10 Ways To Make $35 a Day On The Side

Wondering how you can realistically make $1,000 a month outside of your day job? It’s only $35 a day.

It doesn’t sound that hard, but let me tell you. You can make $35 pretty much fast, like in an hour, but the problem is consistency.

So, if you want to learn how to make $35 a day every day, I’ve got you covered. I’ve been making money online for 10 years now and I’ve learned the ropes that can help you out.

Of course, you will have to put in work and probably you’ll have to learn a skill or two, but there are some creative ways to make money out there.

How to Make $35 a Day?

  1. Gig Economy Jobs
  2. Tutoring
  3. Virtual Event DJ
  4. Bartending for Private Events
  5. Babysitting
  6. Offer Cleaning Services
  7. Sell Private Label Products on Amazon
  8. Open an Etsy Store
  9. Meal Prepping Services
  10. Get a Day Job

From going online and choosing from a vast majority of options to actually rolling up your sleeves and going out there, earning $35 a day shouldn’t be a problem.

As mentioned above, here we are going to go through some of the best options from which you can choose and start earning $35 a day in no time!

Having a particular skill or owning a piece of equipment can most of the time help you greatly and ease the process of finding a gig.

Nevertheless, even with just a positive mindset and goodwill, I assure you won’t have any trouble picking something to do and earning money from it!

1. Gig Economy Jobs

Let’s start with something fairly simple. Gig economy jobs can be a great way of earning money either as a side weekend income or as a full-time job.

What falls under gig economy jobs you may ask? Well, companies like Instacart, Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash all fall under the Gig economy branch.

Therefore, if you own a car, you can start your gig economy journey either by delivering food or ride-sharing, it’s up to you to decide.

If you don’t own a car, don’t worry, hopefully, you can get your hands on a bicycle, or even better an electric one, and start delivering food like that.

On top of everything, the sky is the limit and you can even make way more than just $35!

2. Tutoring

If you are good with explaining and tend to have the ability to enable someone to learn, then tutoring is the right thing for you.

Many people want to learn new stuff, from learning a new language to learning how a computer program works.

If you know it and they don’t… What else do I need to say?

Do I see a native English speaker? Just being born in a country where English is your native language is like having a certificate.

Therefore, finding clients who are willing to learn English from you and on top pay you for it won’t be the slightest problem!

3. Virtual Event DJ

Even though this sounds funny and mad at the same time to me, this is a real thing nevertheless. If you like music and you know your way around music programs this will be the easiest thing you did.

The best thing is you don’t even have to mix anything live or whatever, just download a set from YouTube, and let’s get the party going!

Obviously, if you actually know anything about playing different kinds of music as a DJ even better!

These types of events are happening increasingly and even though it may sound sad for me, other people probably have mad fun.

From virtual parties, and conferences, to webinars, you can become a virtual event DJ and provide music and entertainment.

4. Bartending for Private Events

If you know your way around the bar you can offer your services for private events, parties, weddings, etc.

Know how to make cocktails? Even better, you will land the job way more easily! You can even teach people how to make them and earn money from them as well.

This can be a great part-time job especially if you like to hang out and listen to music!

My friend once organized an event and I stepped in to help him, I was working the bar so that he didn’t have to pay one more person for the job.

I’m not going to lie, that was my first time being at the different side of the bar, but I can’t say it was that hard. I only remember having a good time!

5. Babysitting

Just like pet sitting but waaaaaaaay more difficult! We can all agree that kids can sometimes be unbearable and this is coming from someone who always melts around kids.

These days, everyone is rushing somewhere and people have less and less time to do other stuff apart from their jobs/chores and so on.

Therefore, especially in bigger cities, demand for proper babysitters is always high! Do a good job and the parents will definitely recommend you to their friends and family!

6. Offer Cleaning Services

If you don’t have a problem with cleaning, try offering your cleaning services to people out there. Whether someone needs their house, apartment, building, business space, balcony, or even their front and back yard cleaned, tell them you are the right person for the job.

Just like with babysitting, do a good job and they will definitely recommend you to their friends and family!

The best thing about this job is that you don’t actually need fancy equipment, you can probably clean everything with your regular household cleaning supplies that you already own!

7. Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is one of the most popular side hustles nowadays.

You buy generic products, put your own branding on them, and then sell them on Amazon’s platform.

It’s less complicated than it sounds, and our step-by-step guide on how to start an Amazon FBA business makes it even easier to get started.

8. Open an Etsy Store

If you’re a crafty person who makes handmade goods, vintage items, or even digital designs, Etsy provides a platform to connect with a large audience looking for unique, custom-made products.

Setting up a store is straightforward, and you can do it right from your own home. With a little effort in marketing and maintaining quality, your Etsy store could be a consistent source of income.

9. Meal Prepping Services

The idea is simple: you prepare a week’s worth of meals for busy individuals or families who don’t have the time or expertise to cook healthy meals themselves.

By doing the shopping, cooking, and portioning, you save your clients a significant amount of time and effort, making it easier for them to maintain a balanced diet.

10. Get a Day Job

Sorry folk, but I just had to mention this here as well! Even though I hate 9 to 5 jobs that most of the time don’t provide you with the opportunity to get promoted, but still if you simply can’t figure it out differently, maybe a day job is the right thing for you.

From working at, what I call LVL 1 jobs, to actually landing a prosperous job, shouldn’t be that hard! Almost everywhere I go I see signs looking for a worker, looking for a worker.

Whether that was a fast food joint, boutique, or convenience store, go out there and at least try to land the gig! I’m almost one hundred percent sure that you will land the job, just handle yourself with dignity and respect!

Final Words

I hope this article was able to help you guys in choosing from a vast majority of things you can do and earn money from it!

Whether to supplement income, pursue goals, or explore new avenues, many options stand before you! 

From gig economy jobs to tutoring, virtual DJing, bartending, babysitting, cleaning, or securing a traditional job, the options are diverse.

With determination and a positive outlook, achieving this daily income is not only attainable but a stepping stone to greater financial stability and independence.