The Real Reason Your DHL Shipment Is On Hold

It may be stressful when your shipment is put on hold and you are unsure of what it signifies. Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you. You have a few possibilities.

One of the top courier services in the United States, DHL courier firm, a shipping corporation, transports thousands of parcels daily.

Their tracking system will sometimes display “DHL Shipment on Hold.” What does this mean? What can you do to change it?

Almost every DHL user who sees this notification asks that question. You can rest assured that there are a few reasons why your shipment might be delayed, and we’ll discuss a few here. Therefore, let’s begin.

What does it mean?

A DHL shipment on hold indicates that, for whatever reason, the shipping of the box is not proceeding. This can result from a problem with the delivery or customs clearance.

Therefore, if your package is on hold, it signifies that DHL has to confirm the shipping details and may require more time.

The shipment may also be kept and create delivery delays for several reasons, including port congestion, poor weather, shipping route changes, customs authorities’ holding up, etc.

Reason for DHL Shipping On Hold

A shipment may be delayed for several reasons, such as:

Lack of Delivery Information

Lack of sufficient delivery information is among the most frequent causes of a package being held up. The DHL won’t be able to determine where to deliver if they don’t have any recipient information, such as a name and phone number.

The shipment will also be held until the address and recipient are verified if the mobile phone is not working.

Bad Weather

Good weather is required for DHL tracking systems to update package location and status. Additionally, as shipments are transported by trucks in excellent weather, the operation could be delayed if there is a severe storm or other adverse weather conditions nearby.

And this may cause a late delivery or make a product take longer than intended to arrive; however, this seldom occurs.

Limited Shipping Space

There is a potential that your cargo may need to board a certain truck or ship that is overloaded to reach its destination. If that happens, your box won’t be put into the ship until the next one shows up and is prepared to board.


Route Changes for Shipping

DHL often modifies its shipment routes or experiences port congestion when switching from one carrier to another. 

If they do this, a shipment can be put on hold until DHL can validate that the new carrier is still in charge of sending items to that specific destination address.

DHL Error

A mistake in the shipping process, a minor inaccuracy in the information update, or a mistake committed by a DHL employee that altered the tracking status are all frequent causes of packages being detained.

The firm could have made a mistake here, or they might not have gotten all the information they needed about your delivery.

If this happens, they will keep the shipment and try to contact you or the sender to inform them that they need further details. Additionally, DHL employs tools to follow up on deliveries; however, sometimes, these tracking systems don’t update or update incorrectly.

Your shipment can be placed on hold until it can be determined that there is no issue with the information if there is a problem with this system or with the worker who enters it.

Records Necessary by Custom

DHL has the right to detain packages if Customs requests more information. This may occur, for instance, because of documentation, such as a bill of lading, packing list, or the presence of forbidden items.

This includes drugs, alcohol, and live animals. Please be sure to get in touch with the customer team ahead of time to find out what particular documentation they will want if you anticipate a shipment of these things.


Forget about this, it’s not actual anymore in December 2023.

Another reason DHL could keep a delivery is a disease pandemic. They may do this if the sender or receiver is situated where the illness has been verified or if they are transported to an area where there is still a chance of exposure.

If you are anticipating a package that fits into this category, please wait until DHL updates the tracking details.

No One Is Available To Send To or Receive From

A package placed on hold is frequently due to the sender or recipient not being available to receive it after the delivery attempt.

Several factors, including being out of town or unavailable at delivery, may be to blame for this.

The best action in these situations is to exercise patience and wait for DHL to update the tracking data.

Other Reasons

The wrong shipping route, missing paperwork, port congestion, a DHL holiday, a natural catastrophe (poor weather), the customs department, etc., are just a few reasons DHL could detain cargo.

Don’t hesitate to contact DHL Customer Service if you need more assistance comprehending why your item is being held.