How To Flip Furniture For a Profit

Do you often find yourself searching for side hustles?

As the world progresses, the side hustles and the ways of making side money keep increasing. However, most don’t make a huge profit and require much more effort than they’re worth. But what if we told you about a side hustle that involves the old stuff rotting away in your attic? 

You guessed it: Furniture!

Flipping furniture is a great way to make extra cash without putting up money or a few bucks. The only thing you need to know is how to do it. In the spirit of helping you make marginal profits, here are some valuable insights on how to flip furniture for profit. 

So, let’s get going! 

Flip Furniture in Easy Three Steps: 

  1. Find the furniture to flip
  2. If needed, do the necessary renovations on the furniture 
  3. Post ads, market the furniture, sell it and enjoy the profits

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Finding Furniture – Some Options to Consider

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to place for people selling used and refurbished items. As you explore the marketplace, you will find many pieces of furniture at a bargain! 

But often, a lower price means lower quality. But, many furniture items selling on the marketplace for discounted prices are also high quality since moving that furniture is challenging. 

Exploring Facebook Marketplace will make you come across many people relocating but wanting to leave their old furniture with them. These people will already be selling their items for a lower price, but you can also use your negotiating skills to lower the price further. 

However, when you buy on Facebook Marketplace, you must ensure that your transportation is present to easily take the bought furniture home. 

Garage Sales

Garage Sales are a great place to start when looking for furniture to flip. 

While you may be able to get some products for a steal, you will need to spend a lot of time browsing to find furniture that may turn up a profit. 

Be on the lookout for any garage sale in your neighborhood since it is a great opportunity for you to turn up a profit. Since the garage sale will be close to your house, you won’t have too many transportation costs. Additionally, assuming that a neighbor is holding a garage sale, you can negotiate the price and get the furniture for a lower price. 

Thrift Store likes Goodwill

It’s commonly believed that thrift stores are not the ideal place to look for furniture to flip because you may not find cheap products there. But even though a store needs to make a profit, you can still get a good deal. 

Stores like Goodwill often have items in inventory for a long time and need to be sold quickly. Buying such furniture from them can be profitable, as you can get furnished items at a bargain and won’t need to renovate the furniture yourself. 

If you’re looking to find these “clearing out” items, the best time to visit Goodwill is Mondays, after receiving many donations over the weekend.

How to Renovate?

It’s highly likely that the furniture you buy will be in need of renovation. Below are a few steps you can follow to add a new finish and give a new look to the furniture: 

Remove the Old Finish

If stains or old paint are scrapping away from the furniture, start by removing that finish. To remove the paint, you can use a paint stripper, easily found at any local hardware store or online. 

Using the paint stripper will make it easy to remove the old finish and significantly help in the long-term goal of renovating the furniture. Ensure to read and follow the instructions provided with the paint stripper or see a how-to video before starting the action. 

Use Sand Paper

The next step is to use sandpaper. Using the sandpaper on the furniture will allow you to soothe the surface and rid the furniture of bumps, nicks, or light scratches. 

Without any scratches or nicks present, your furniture will look much better and newer, and it will also be easy to repaint. 

Using sandpaper can be time-consuming, nevertheless. Look for an electric sander to ease the process. 


After removing the old finish and sanding the furniture, paint the piece. Use your imagination and get creative. Use any paint or stain on the furniture according to your preferences and give it the unique finish you think it deserves! 

However, if you are not fresh on many ideas, you can search platforms like Pinterest or see YouTube videos to gain some ideas. 


Some new hardware can be a necessary addition to give your furniture a transformed look! 

For instance, you purchase a 20-year-old table. The old finishing and design will not have much sway in the current market, and it may not be surprising to find some broken hardware, such as broken drawer pulls or handles. 

Assuming that you have already repainted and styled the furniture to add a new look, the furniture still would look incomplete with the broken hardware. Adding new hardware is a sure way of upgrading the looks and increasing your furniture’s selling value. 


Once you have done all the previous steps, the next step is to add the final touches. Whether you choose the finishing oil or some other element, finishing makes your furniture look shiny and smooth. 

Not only does it elevate the looks of the furniture, but it also increases the lifespan of the furniture. To further improve the durability of your furniture, consider adding protective polyurethane. Using polyurethane will add water resistance and durability to your furniture.

Sell Your Furniture

Once your transformation is complete, it’s time to let the world see your work and turn your efforts into profits.

Start by taking high-quality photos of your furniture from multiple angles.

Make sure you capture the details that make your piece unique. Your photos are your first impression, so make sure they are good.

Next, craft a compelling description for your ad. Highlight the transformation the piece has gone through, the quality of the materials used, and the time and effort you’ve invested in refurbishing the item.

Don’t forget to include measurements and any other practical information a potential buyer might need.

As for where to post your ads, consider both online and offline avenues. Online, you can post on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUP, Craigslist, or Etsy, depending on the type of furniture you’re selling.

Offline, you can consider local flea markets, consignment stores, or even a yard sale.

Once your ad is live, be responsive to queries from potential buyers. Negotiate pricing as necessary, keeping in mind the time, effort, and materials you’ve put into the project.

Final Words

You must be familiar with the expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Flipping furniture is the implementation of the said phrase. 

Far more often than, flipping furniture is a great side hustle and works with little to no money. Whether using your old furniture, taking a trip to the local thrift store, or doing a garage sale, it’s easy to spot and buy furniture needing renovation. 

Once renovated, you only need to sell the furniture and enjoy the profits, and it’s that easy. 

We hope you found the information in this guide useful!