When Is the Best Time to Buy a Bike?

Spring is in the air, and you might be dreaming about hitting the bike trails on a new pair of wheels. Unfortunately, so is everyone else! So is it really the best time to buy a bike?

If you want the most bang for your buck…probably not. The best time to buy a bike (or just about anything else) is typically not when everyone is competing for them and sellers can name their prices.

But with a little planning ahead, you can use the best time to buy a bike to your advantage. Let’s look at some bike buying guidelines!

The Best Times to Buy a Bike

Let’s review the best times to buy a bike, both by season and throughout the year on typical sale weeks.

Best Season to Buy a Bike

The short answer is that in general, the best time to buy a bike is during the fall.

Naturally, spring is the season when everyone is pulling their bikes out of storage or going shopping for new ones.

On the flip side, fall is when the weather’s getting colder and new bicycles aren’t at the top of many people’s minds.

In addition to lower demand during the fall, you can take advantage of inventory cycles at bike shops.

Just like cars, bikes have models that change from year to year.

In the fall and early winter, bike shops might want to sell off their remaining older models to make room for the brand-new ones arriving for the next model year.

Thus, you can often score a great deal on a new previous-model bike if you keep an eye on bike shops between September and November.

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Holiday Sale Days

If fall is too far away and you don’t want to sacrifice prime biking time, another top time to buy a bike is during holiday sales.

Christmas isn’t usually the best time, but think more minor U.S. holidays like President’s Day (February), Memorial Day (May), Fourth of July, and Labor Day (early September).

Black Friday is an especially great time to shop for big-ticket items like bikes. Since it takes place in November, you might find extra sale prices on already-discounted models!

How to Save More Money on a Bike

Other than timing your purchase around the best time to buy a bike, here are some other tips to help you save money!

1. If buying from a big store, test in-store but buy online if possible. This way, you can get a feel for the bike you want, but save money with coupons and cash-back portals like Honey and Rakuten too.

2. Consider buying used. Look locally on sites like Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace to see if any neighbors are selling. The Pro’s Closet is also a good online store for used bicycles.

3. See if you can fix your old bike first. With a tune-up and some polish or new tires, it might be as good as new! Regular maintenance does wonders for the longevity and performance of a bike.

Whether you’re a bicycling amateur or an expert enthusiast, it helps to do your research, know what kind of bike you want, and get it adjusted so it fits your body.

Now find your bike, get out there, and enjoy the ride!

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