10 Richest Towns In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for its charming small towns, stunning landscapes, and a quality of life that’s hard to beat. If upscale living is what you’re after, our list of the ten richest cities in New Hampshire is a great place to start your search for you and your family.

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1. New Castle

The richest city in New Hampshire is New Castle. It’s right by the ocean and not too far from bigger cities. People who live here love the peace and quiet, the pretty streets, and the amazing ocean views.

With the average family making around $270,111 a year and some of the most expensive houses in the state, New Castle takes the top spot as the richest town in New Hampshire.

2. Hollis

The second-richest city in New Hampshire is Hollis in Hillsborough County. It’s close to bigger cities but still keeps that small-town feel people love. Living in Hollis means you’re near great outdoor spots, top-notch schools, and parks that are always in great shape.

There are also local events that make everyone feel like they’re part of a community. With families earning around $205,010 on average, Hollis is right up there as one of the wealthiest places you can live in New Hampshire.

3. Newfields

Taking the third spot for richest towns in New Hampshire is Newfields in Rockingham County. Known for its family-friendly vibe, this beautiful town offers well-kept parks and a lively little downtown.

Residents love the sense of community and all the outdoor activities available nearby. With an average family income of about $199,622, Newfields is definitely one of the top choices for wealthy living in New Hampshire.

4. Windham

Windham in Rockingham County grabs the fourth spot on our list of richest New Hampshire towns. This town is a big hit with families, offering excellent schools and a bunch of fun outdoor places like parks and lakes.

It has a tight-knit community where neighbors know each other, adding to its appeal. With families pulling in an average income of around $194,119, Windham is a top pick for those looking for an upscale lifestyle in New Hampshire.

5. Hanover

Fifth on our list is Hanover in Grafton County. Famous for being home to Dartmouth College, this town offers a mix of academic vibe and natural beauty. Families here get to enjoy great schools, cultural events, and a ton of outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

There’s always something happening around town, from farmers markets to festivals. With an average household income of about $193,546, Hanover is a go-to spot for upscale living in New Hampshire.

6. Rye

Next up is Rye, also in Rockingham County, taking the sixth spot for wealthiest towns in New Hampshire. Rye is all about that coastal charm. People love the beautiful beaches and spending time on the water. It’s a great place for families who enjoy sailing, fishing, or just hanging out by the sea.

The community is close-knit, and there are always local events that bring everyone together. With an average family income of around $193,244, Rye is another top pick for those seeking a high-end lifestyle in the Granite State.

7. Lyme

Lyme in Grafton County takes the seventh spot on our list of richest towns in New Hampshire. With a population of just a few thousand, Lyme offers an exclusive, quiet lifestyle that many families love.

The town is known for its scenic beauty, lovely parks, and local events that give it a welcoming, community vibe. With an average family income of about $192,498, Lyme is the small-town gem among New Hampshire’s wealthiest places to live.

8. Brentwood

Brentwood in Rockingham County lands the eighth position on our list of New Hampshire’s richest towns. This cozy community offers a mix of top-rated schools and ample outdoor spaces, making it a hit with families.

Brentwood also has the added benefit of being conveniently located near larger cities for those occasional big-city outings. With an average household income of approximately $183,490, Brentwood stands out as a sought-after spot for affluent living in the Granite State.

9. Bedford

Coming in at number nine, we have Bedford in Hillsborough County. This town stands out for its quality of life, with well-maintained public areas and a focus on outdoor activities. People here have access to a range of recreational options, from golf courses to hiking trails.

It’s not just about leisure, though; Bedford also offers a thriving job market. With an average household income of around $175,443, it’s an attractive option for those looking for prosperity and comfort in New Hampshire.

10. Amherst

Rounding out our list at number ten is Amherst in Hillsborough County. This town exudes a sense of historical charm with its well-preserved colonial buildings and picturesque town center. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Amherst is known for its quality schools and recreational facilities, offering a balanced lifestyle.

The community here enjoys a variety of cultural activities and events throughout the year. With an average household income of about $174,826, Amherst secures its place as one of the wealthiest towns in New Hampshire.

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