3 Richest Towns In Texas

Well-known for abundant opportunities and the affluent lifestyle of its cities, Texas ranks as one of the best states in America.

The beautiful architecture, picturesque views, and minimal taxes make Texas a desirable destination and a good alternative to the highly-priced states on the west coast. 

While moving to any town in Texas can give you a unique lifestyle, there are a few that remain unmatched. However, moving to these cities come at considerably higher costs. 

So what are these towns? 

Read on as we mention some of the richest towns in Texas. So, without any further ado, let’s get going! 

Terrel Hills

Located north of San Antonio, Terrel Hills is an ideal city for those looking for quiet surroundings. With a population density of 5,371, Terrel Hills is a considerably small city offering scenic views and a luxurious lifestyle. 

While moving to Terrel Hills allows you to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, it also places you at an arm’s distance from all the perks you find in a metropolitan city. 

Terrel Hills is home to many beautiful homes and bungalows that have been present here since the 1920s, featuring recent renovations. Terrel Hills also harbor some newly constructed housing options, providing you with a diverse range to choose from. 

The best part about moving to Terrel Hills is the booming economical industry of the town. With industrial giants Valero Energy, NuStar, and Tesoro Corp operating out of Terrel Hills, the poverty rate in the town is limited to 0.67%. Suffice it to say that finding employment when moving to Terrel Hills won’t be an issue. 

So, if you are looking for a quieter environment with access to all amenities and an active job market, Terrel Hills is the place to be. 

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  • Safety

Although Texas is a gun-friendly state, the lifestyle in Terrel Hills is entirely different. Compared to the national average, the crime rate in Terrel Hills is significantly low, making it a great place for family-friendly people. 

  • Ideal Location

Living in Terrel Hills puts you close to Downtown San Antonio. The ideal location of this town makes it easy for you to access the cultural and entertainment venues nearby and also makes it convenient to travel to other Texan cities. 

  • Infrastructure

The beauty of Terrel Hills lies within its beautiful infrastructure. Houses in Terrel Hills feature a mix of architectural designs and most of them come with well-manicured lawns, including the antique villas in the city. The innovative infrastructure accounts for the unique and charming atmosphere of this city. 


  • Limited Diversity

With only 5,371 people living in the city, the diversity is limited. The lack of diversity means that you will need to travel to other cities to celebrate and enjoy the events and delicacies of other ethnicities. However, with downtown San Antonio located in proximity to Terrel Hills, the lack of diversity is a nuisance. 

  • Traffic

Although the population here is significantly less, the traffic here is surprisingly heavy. Navigating through the city during the peak hours can be challenging. Besides, the city lacks a good transportation system, making owning a vehicle a must. 

Highland Park

Located in the upscale area of central Dallas, Highland Park is another Texas City known for its lovely neighborhoods and rich lifestyle. 

Highland Park offers a mix between the small-town atmosphere and amenities of a metropolitan city. With many Townhouses and Condos ruling the town’s real estate market, the beautiful housing options of this city come at a steep price. 

Apart from the wonderful housing options, Highland Park residents enjoy a well-developed infrastructure. The city has well-constructed streets, with abundant sidewalk spaces, making it easy for residents to walk along. The tree-lined streets are also favorable for the city bikers. 

With home prices reaching $2.4M and a higher per capita income is $159K, Highland Park offers a high blend of an upscale neighborhood and top-notch amenities, making it an ideal town to live in.

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  • Definitive Lifestyle

With many influential people and celebrities like George W. Bush living here, one can conclude that Highland Park features a deluxe lifestyle. The properties in the town are constructed in a way to give a luxurious vibe and include modern innovation and facilities, making it a convenient place to live. 

  • Amenities

Moving to Highland Park gives you access to a long list of amenities that you may not find elsewhere. With several golf courses and recreational venues like the Aquatic Center located in Highland Park, there and too many places to explore. Apart from the entertainment options, Highland Park is also home to various restaurants and shopping places, ensuring you’re never out of stuff to do and places to visit. 

  • Safety

Highland Park has a considerably lower crime rate than the national average. With many influential people and celebrities living in the city, the town’s police department always remains vigilant and active to ensure the safety and security of its residents. 


  • Heavy Traffic

While being located in the heart of Dallas gives you many benefits, you will have to deal with never-ending traffic as a downside. The heavy traffic during the peak hours makes it challenging to travel through the city during peak hours. So, if you choose to move here, it’s best to avoid traveling during the peak hours. 

Flower Mound

Being the oldest city in Texas and harboring two counties, Flower Mound gets recognition for its amazing lifestyle. The city is named after the prominent 12.5-acre mound present in the middle of the town, hence the name Flower Mound! 

With consistent industrial growth and an extensive trail system in the city, the city has many amenities and stable economic conditions. The Lakeside Business District harbors many businesses including IBM, PPG Industries, and McKesson Corporation, resulting in adequate job opportunities for the residents. 

On the other hand, the Denton Creek District is vastly a residential area and harbors the majority population of the city. The many entertainment venues and restaurants make Flower Mound a lively city and give its citizens many places to visit and explore, allowing them to live an extensive life. 

So, if you want to experience the best of Texas, move to Flower Mound! 


  • Quality of Life

The residents of Flower Mound adore the city for its active municipal government and extensive amenities. With many places to visit, many delicacies to try, and infrastructure like the trail system, the locals enjoy an excellent quality of life. 

  • Jobs

With the presence of many renowned companies and businesses in the city, the economic conditions of Mound Hill are thriving. With many businesses present in the city, the job market here is significantly less competitive than in other cities like New York. 

Additionally, the economic conditions of this city create abundant job opportunities for newcomers, freeing you of the worry of landing a job! 

  • Prestige 

Being one of the oldest towns in Texas, Texans regard Flower Mound as a prestigious place to live. The rich history of the town adds a unique character and charm to the lifestyle that reflects in the city’s community. 


  • Traffic

While the active economic sector helps significantly easy to find jobs and enjoy a higher quality of life, the residents have to deal with a heavy traffic flow as a consequence. The traffic during peak hours becomes unbearable, making commuting through the city a challenge. 

  • Small Radius

Moving to Flower Mound allows you to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. However, compared to the other Texan cities, Flower Mound isn’t as widespread, which means that the nightlife here isn’t as lively. If you’re an extrovert that enjoys new experiences and visiting new places, you will need to travel to the nearby cities. 

Final Words

While Texas is full of affluent towns providing a dreamy lifestyle, moving to these towns comes at a high cost. The recreational activities, scenic views, and a long list of amenities in Texan cities come at a steep price, but their rich lifestyle gives Texans a run for their money. 

Above are some of the best towns in Texas, famous worldwide for their high living costs and ideal living conditions. So, if you have the budget to relocate, moving to these Texas cities will allow you to experience an amazing lifestyle. 

We hope the information in this guide helps you choose the right town to move to in Texas!