7 Places To Sell Used Oil for Cash

With prices increasing consistently, oil prices have increased significantly.

In most cases, oil is rendered unfit to use after using it. But did you know you can get paid for used oil? 

Some companies pay you to bring used oil to their collection centers for recycling. So, what are the places to sell used oil, and what kinds of used oils can you sell? 

Where to Sell Used Cooking Oil 

DAR PRO Solutions 

Partnering with big names like Chick-fil-A, DAR Pro Solutions is one of the best places to sell used oil. Having an experienced staff at their disposal allows DAR PRO to operate and recycle the oil. 

The use of refined machinery also ensures a safe and seamless procedure of handling and transporting your oil responsibly. Their staff and equipment align with the company’s goal to collect oil from you in the most discreet manner. 

As you contact them, DAR PRO sends a container to your location based on the oil amount you have to transfer. Once you’ve filled the oil in the containers, you can have a company representative pick up the oil.

While DAR PRO Solutions works on refining the used oil and providing it to other customers, you can enjoy the payments made from the used oil you’ve sold! 

Eazy Grease

Known for purchasing used cooking oil in bulk, Eazy Grease is another place to sell used oil at market prices. The company is revered for making the entire process for its customers as seamless as possible. 

Eazy Grease also doesn’t differentiate when it comes to used oil. Whether it be recycled, filtered, or raw oil, they’ll buy used oil from you. To facilitate its customers, the company also offers pickup and delivery services to its facilities. 

Another benefit of choosing Eazy Grease is that they offer same-day payments. While the money you earn will depend on the quantity and quality of the used oil, they’ll offer you a quote and hand you the money the same day. 


Being a global buyer of used oil, Neste is another option to consider when looking for places to sell used oil. Like Eazy Grease, Neste will also buy used oil from you at the market rate. 

Neste uses the used cooking oil and treats it as a renewable raw material. They mainly focus on reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and protecting the earth’s ecosystem. The extended use of renewable raw materials like used oils will also reduce pollution and greenhouse emissions in various segments of life. 

However, where Neste falls short is the lack of collection services. Since Neste doesn’t provide collection services, you’ll have to worry about transporting the used oil to their location. You could also ask local waste management companies to help you accumulate oil so you can sell it to Neste. 

SK Oil Sales 

Using their patented Fryvac systems to collect oil, SK Oil Sales brings a modern approach to collecting and helping you sell used oil. The company looks forward to ways to collaborate with commercial businesses and provide an eco-friendly way of collecting used cooking oil. 

Once you contact them, they’ll send a team equipped with their Fryvac systems to collect oil from you. The new working method of the company is dedicated to helping businesses maintain cleanliness and sanitation during the oil removal procedure. 

With the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to meet your needs, SK Oil Sales can be one of the best places to sell used oil. 

Where Used Engine Oil?

Advance Auto Parts 

Did You Know that used engine oil could contaminate up to a million gallons of fresh water? Fortunately, Advance Auto Parts can help! Not only do they provide free oil recycling services, but they also turn used engine oil into lubricating oil.  

To sell used oil to Advance Auto Parts, you must first collect every ounce of oil into a suitable container. Use containers made of polyethylene or suitable plastic, ensuring to avoid containers like milk cartons. You must also avoid using any containers that once store another fluid in them.

Another important thing when collecting used engine oil is not to mix it with other fluids. Other fluids, such as brake oil or the windshield washer, will render the used oil unrecyclable. 

When bringing the used oil to an Advance Auto parts outlet, ensure to bring along the oil filter, too. Oil Filters contain approximately 10 oz. of used oil. Besides, they are made from steel, making them easily recyclable. 


Benzoil does not limit itself only to engine oil, but it also collects a variety of waste oil. But before you can sell them oil, you must contact them and ensure that they collect the oil you’re selling. Ensure to also inquire about any criteria or requirements they might have regarding the kind of oil you’re selling. 

Once you’ve collected the oil, you can bottle it up and bring it to Benzoil. Based on the quantity and quality of the oil, Benzoil will determine your earnings and hand them over to you. 

City Recycling Stations 

Some cities, like Los Angeles, offer a recycling program to simmer down the effects of global warming on the planet. While they will collect whatever oil you have to sell, there is no guarantee whether they will pay you for the oil or not. 

Some recycling stations will offer to recycle oil for free, whereas some might offer you compensation for your troubles. 

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