7 Pros And Cons Of Living In Durham, NC

Located in the Norh-Central area of North Carolina nationwide, people commend Durham for being one of the best places to live in the country.

The city has abundant opportunities and amenities, making it a dream place for many. Whether it be the captivating views of the mountains, the rich culture, or the mesmerizing food delicacies, Durham has something to offer for those looking to experience South American life. 

However, moving to Durham comes with a few cons. Read on to find out the pros and cons of living in Durham, NC, and contemplate if it’s the right city for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s get going!

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Pros of Living in Durham

Easy Access to Recreational Activities

Durham is a great place for any outdoor enthusiast. Located on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, moving to Durham puts many recreational activities, like hiking, camping, and skiing, within your arm’s reach.

Apart from the many entertaining activities, you can also enjoy the stunning views of the mountain, allowing you to create cherishable memories. 

Apart from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Durham is also home to many parks and recreational areas. Living here, it’s easy to pack up your gear, take a quick break from daily activities and take a breather.

So, whether you want to bask in the mountainous views or explore the scenic beauty of nature, Durham has it all. 

According to NC Tripping, some of the best outdoor spots to visit in Durham include: 

  • Carolina Beach State Park 
  • Fort Macon State Park 
  • Eno River State Park

Beautiful Houses

As you move to Durham, you will be awestruck by the beautiful housing options in the town. The houses in Durham add to the city’s heritage. Built a while ago, these houses have a classic, vintage vibe, adding a historic touch to the houses. 

While these housing options are vintage, they have been renovated and well-maintained. Durham also has bungalows and modernized housing options for people who want an updated design. 

As a renter, you’ll find many options available on the market. With so many renting options available, finding a house at affordable prices is easy when looking to relocate. 

Entertainment Options and Rich Cultural Scene

Moving to Durham allows you to enjoy the many perks of its location. Being just a short drive away from various metropolitans, there are many activities and places to explore located just a short drive away. 

But before looking for entertainment in other towns, explore Durham first! Durham harbors a diverse cultural scene. Whether it be the mesmerizing cuisines of the South American taste or the music venues, the town offers plenty to keep the residents entertained. 

Apart from many music venues, restaurants, and bars in the city, the locals emphasize holding various festivals and events throughout the year. The cheery people of Durham are always looking forward to a celebration. 

As you move to Durham, you’ll always have events to attend and infinite entertainment options to explore. According to NC Triangle, the best restaurants in Durham include: 

  • Chicken Bee
  • COPA
  • Cocoa Cinnamon Lakewood


With living costs laying approximately 11% lower than the national average, life in Durham is comparatively cheaper than in the other cities of North Carolina. 

The lower living costs make Durham a viable living option for many young professionals, couples, and families looking to relocate to a city full of amenities at a lower cost. 

Apart from the lower living costs, the residents incur 27% fewer housing expenses than the other cities of the state. As a bachelor, you can lead a thriving lifestyle in Durham by earning $48K approximately. 

The affordable housing option and a lower cost of living allow you to allocate more budget for vacations and improve your quality of life, making a move to Durham tempting. 

Job Opportunities

Known as the “City of Medicine, ” approximately 300 health and medicine businesses and practices are operating in the town. The rapid growth of technology and the medical domain creates abundant employment opportunities in the city! 

Apart from medicine, Durham’s job market is progressing swiftly with advancements in other domains. With world-renowned companies setting up shops in the town, Durham has job opportunities. 

If you have the skills and knowledge to match, finding a job in Durham becomes a piece of cake. According to Durham Chambered, the major employers in Durham include:

  • IBM 
  • Aisin
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
  • Iqvia

Cons of Living in Durham


While Durham has many entertainment options and a long list of amenities, the town’s weather can be a dealbreaker.

With hot, humid summers, getting through the summer months of Durham is considerably difficult. Before the summers arrive, check your air conditioners and ensure they work fine! 

Although winters are relatively better, winters in the town are rather rainy. Located so close to mountains, the winters in the town get extremely cold, making it hard to get through the icy season. 

But the cold winters and the scorching summers are considered a nuisance compared to what you’ll hear next: Storms! 

The location of Durham makes the city prone to facing a constant threat of storms. If you decide to move to Durham, you must keep up with the weather update. Apart from the weather updates, it’s essential to keep the necessary goods and look into the potential hazards of the storms. 


Crime is a concerning factor when deciding to relocate to Durham. While the crime rate in Durham is twice the national average, the number of crimes happening in Durham is significantly lesser than in Atlanta and Boston. 

If you have decided to move to Durham, it’s essential to consider a safe suburb to move to. Additionally, it’s best to steer clear of the areas where the trouble bew.

Based on the information provided by the locals, east and south downtown is where you are most vulnerable, and a crime is likely to happen. 

According to Movoto, the safest neighborhoods in Durham include: 

  • Treyburn 
  • American Village
  • Will have

Final Words

With a long list of amenities, activities, and attractions, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Durham a city of possibilities. The town has everything for its residents, whether it be the delicious food options or the creative art scene. 

All in all, Durham marks a great city to relocate to. The town comes with picturesque views of the mountains and the diverse population accounts for a vibrant cultural scene. Nevertheless, moving to Durham has some cons too. 

Before choosing to relocate, weighing the pros and cons of moving to Durham, NC, is important. We hope you find the information in this guide helpful in determining whether Durham is the right move!