How To Sell A Dog Online

Do you have a dog you want to sell? Are you wondering how to do it? You might have found a stranded dog and want to sell it or might have been breeding puppies in your home that you might want to give away. 

Whatever might be the reason, the best way you could easily and quickly sell is online. Finding a home for the puppy is a job of responsibility and isn’t easy.

However, there are many different ways you can sell a dog online. If you wonder how to do that, you don’t need to worry since we have got you covered. Dive into this article to learn more about how to sell a dog online.

Top Online Sites to Sell a Dog

Giving away any dogs, especially if it yours, can be a challenging task. From having to go through documents, paperwork, health assistance, and marketing, you’ll have to go through it all. Taking the process online eases out the process by little. Moreover, most of the websites offer free services. 

So, first, you might want to find some reliable websites to advertise and trustworthy owners. While many good websites you can apply to sell your dog, let’s look at some of them. 

Puppy Find

For an excellent easy advertisement, you can sell your dog on Your information will remain anonymous. All you need to do is, create an account, log in to it, add your puppy to the new listing, complete the form. Once you have entered the required details, it starts showing all the potential buyers your details.

Pet Blogs Posts

Another effective way to sell your dogs online is through pet blog posts. Here, you can advertise your dog on the classifieds page for free. People who visit these pet care blog posts would get attracted to them and can quickly contact you.

Next-Day Pets

If you want to sell your dog quickly, then Next Day Pets are a great website as here the buyers can easily within two days. You can place a free ad by registering and give the required details about your dog and your contact information. Moreover, this page has paid annual plans for you to buy or sell.

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly has a litter page to sell your puppy since there are many prospective dog breeders and buyers. They have a simple mechanism for giving an ad to your dog; you need to register and post an advertainment. 

Only 4 Pets

Just as the name suggests, the websites are only for pets. Also, this is a standard online selling website to sell your dogs. You need to give your dogs and wait; you will start seeing many buyers. Also, this has a nationwide selling place, so that you can access it from anywhere.

Social Media Pages

With the kind of impact social media have these days; you can sell anything on them. So, it’s no surprise that you can put an ad and create a page for your dog to sell them. All kinds of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest provide a good platform for advertising. 

Things You Need to Consider While Selling a Dog Online

When you find a site or any webpage where you can advertise your dog, you might need to fill out forms, give some details about your dog, and much more like that.

So, you must know what a dog buyer would expect and what to put on your advertisements. Moreover, you might want to give an eye-catchy advertisement on your dog for prospectors to buy them. 

So, there are some things you might have to consider when you are trying to sell a dog, like how its viewed, the dog’s details, health guarantees, your contact number and reliability, and much more. 

However, to put together a good advertisement, you might also need to make your dog stand out as these tricks would attract more buyers. Let’s look at how to give a perfect profile for your dog so that people will buy your dog.

Good Pictures

When you are putting together an Ad for your dog, you must make it as captivating as possible to attract buyers. Hence, to spark the viewers’ curiosity, the first thing you can do is take a good-quality picture of your dog.

We as humans are visual beings; when you come across a cute dog picture, you might want them. Moreover, you must make your dog stand out from the rest of the dog sellers. How do you achieve that?

Taking a good clarity photo with nice lightings and cute posting can increase the visual intensity to make your dog stand out. Also, you can take this up a notch and get creative with your pictures. Dress your puppy up cutely or take a pic while they are doing something.

These tricks will help your dogs to get picked quickly and attract many buyers. 

Details and Descriptions

If you are putting together an advertisement or filling out the forms on websites, you must provide the necessary details if you want to sell a dog. From your dog’s breeding to the health guarantee, you must provide all the details to consider your dog. 

Also, your dog’s description should be simple, clear, and concise so that it will draw the people’s attention more in a quick short span. 

If you want a good description to attract more people, the trick is to keep the sentences short but precise. Tell a bit about the dog’s personality; if it has health guarantees, mention them. 

Hence, this way, you can attract and avoid calls from numerous buyers when you are trying to sell the dog online. 

Final Thoughts

With the numerous websites and pages available now on the net, selling a dog online is a piece of cake job. However, it is better to sell them at reliable sites and gaining some good knowledge about the people purchasing your dog. 

Also, giving your accurate contact information is crucial for the buyers to call you, and you might end up facing different types of owners, so be wary of that. Hence, only sell your dogs to authentic people to safely transport your dog to their place.