Where to Break a $100 Bill: 10 Options

Not sure where to break a $100 bill? Getting change from big bills can sometimes be a challenge. If you want to find out where to break a $100 bill, here are some places that can help you out.

The current pandemic has had us using cash less than ever before. Many businesses now accept cards only, and a coin shortage in the United States has limited the number of businesses that will make change. So where do you go when you have a larger bill, such as $100, that you need to break into smaller bills? Here are some options.

10 Places to Break a $100 Bill

Your mileage may vary based on your specific local area, but when you’re looking for where to break a $100 bill, these ten types of places are usually a good bet.

1. Banks or Credit Unions

Banks are one of the easiest options to get change for your bigger bills, since no purchase is required and no fees are charged. If you are a member of a bank or credit union, just visit your local bank to get change for $100.

If you do not have an account at the bank, most banking locations will still assist with breaking large bills. However, some locations and tellers may ask for identification, such as a driver’s ID. Be sure to bring something with you just in case.

2. Your local grocery store

If there is a grocery store near you, you may be able to break your large bill there. Since some cashiers may not have enough change in their drawer, especially at the beginning of a shift, check with the customer service counter or a manager. They may be able to break your $100 bill without you having to make a purchase.

If you need to make a purchase to break your bill, pick an inexpensive item such as a pack of gum and head to the checkout. Be sure to ask the cashier if they are able to break a large bill before you begin the transaction.

3. Walmart Stores

Another great place to try getting change for your $100 bill are Walmart stores. Simply make a purchase and get your change back from the cashier, or if there’s a self-checkout machine, you can use that too. Most Walmart self-checkout machines accept $100 bills. You can also check with the customer service counter to see if they can assist you, since they often have more cash than individual cashiers.

4. Target Stores

Target stores are also a great place for when you want to get some change for bigger denomination. Either make a purchase and get your change, or visit the customer service desk to get some assistance. The employees there are also very helpful and you’ll surely get your change in no time.

5. Restaurants

Restaurants frequently do a great deal of cash business, especially those that offer takeout and casual dining.

Nearby restaurants may be willing to help you break a $100 bill, especially towards the end of their lunch or dinner rush when they have plenty of cash. Some establishments might ask you to buy some food or drinks first, while others may be willing to simply change your bills.

6. Bars

Bars are also a heavily cash-flowed business, and a bartender or manager may be able to help you break your $100 bill. Some staff may request that you make a purchase or buy a drink before making change.

7. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops also deal with a lot of cash, and can often handle larger bills when other businesses can’t. Plus, while visiting you may find a great deal that you can’t resist.

8. Laundromats

While some laundromats are not staffed, other locations with an employee or attendant may be able to assist you with making change. Laundromats usually have smaller transactions, so they would probably have the change you’re looking for.

Make sure to check for signs outside laundromats that say they don’t deal with changing money, otherwise you’ll be wasting your time.

9. Gas Stations

Gas stations and convenience stores deal in a large number of transactions and can usually handle making change for larger bills. While some smaller locations may not break anything larger than a $20 (look for posted signs), larger stores should be willing to assist, especially if you make a small purchase.

10. Casinos

If there’s a casino nearby, you’re in luck. You should be easily able to break your $100 bill at the casino. Casinos usually have bill breaking machines, or you can ask the tellers there to change your bill. While they may ask for identification, most casino locations will be able to assist you.

Places that might not accept $100 bills

To help make breaking a $100 bill easier, we compiled the above list of places that can help. There are also some places that are less likely to be able to make change for your larger bills.

Small businesses might have signs posted outside that notify customers that they don’t have more than a certain amount of change. This could include fast food places, smaller restaurants, and places where you pay for a drink every time you need one. These places don’t expect to change money, and will probably ask you to make a purchase before breaking a large bill.

Government offices like the DMV and post office also are usually not able to assist making change unless you make a purchase. The tellers at these locations have strict guidelines on the types of transactions that they are able to handle.

Making change for larger bills can sometimes be a challenge. Hopefully this list is helpful for you to find somewhere locally to break your $100 bill.

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