8 Pros And Cons Of Living In Sioux City, Iowa

Hoarding a population of approximately 83K residents, Sioux City is one of the ideal places to live in Iowa for several reasons.

With the city’s population rising by 20% since 2020, many people recognize the Sioux City glam and choose to move there. 

However, is moving to Sioux City Worth it? 

While Sioux City has its attractions, you should consider the downsides before making plans to relocate there.

To make an informed decision you should weigh the pros and cons of living in Sioux City, Iowa before packing your bags and heading there.

Read on as we discover the good and bad things about the way of life in Sioux City and ultimately decide if it is the right place for you. So, without any further ado, let’s get going!

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Pros of Living in Sioux City


Let’s start with the biggest pro of moving to Sioux City: Affordability.

Compared to other cities in the country, Sioux City offers a surprisingly low cost of living. Given the economic conditions, relocating to Sioux City allows you a rare opportunity to experience the quality at an inexpensive cost. 

According to bestplaces.net, the cost of living in Sioux City is 74.8. Compared to the national average of 100, Sioux City residents enjoy all the city amenities without worrying about the costs too much.

On the other hand, housing costs in Sioux City are considerably less too. 

In short, moving to Sioux City will allow you to save some money and enjoy the amenities while living on a budget. 

Strong Job Market

Sioux City not only has a thriving job market across multiple industries like manufacturing, agriculture, education, and healthcare, but it’s also one of the best places in Iowa for young adults to settle down.

With so many job opportunities, the city consistently maintains an unemployment rate lower than the national average.

This strong and diverse job market makes it an excellent place for young professionals looking to advance in their careers.

According to Sioux City Economic Development, leading employers in Sioux City include: 

  • Tyson Foods
  • Sioux City Schools
  • Seaboard Triumph Foods

Recreational Activities

Despite being a mid-sized city, astonishingly high numbers of recreational and cultural activities are available. 

The Sioux City residents take great pride in their city and its history, as represented by various museums.

Apart from the museums in the city, there is significant love of art in the city too.

The art scope here is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the ways of art. Apart from the rich arts scene, the many Broadway shows and concerts always ensure a bright moment in the city.

Sioux City has something in store for outdoor enthusiasts too. Moving to Sioux City allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Missouri River and partake in many outdoor activities, including biking and hiking. 

Tight-Knit Community

Sioux City has many friendly faces, making it easy for the newcomers to settle in.

The residents pride themselves on the friendly atmosphere they have created, inducing a strong sense of belonging and pride. 

As you move to Sioux City, you will notice an abundance of festivals and events happening throughout the year. Attending these community events is a great way to blend in with the city people and adjust to life in Sioux City. 

Attending these events will also allow you to foster a sense of camaraderie and unity, blending in with the residents and becoming a part of the community.

According to Sioux City’s website, the best community events to partake in include: 

  • Alley Art Festival 
  • Arena Sports Academy 
  • Downtown Live Summer Concert Series

Quality Education

Many families choose Sioux City as a place to live due to its schools.

The city is a home to various esteemed institutes, allowing you to enhance and pursue your education.

With constitutes like Morningside and Western Iowa Tech Community College, the residents pride themselves on the quality education provided in their town. 

The educational institutes in Sioux City allow you access to a comprehensive education system.

The education system in Sioux City also focuses on extracurricular activities, maintaining a healthy balance between education and fun. 

Moving to Sioux City is great for families with school-going children or individuals wanting to complete their education and enhance their professional careers. 

According to Yelp, the best educational institutes in Sioux City include: 

  • Northeast Community College
  • The University of Iowa School and Social Work 
  • Small Business Development Center

Cons of Living in Sioux City

Rough Winters

The weather in Sioux City remains enjoyable until the winters arrive.

Winters are the longest season and toughest season to deal with in Sioux City.

With temperatures dropping below freezing for several months, it becomes hard to live through this time. 

Apart from the cold temperatures, there is significant snowfall too.

The huge snowfall results in difficult road conditions, making it difficult for residents to navigate the town.

However, recreational activities in winter make it easy for you to pass through this difficult time. 

The winters in Sioux City allow you to enjoy recreational activities like skiing, skating, and ice fishing! 

Lack of Cultural Diversity

Compared to other cities in the country, Sioux City experiences a significant lack of cultural diversity.

The majority of its population is predominantly white, speaking to the lack of cultural representation and the presence of limited ethnicities. 

The lack of cultural diversity will shun your exposure to different cultures and experiences.

For example, the lack of cultural diversity may deprive cuisines of different traditions and cultures or attend festivities belonging to various ethnicities. 


Although there are recreational activities and places to see in Sioux City, their numbers are significantly less than in other cities. 

The city has no major professional sports participating in any sports, resulting in a lack of sports events in the city.

On the other hand, there are not many choices available in terms of shopping or dining, resulting in a dull nightlife. 

While there are places to explore in Sioux City, it is likely that you will grow tired of them and will need to venture to neighboring cities like Sioux Falls and Omaha for entertainment options. 

Final Words

Sioux City is a great place to move for famileies and younger people wanting to break free of the hustle and bustle of big cities and enjoy a quaint life. 

However, moving to Sioux City has some catches, including the harsh winters and lack of entertainment options.