition is not all that great.

Additionally, it appears that these people stick together fairly well, as they keep the prices on a pretty decent level throughout the board.

Now, I know that 23 pages are a lot for a voice-over artist to read, but trust me when I say this, I did not exactly see this coming.

best fiverr gig

The costs for this gig rounded up to over $1,000!

Imagine if you can get a handful of these types of gigs every month. You would live like a king, I can tell you that much.

5. Website design

There are a bunch of elements that make a website successful.

It’s understandable that the quality of content is of utmost importance, but the overall design also plays a huge factor.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that most people are willing to spend a few extra bucks to get premium services.

When I needed the help of an expert a while ago, I got hit with the $450 offer.

great fiverr gig

As it happens, I was able to negotiate the price all the way down to $320, but that’s still a representable amount for just a few hours behind a monitor.

negotiating fiverr gig

6. Whiteboard explainer videos

Just check this out, 7 orders are already in the queue.

the most expensive fiverr gig

Once you realize that at the end of the day, we are talking about basic 0-30 secs animated video, you will gasp in amazement.

Now, I fully understand that it takes a lot more than 30 secs to make a full video of this size, but you have to admit that it’s not exactly rocket science behind the scenes either.

Still, these videos can be terrific, so the market for them is understandably strong at the moment.

What’s more, if you bump the length of the video to 61-90 secs, the price goes all the way up to an incredible $750!

good fiverr gig

Side note: Success on Fiverr depends on your skill set.

An effective Fiverr gig is a small business, and what small business you’re likely to succeed at is tied to your skillset.

7. 3D Modeling

Professionals in this field work on creating three-dimensional graphics for various uses such as video games, animations, architectural visualizations, and product mock-ups. The complexity and technicality involved in 3D modeling make it one of the highest-paying gigs.

Rates for 3D modeling projects can vary greatly, ranging from $100 for simpler tasks to well over $1000 for intricate and large-scale projects. The pay scale depends on the project’s complexity, the client’s requirements, and the modeler’s expertise and experience.

8. IT and Cybersecurity Consulting

Consultants in this niche offer expertise in protecting against cyber threats, ensuring data security, and advising on best IT practices.

The demand for cybersecurity experts has surged due to increasing cyber threats, and as a result, the earning potential is substantial. Consultants can charge anywhere from $100 to $300 or more per hour, depending on their level of expertise, the complexity of the consultation, and the specific needs of the business.

9. Graphic Design

This can include logo design, branding, social media graphics, brochures, and more. The earning potential for graphic designers on Fiverr varies widely based on the project’s complexity, the designer’s experience, and the client’s requirements. Simple tasks like a basic logo or a social media post design might start around $50, while more comprehensive projects like full branding packages can exceed $300.

Selling your expertise is usually more lucrative than selling things you saw or heard that are profitable!


10. You don’t even need to have a particular skill to make money on Fiverr

That’s right, even if you have nothing impressive to offer to the world, you can still create an interesting gig on Fiverr that’s bound to draw some attention.

Ie. Your gig can be “I’ll remove the background from your image”. All you’d have to do is to use website remove.bg which will remove the background for you in a matter of seconds. IMO it would be a great side hustle for teens.

Now, I won’t bore you down with these ideas myself, as other people already visited it. Instead, I will direct you, and advise you to read this Reddit thread in detail and find your niche among the various mentioned Fiverr gigs.

Ultimately, whatever you decide to do, know one thing – you won’t become a successful seller on Fiverr by sheer chance.

Don’t put all of your hopes in that one video that showcases a blueprint for success on Fiverr, or you might exit the story on a bitter note.

Real-life fairy tales do not exist, and saving the princess from a monster isn’t the end of the story.

Even if you score a couple of great gigs in a row, don’t start thinking that you’re this expert that knows no wrong, as the game is constantly evolving.

Always be ready to adapt to the industry or the competition will quickly pass you by.

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