10 Best Small Towns In Tennessee To Raise a Family

Looking for the perfect small town in Tennessee to raise your family?

These towns are known for good schools, safe neighborhoods, and family-friendly activities.

1. Franklin

Franklin sits about 21 miles south of Nashville and is known for its rich Civil War history, charming downtown area, and rolling green hills. In recent years, the town has attracted families with its focus on education and community services. Recognized as one of the best places near mountains to raise a family in the entire U.S., Franklin is a gem of a town that offers the best of both worlds.

Many companies have set up shop in Franklin, providing ample job opportunities. Today, Franklin has a population of over 80,000 and is growing steadily, carving out a niche as a family-friendly place with big-city amenities but a small-town feel.

2. Brentwood

Located just to the north of Franklin, Brentwood is another jewel in the Nashville metro area. Renowned for its high-performing schools and large, sprawling residential areas, Brentwood attracts families looking for a more suburban lifestyle.

The city has a number of parks and green spaces, and it has seen significant residential and commercial growth in the past decade. With a population of around 42,000, Brentwood offers a blend of quiet suburban living and easy access to nearby Nashville.

3. Nolensville

Nolensville is located about 35 miles south of Nashville and has quickly become a hotspot for young families. Originally a farming community, the town has adapted to modern growth without losing its rural charm.

New housing developments and schools have been built to accommodate the growing population, which has more than doubled over the last decade to around 12,000 residents. Today, Nolensville offers a blend of country living and suburban convenience, making it a compelling choice for families.

4. Signal Mountain

Perched above Chattanooga, Signal Mountain offers families an escape into the natural beauty of the Tennessee River Valley. Known for its outdoor activities, including hiking and mountain biking, the town is a haven for active families.

Signal Mountain has a strong sense of community and top-rated schools, making it a big draw for parents. The population hovers around 8,500, giving it a small-town feel while being only a short drive away from Chattanooga’s city amenities.

5. Collierville

Situated about 30 miles east of Memphis, Collierville is a blend of Southern charm and modern living. The town is famous for its historic town square, boutique shopping, and family-oriented activities.

Over the years, Collierville has invested in new residential areas and commercial development to meet the needs of its growing population, which is now more than 50,000. It’s a town that offers both peaceful living and the perks of being near a big city.

6. Farragut

Located on the outskirts of Knoxville, Farragut is a town that mixes suburban comfort with a touch of luxury. Known for its well-maintained parks, excellent schools, and community events like outdoor concerts, Farragut offers a quality of life that draws families in droves.

The population has seen steady growth, reaching approximately 23,000 residents. What was once a quiet area has become a flourishing town, offering families a cozy place to call home with quick access to the larger Knoxville area.

7. Mount Juliet

Just about 17 miles east of Nashville, Mount Juliet is often described as the “Gateway to the Appalachians.” Over the past decade, the town has experienced rapid growth, with its population nearly doubling to around 35,000.

The town is known for its good schools, family-friendly atmosphere, and a mix of both commercial and residential properties. Mount Juliet is quickly becoming a self-sustaining community, offering families a quieter lifestyle without sacrificing conveniences.

8. Spring Hill

Located roughly 35 miles south of Nashville, Spring Hill has a rich history that dates back to the Civil War. These days, the town is known for its rapid growth and new housing developments.

Many families are flocking to Spring Hill for its lower cost of living compared to nearby Nashville, and the local government is investing in new schools and parks to meet this growing demand. The population now stands at over 40,000 and continues to rise, making Spring Hill a burgeoning destination for families looking for a balanced lifestyle.

9. Germantown

Located just outside of Memphis, Germantown is a slice of suburban paradise with a dash of Southern charm. Known for its top-notch schools and safe neighborhoods, it’s a big hit with families.

The town features a mix of modern amenities and natural beauty, including several parks where kids and parents alike can enjoy the outdoors. With a population of around 39,000, Germantown has seen steady growth while maintaining a strong sense of community and local identity.

10. Ooltewah

Situated near Chattanooga, Ooltewah is a small but growing community that’s becoming increasingly popular with families. It offers the appeal of rural living while being just a short drive away from Chattanooga’s city amenities.

Known for its lush landscapes and outdoor recreational activities like hiking and fishing, Ooltewah is a haven for nature-loving families. Its population is quickly approaching 20,000, and the town has been investing in schools and other community services to support this growth.

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