Is Wish App Legit and Safe?

If you love online shopping, then you may have come across the Wish App. This app provides several items at very low prices.

Many shoppers have questioned the legitimacy of the app. In this article, we tell you whether the Wish App is safe and legit or a scam.

We discuss the authenticity of the products sold on the app and the reasons for their low prices. 

We end the article with the pros and cons of buying on the Wish App.

Is the Wish App Legit and Safe?

What Is the Wish App?

Wish is an online retail platform like Amazon or eBay, where you can buy products directly from the merchants. They sell different products at surprisingly low prices, even if they are from high-end brands.

What is more shocking about this app is that they sell many products for free as well. Wish has grown in popularity in the last few years, with the low price being its USP.

You will mostly see them targeting customers through advertisements. Their advertisements are often visible on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Is the Wish App Legit and Safe?

Just like Amazon or eBay, Wish is 100% legit. The company is based in San Francisco and is home to several authentic companies. They provide household items, gadgets, and fashion items at astonishingly low prices.

Since the app sells so many branded products at low prices, questions may arise in your mind. How does the app sell such high-end products at cheap rates? The reality is that most of the merchants who sell products on Wish are from China.

Due to this, the majority of the products you find on the app are counterfeit products. That means you may discover an iPhone for $30 or Nike tennis shoes for $1 on the site. However, these will not be the original products from Nike or Apple.

Another catch about the site is understanding the authenticity of the product. You cannot determine whether the product is fake or genuine unless you receive it.

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How Does the Wish App Sell Products at Low Rates?

Once you receive the product in your hands, you will not be surprised by its prices. Moreover, the product origin clearly shows how the products are sold at cheap rates.

Most manufacturers are from China and directly sell to western countries like the US, Canada, and the UK.

The products you order are directly shipped from the factory. No intermediaries act between you and the vendor. That is why there are several costs that you save in the process.

China is famously known for its mass production techniques at cheap rates. That is why they can sell their products to the customers at reasonable rates.

Are the Products Sold on the Wish App Fake?

The Wish App is real and legit. You can shop here like on any other online retail platform. However, the authenticity of the products is another question.

Most of the products you find on the app are knockoffs of original brands. The quality of the products is not up to the mark, and you can clearly understand the difference. However, if you want to show off any branded product but do not have the means to buy the original version, Wish is your best bet.

The quality of the products is not always bad; it is a matter of hit and miss. You may receive a perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones. However, your friend may receive a defective pair of the same product.

Since you are getting these items for $10 or $30, you cannot expect them to work like the original versions.

Pros of Buying With the Wish App

  • Variety of products available at low prices
  • Several product categories like jewelry, gadgets, kitchenware, clothes
  • The app is very user-friendly

Cons of Buying With the Wish App

  • Shipping takes a lot of time
  • The clothing sizes will vary a lot
  • Customer service is not great
  • Low-quality products

Tips to Buy Products From the Wish App

  • Check the reviews of the products that you are about to buy
  • Look out for shady product descriptions
  • Always check the shipping information
  • Check for hidden prices before finalizing your purchase

Summing Up

Wish may not be a platform where you get authentic high-end products. However, it is a legit site for people who wish to buy branded products at cheap rates. The products may be counterfeit, but you already know that before purchasing.

The application is transparent with its customers and hides no information about its products. Despite this, you need to be very cautious when you buy products from the app.

We recommend you choose the products carefully since the refund and return process is quite lengthy. Even though the site has its risks and shortcomings, there is no questioning the legitimacy of the Wish App.