Safest Cities In Maine (2023)

With its affluent lifestyle, beautiful sights, and well-educated people, Maine is one of the best states in America.

The state is renowned countrywide for its frigid waters and the rocky Atlantic Coast. 

Whether it be the delicious seafood or the many naturistic sights to see, the reasons to move to Maine are plenty. However, safety is an important aspect to consider before you decide to move somewhere. 

Fortunately, Maine qualifies as one of the safest states in America for having low crime statistics. While Maine is a significantly safe state, there remains a safety concern. Luckily, we have a solution: Moving to the safest cities in Maine! 

Introducing the safest cities in Maine, where we will provide a brief overview of each city, including its advantages and disadvantages. This will assist you in selecting the most suitable city for your needs. So, let’s dive in!


With a crime rate lower than 228.8% lower than the national average, Cumberland gets recognition as one of the safest cities in Maine. The city thrives on an active police department striving to make the city a safe place for the residents.

Cumberland is nestled in the Appalachian region and has a unique blend of natural beauty. The prestige of this town makes it a monumental place in the country’s history and allows you to inherit patriotism.

The vibrant community of this town further makes it easy for the newcomers to enjoy a sense of security and blend in quickly. 

Cumberland offers a blend of prestige, beauty, and a friendly atmosphere and qualifies as one of the best places to live in Maine. 


Ideal Location

Cumberland has scenic coastal views and offers its residents easy access to many natural sights. You can explore the rugged coastline, picturesque beaches, and various stunning beaches, making it a scenic city. 

Friendly Atmosphere

The Cumberland residents are friendly, radiating a wholesome vibe throughout the town. The hospital nature of the civilians in Cumberland fosters a sense of belonging within the newcomers and allows them to settle in quickly. 


Cumberland is highly regarded countrywide for the educational opportunities embedded in its Administrative District. The schools in the city contribute to the community by providing them with quality education. Maine is an ideal place for families with school-going children. 


High Living Costs

The safety and the great features of Cumberland come at a steep price. The living costs in Cumberland are 21.8% higher than the national average, making living here expensive. Housing options and utility costs are significantly higher. 

It gets busy During Tourism Season

The infinite beauty instilled within Cumberland is no secret. While the residents have a chance to live in a natural setting, the natural beauty of this town also allures an influx of seasonal tourists.

High traffic during the summer months makes it difficult to navigate around the city. 

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth is another great destination to live in Maine, given the staggering crime rate and city amenities. 

The city is home to various stunning coastal landscapes. Cape Elizabeth is a countrywide hit for the rocky shores, sandy beaches, and illuminating lighthouse beacons.

Apart from the beauty in the town, the locals share a friendly demeanor. The welcoming residents of the town make it easy for the newcomers to adjust to life in Cape Elizabeth and call it their home. 

The city has plenty of educational areas, making it an appealing choice for people with school-going children. 

In short, the heightened sense of security with the harmonious blend of natural beauty and community spirit makes Cape Elizabeth an ideal place to call home.


Proximity to Portland

Cape Elizabeth is located in proximity to Portland, allowing you to access more fun activities. Since Portland is a short drive away, you can always visit the city and explore the thriving food and arts scene of the city. 

Strong Sense of Community

Cape Elizabeth residents pride themselves on having a tight-knit community. The town has abundant community events, inducing a sense of belonging among newcomers and residents alike.

The volunteer work and the local initiatives available in the town make Cape Elizabeth a great place to raise a family and leave peacefully.

Recreational Activities

The many naturistic settings of the city allow you to experience a bunch of recreational activities. Living in Cape Elizabeth, you can partake in outdoor activities like Beachcombing, boating, and fishing. 


High Living Costs

The lush lifestyle of Cape Elizabeth comes at a high cost. The living costs of the town sit 26.1% higher than the national average, making living here expensive. You will need to earn a hefty sum of money to live here. 


Much Like Cumberland, the coastal beauty and attractions of Cape Elizabeth attracts tourists during the summer months.

Although the strong tourism industry alleviates the city’s economy, the city becomes overcrowded. Amenities like parking availability and tourists create an annoying situation for the residents, who occupy beaches. 


With violent crimes in the city nearly non-existent, Hampden is yet another safe town in Maine. 

This charming town comes with many amenities, making it a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike. Being located in the Penobscot Valley Region, Hampden is surrounded by beautiful sights.

Rolling hills, forests, and the Penobscot River close to the town allow you to experience scenic views of nature. 

Hampden residents also enjoy easy access to amenities, allowing them to live a comfortable life. The presence of cultural events makes life in Hampden fun and allows the newcomers like yourself to settle in quickly! 


Ideal Location 

The strategic location of Hampden allows easy access to the many features and amenities and puts it close to many different cities. Hampden is located only a short drive from Bangor, allowing you access to various entertainment options and healthcare facilities. 


With its convenient proximity to major transportation routes such as Interstate 95 and USA Route 1A, traveling to other cities from this location becomes effortless for you. The city also has well-planned routes, allowing the residents to navigate the town seamlessly. 

Quality Education

Hampden qualifies as one of the best cities for educational opportunities present in the city. The public schools in Hampden are highly rated for their quality of education. The Hampden educational system also focuses on extracurricular activities and athletics, balancing out academic stress. The excellent educational facilities make Hampden an ideal town for families with school-going children.


Limited Jobs

Given the town’s small size, there is an understandable lack of employment opportunities in the city. However, Hampden is close to various cities like Brewer and Bangor. The minimal distance between these cities makes it easy for you to travel back and forth and pursue better professional opportunities. 

Cruel Winters

Being located in the Northern area of the US, winters are cruelly cold in Hampden. The city experiences prolonged winters and receives excessive snowfall. Although many recreational activities are present to make winters fun, the winters create difficult weather conditions to live here during the cold season. 

Final Thoughts

Maine has many places that are super safe to live in. In the cities we talked about in this article, crime is hardly a problem and you’ll feel good and secure living there. But safety isn’t the only thing that makes Maine a great place to move to.

With its awesome weather, beautiful beaches, and big mountains, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to make Maine their home.

So, if you’re thinking about moving, you should definitely consider Maine – it’s safe, pretty, and full of amazing things to see and do.