12 Home Service Business Ideas That Work

With an expected growth of a steady 18.91% annually till 2026, the global home service industry has presented many with an opportunity to start lucrative endeavors. 

Despite the high-income potential, the many business options present in this industry often leave beginners confused about where to start. 

Have you been looking to enter the home service industry, too? You’re in the right place! Read on to discover the most lucrative home service business ideas. 

1. On-Demand Home Cleaning 

With people having busy schedules, it has become significantly difficult to keep their houses clean. While hiring a maid gives them a way to keep their house clean, they often end up overpaying since their home doesn’t get very dirty and the maid doesn’t have much to clean. 

In such cases, an on-demand home cleaning service can fill the gap. As the name suggests, the customers will call you when they need to have their houses cleaned. 

An on-demand home cleaning can further be split into various niches, including Post Construction and Household Cleaning.

2. Car Detailing 

As a vehicle enthusiast, it’s a difficult thing to see your car dirty. If you notice a lot of dirty cars in your neighborhood, consider starting a remote car detailing service. 

Considering the high number of car owners in the US, a car detailing business can quickly scale and become a profitable endeavor. Starting a car detailing business also comes with low overhead costs, allowing you to maximize your earning potential. 

Starting a car detailing service also doesn’t require any prior knowledge or special skills. Just reach out to owners needing a car wash, and you’re good to go! 

3. Gardening Services 

If gardening is one of your favorite hobbies, starting a gardening service is one of the best home service business ideas! 

Starting a gardening service allows you to maintain and manage gardens of various sizes. From corporate to domestic gardens, wine farms, and estates, having a well-maintained garden can immensely improve the property value as well as the peaceful vibes. 

As a gardening service, your responsibilities will include maintaining, irrigating, pruning, and draining the garden areas of a property. Some clients might also inquire about minor construction jobs. You could also offer pest control services to help your prospects rid their garden of harmful pests. 

4. Dog Walking Services 

Dog walking service is one of those old fashioned business ideas and a job 18-year-olds can do.

When running a dog walking service, you’ll need to help your customer’s dog get some activity. These activities can include walking them to their favorite spot or helping them get some playtime. 

To maximize your income potential, you can also start providing services as a dog sitter. A dog sitter is responsible for taking care of the dog while its owners are away. When dog sitting, you’ll need to keep the dog well-fed and meet its social needs. 

While sitting can be more demanding than dog walking services, it’s comparatively easier and doesn’t require any special skills. 

5. Automotive Repair 

Since the arrival of EVs, the automotive industry has been split between EV owners and traditional car owners. While the companies remain adamant about switching their customers to EVs, many car enthusiasts prefer combustion-engine cars to give users more control.

Unfortunately, combustion-engine cars break down more than EVs, creating a dire need for car owners to keep an automotive repair service handy. If you know your way around cars, you can start a mobile automotive repair service. 

A mobile automotive repair service will not only allow you to provide a convenient fix, but it can also be helpful if someone’s car breaks down in between routes. As an automotive repair service, you’ll have one job: To get the car running again. 

Given the high-income potential and high demand, starting an automotive repair can be a lucrative home service business idea for car enthusiasts. 

6. Academic Consulting Services 

Were you an A-grade student during your college days? For the academically bright, there are no better home service business ideas than to help the students in their shoes! 

With an academic consulting service, you can help students strengthen their skills and knowledge around a particular subject. The money you’ll make will depend on the subject you’re teaching and the level at which you’re teaching. 

For instance, a university student is likely to pay more than parents looking for a tutor for their children in elementary school. 

To expand your horizons further, you can offer help to students preparing for specific tests, including:

  • SAT 
  • GED 
  • LSATs 

7. Interior Decoration 

If redecorating spaces to attain a new vibe and look sounds fun to you, you could start an interior decoration business. 

Your clients will expect you to pay close attention to detail and revamp their homes. From rearranging the kitchenware to moving the furniture, interior decoration can include various tasks to restart life in a room again. 

You’ll also need to work with client’s requirements and find a way to integrate their ideas into your work. If you end up with satisfied customers, an interior decoration business can quickly turn into an enthralling experience. 

8. Child Care Services

This business idea caters not just to the need for supervision, but also to the developmental and educational needs of children.

For those who have a genuine passion for child care, turning this into a business can be both fulfilling and profitable. The scope of services can vary widely. You could offer babysitting services for parents needing occasional care, perhaps for date nights or special events.

There’s also a niche in before and after school care, a boon for working parents who need someone reliable to take care of their children outside of school hours. This service might extend to helping with schoolwork or engaging in educational activities.

9. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

This isn’t just about keeping pools looking good; it’s about ensuring they are hygienic and properly maintained. The job involves regular cleaning, checking and balancing chemical levels, and repairing pool equipment.

It’s ideal for someone who enjoys outdoor work and has a practical understanding of machinery and pool systems. With the right skills, this business can be both enjoyable and a steady source of income, especially in regions where pools are common.

10. Pest Control Services

In pest control services, you’re not just ridding homes of unwanted guests; you’re providing peace of mind. This business requires a strategic approach to safely and effectively manage pest problems. It’s about understanding the behavior of different pests and using the right methods to tackle them.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, the need for reliable pest control is always there. If you’re someone with an interest in ecology or entomology, this field offers a unique blend of field activity and customer interaction, making each day different from the last.

11. Home Tutoring Services

Home tutoring opens doors to personalized academic support, a service that’s becoming increasingly popular.

You can cater to a variety of needs, from helping young kids grasp fundamental concepts to guiding high school students through complex subjects. If you have a strong knowledge base and the ability to connect with students, home tutoring is a perfect location independent business for you.

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