Survey Junkie Vs. Branded Surveys: Which Is Better?

Are you looking for ways to make some quick bucks? Sites like Branded Surveys and Survey Junkie are getting popular these days because they offer easy tasks that let people earn some cash.

But how do these websites compare against each other? Let’s review this Survey Junkie Vs Branded Surveys comparison and find out! 

Survey Junkie Overview

Being a website dedicated to helping its users make money, Survey Junkie offers a ton of easy surveys. With its 4.2 star rating on Trustpilot and more than 10 million users, Survey Junkie carries a stellar reputation. 

Survey Junkie’s sign-up process makes it easy for users to join the platform. It also allows you to sign up with other accounts, including Google and Facebook. Once logged in, you can access the lists of tasks Survey Junkie has designated for you. 

While the tasks on Survey Junkie vary by demographics, the platform lists various activities, such as completing surveys. Based on the information provided by the website, you make an average of $0.50-3.00 for every survey. 

As you complete tasks, Survey Junkie rewards you by giving points. The minimum payout on Survey Junkie is $5, which accumulates to 500 points. The platform allows you to withdraw your funds through PayPal or exchange for gift cards, making it worth your while! 

Branded Surveys Overview

Often regarded as an opportunistic survey site, Branded Surveys count as one of the best alternatives to Survey Junkie. Branded Surveys combine various surveys based on market research purposes and compensate you for the time taken to complete the survey. 

Branded Surveys also gives a $1 signing bonus as an incentive to take surveys on the platform. After you’ve signed up on Branded Surveys, you can find the survey listings based on your location. Although the survey rewards depend on location and the time required to complete a survey, users on Branded Survey make $10-25 on average monthly. 

Like Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys also rewards points for completing surveys. The minimum withdrawal limit on the platform is 5 bucks, which is exchanged for 500 Branded Surveys points. You redeem your earnings for high-value gift cards from many websites or withdraw them to a PayPal account. 

Survey Junkie vs. Branded Surveys – Comparison


When comparing platforms, the variety of opportunities available across both platforms can be an important factor to discover. 

As we compare Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys, you’ll find both platforms rich in survey opportunities. These surveys cover various topics and are mainly inclined towards collecting information to improve consumer products and do market research. 

Despite their similarities, Survey Junkie ranks better for listing a higher number of available surveys. Survey Junkie also sends frequent survey invitations, giving its users more opportunities to make money. 

The diverse range of surveys on Survey Junkie also increases the odds of finding surveys aligned with your interests and preferences. Seeing that you can consider your preferences in the sea of opportunities, Survey Junkie ranks better for having a better variety. 


When it comes to offering rewards, Branded Surveys, and Survey Junkie carry a similar operation; both carry a rewards system that rewards users points when they have completed a task on the platform. 

In terms of rewarding the customers, both websites operate equally well. But, if you want gift cards, you can expect to receive free gift cards for various platforms, including: 

What Gift Cards Can You Get From Branded Surveys? 

  1. Advance Auto Parts 
  2. Airbnb 
  3. Apple 
  4. Expedia Global Hotel Card
  5. Visa Gift Card

What Gift Cards Can You Get From Survey Junkie?

  1. Amazon 
  2. Target 
  3. Walmart 
  4. iTunes 
  5. Starbucks 

Cashing Out 

Figuring out how simple it is to get your money from both Survey Junkie and Branded Survey is key to deciding which one comes out on top. Fortunately, both platforms have simplistic cashing-out requirements, with slight differences: 

Branded Surveys 

Cashing out on Branded Surveys requires a minimum threshold of $5. Once you’ve accumulated the required balance in your account, you can redeem the points for gift cards or withdraw them through PayPal. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers a similar cashing-out process. The minimum withdrawal requirement on Survey Junkie is $5, allowing you to cash out and reap the rewards. 

Approval Times

Although Survey Junkie requires an approval time of 3-4 days, Branded Surveys ensures to deliver your rewards within three days. Even so, based on the experience of many users, both platforms almost take the same amount of time. This approval time also applies if you receive gift cards instead of money. 

Survey Junkie Pros and Cons 

Pros of Survey Junkie

  • Simplistic

The best thing about Survey Junkie is the ease of access it provides. Survey Junkie has streamlined the process from signing up to answering surveys, making it easy for its users to make money online

  • Low Cashout Requirements

As mentioned earlier, you just need 500 points to withdraw money. The lower withdrawal limit allows you to attain rewards quickly. 

  • Survey Availability 

Survey Junkie provides a long list of survey options to choose from. These survey choices vary by size and rewards, allowing you to choose surveys that match your feasibility. 

Cons of Survey Junkie

  • Quick Responses On Surveys 

Even after having a wide availability, surveys on the website often fill up too quickly. If you don’t stay active on the website, you’re likely to miss out on any survey invitations open to you. 

  • Limited Availability

Survey Junkie operates in a limited domain spanning Australia, America, and the US. If you belong to any other region, you won’t be able to access the website. 

Pros and Cons of Branded Surveys 

Pros of Branded Surveys

  • Easy to Use 

Branded Surveys keeps up with its competitors by providing a website with an intuitive user interface. The website makes it easy to sign up, answer the surveys, and cash out your winnings. The streamlined operation makes answering Surveys on the website fun. 

  • Wide Variety: 

Branded Surveys offers many surveys, allowing you to choose the surveys suited to your preferences. 

  • Fortune-500 Companies 

Branded Surveys also lists surveys from various Fortune 500 companies. Not only is answering a Fortune 500 company survey an exciting experience, but they also pay much better. 

Cons of Branded Surveys

  • Strict Guidelines 

Branded Surveys have strict guidelines to maintain their stellar reputation. Many users have complained about their accounts getting suspended or deactivated for deviating from guidelines even slightly. 

  • Issues with Payouts 

Although Branded Surveys has a quick cashing out process, many users have faced sporadic issues with receiving their payouts. Additionally, Branded Surveys doesn’t allow Canadian users to get cash rewards. They can only redeem their winnings by receiving gift cards! 

Final Words 

If you have some leisure time and internet connections, why don’t you leverage the opportunity to make some money? Platforms like Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys allow you to earn side income by answering intriguing questions

But when you compare both of them, which is a better choice? Although this article provides information about both platforms, it comes down to your preferences. Either way, both platforms are great options to make money!