Saucey Delivery Review: Is it Legit?

Looking for the perfect place that gives you the easiest and the quickest way to set that midnight mood?

Going out into the hustle and bustle of the market to get wine for a romantic set-up is the last thing you would want to do. Let instant alcohol delivery come to your rescue! 

Companies like Saucey serve you with on-demand alcohol delivery at your immediate doorstep in just a few clicks on the phone.

What is Saucey?

Saucey is a venture-backed e-commerce alcohol delivery service that ranks highest in a fast and reliable brand in the alcohol delivery line. It was founded in the year 2013 by Andrew Zeck, Chris Vaughn, and Daniel Leeb.

Saucey initially restricted its delivery services to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Chicago. Later, they prospected to diversify to other places like New York City. 

Initially, the Saucey team would do the deliveries themselves. They did it for a liquor store that had previously offered alcohol deliveries but now underwent new ownership.

It was then that they assessed the different pros and cons of conventional delivery services. They surveyed other platforms, such as the other alcohol delivery competitors in the market. 

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What differentiates Saucey from others is its customer-centric approach to delivery service. Others in the field contracted with liquor stores and restricted themselves to handling the delivery part.

In contrast, Saucey emerged as the tycoon brand with quite a comprehensive and integrated approach. It starts with the order taking, processing and continues till the on-time doorstep delivery. Such an interrelated process creates a plethora of employment opportunities. 

How Much Do Saucey Drivers Make?

The courier services that work with Saucey can earn roughly about $10 an hour. They deserve a rate of $5 on every delivery. Added to that, they make 50 cents in addition to every item, plus a tip.

According to a survey, the average information that couriers earn is to be $6. However, alcohol delivery orders are more expensive than food supplies and persuade Saucey couriers to aspire for a higher tip. 

There are other comforting factors to work for couriers in Saucey. The flexibility to choose the neighborhood areas they wish to deliver is a plus. Once they decide on their delivery location, Saucey then keeps their orders within a three to five-mile radius of the chosen location.

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Job Requirements  

The minimum eligibility criteria to get jobs as Saucey drivers, the delivery boys, must be at least 21 years of age. They must have a well-functioning vehicle. Their iPhone or Android device shouldn’t be more than two years old. Since the job is for drivers, they need a clean driving history record and auto insurance. 

The couriers should also be flexible in terms of timings, including availability on nights and weekends. Also, since the product to be delivered is alcohol, it becomes a prerequisite for courier services to check customer IDs before delivery. 

The company equips the couriers with sufficient training, a cooler bag, and a hands-free phone mount for the courier vehicles to help in a comfortable functioning system. 

One factor that again makes Saucey stand out in the market is that they require courier services to maintain an average customer rating. A point to be noted is that their average customer rating requirement of 4.8 to 5 is much higher than the criteria of other major platforms like Drizly.

It has been an essential factor in building up a very consumer-friendly brand image amongst the people.

Job Availabilities  

Saucey offers endless employment opportunities. There are a wide variety of job options available. From courier services, courier delivery drivers, food service workers, and the list goes on. A higher level offers a range of options like operations managers and community managers.

The role of a growth manager is to be responsible for driving new customer acquisition in the company. They would be in charge of driving new sites, apps, and retail traffic. Also, they are expected to convert that traffic into leads as well as first-time customers. 

Another very sought-after job opportunity Saucey offers is the head of data and analytics. This role requires the person to have the drive to lead and learn from others in the team and knows very well about ideating planned growth strategies and executing them on a large scale in the realities of the market.

How Do I Sign Up for Saucey?

Head to with all the required documents handy, and get register. It is a straightforward procedure, nothing brainstorming. However, Saucey will ask you about some brief information on what would make you a suitable courier?

If you have got any prior experience, consider yourself getting hired!

Then comes the challenging part. You need to maintain a rating of more than 4.7 stars; that’s the only thing they expect from you.

The Saucey App

Saucey has an extremely easy-to-use app that is available on both Android and iOS. Order placing takes place with instant clicks. The user interface is very minimalist and customer-friendly. 

All you need to do is create a customer’s account in seconds, pick out your favorite beer, wine, mixers, and snacks. The home screen pops up with a highlighted search field and rotating banners displaying featured products and the platform features. 

Users can browse through filters based on price, volume, style, varietal, region, vintage, and brand and order in the comforts of their homes. Lightweight typography and enormous use of white space are some more unconventional features that make Saucey’s app subtle but high-end and classic on the other hand. 

Concluding Thoughts

Saucey is undoubtedly a leading alcohol delivery service company in the delivery line today. It has successfully captured the dynamic market with simple yet convincing techniques to attract customers and a slightly different perspective and growth-oriented approach. 

With the unbelievable growth rate that the brand has shown over the past few years, Saucey has immense potential to strengthen its market position further and become the only leading company in instant alcohol delivery service.  

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