10 Poorest Counites in Virginia

Looking for a simple life in Virginia?

We’ve listed ten of the more modest counties in the state. Each place is unique, but they all share a simpler way of life. Whether you love the quiet of the countryside or the friendly vibe of a small town, these communities show that there’s more to life than just a big paycheck.

They offer a chance to slow down and enjoy the simpler things, with the beauty of nature and a strong sense of community at their core. Each county holds its own charm, showing that a rich life isn’t just about money.

1. Dickenson County

Median Income: $16,278

In Dickenson County, the humble per capita income of $16,278 paints a picture of modest living. This county, nestled in the rugged beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, holds a tight-knit community that values simplicity. The local economy, once fueled by coal mining, faces challenges, but the resilient spirit of the residents shines through. With fewer frills comes a lower cost of living, and while amenities are basic, the sense of community here is rich.

2. Radford City

Median Income: $16,496

Radford City, with its per capita income of $16,496, offers a glimpse into a lifestyle that’s streamlined yet fulfilling. Known for its educational institutions, it’s a place where families and students alike find a haven. The housing here is fairly affordable, reflecting the modest earnings of its residents. Despite a leaner income, the city is home to picturesque parks and a riverway that provides a serene escape for its dwellers.

3. Lee County

Median Income: $16,513

Lee County, a land of natural beauty, mirrors a simple living ethos with a per capita income of $16,513. The county is adorned with scenic trails and historic sites that tell tales of its rich past. Here, homes are modest, and the cost of living is on the lower side, making it a peaceful retreat for those who call it home. The slower pace of life here provides a contrast to the hustle of wealthier regions, showcasing a community content with life’s simpler pleasures.

4. Sussex County

Median Income: $16,735

Sussex County, with a per capita income of $16,735, is a quiet locale known for its rural landscape and tight-knit communities. The modest income reflects a lifestyle that is unpretentious yet fulfilling. Agriculture plays a significant role in local livelihoods, with fields and farms dotting the countryside. Despite financial constraints, the residents share a bond of community that enriches their lives.

5. Brunswick County

Median Income: $16,739

Brunswick County, just a smidge higher in income at $16,739 per capita, shares a similar story of modest living. Known for its natural beauty, the county offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban locales. The modest earnings reflect in the simple but comfortable living standards of its residents. The pace of life is slow, allowing for close community interactions and an appreciation for the simpler things in life.

6. Buchanan County

Median Income: $16,742

With a per capita income of $16,742, Buchanan County portrays a humble lifestyle nestled in the Appalachian region. The county has faced economic challenges with the decline of coal mining, yet the resilience and camaraderie among the residents remain strong. The modest lifestyle here is a testament to the community’s ability to find contentment and unity in simplicity, forging a life that, while financially constrained, is rich in shared experiences and mutual support.

7. Harrisonburg City

Median Income: $16,750

Harrisonburg City, with a per capita income of $16,750, is a blend of cultural richness and modest living. The city, often referred to as “The Friendly City”, holds a diverse community that adds to its unique charm. While the earnings might be modest, the city is known for its affordable living, scenic surroundings, and a hearty community spirit. The residents find joy in the simple offerings of the city, from its historic downtown to the bustling farmers’ markets.

8. Buckingham County

Median Income: $16,752

Buckingham County, with a slight notch up in per capita income at $16,752, is a realm of rural serenity. The county’s modest income mirrors in the laid-back lifestyle of its residents. The local economy is largely supported by agriculture and small businesses. The charm of Buckingham lies in its simplicity and the close-knit community that thrives on mutual support and shared values.

9. Lexington City

Median Income: $17,022

Lexington City, boasting a per capita income of $17,022, is a hub of historical richness nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Virginia. Known for its prestigious educational institutions, it draws students from across the country. The modest income in Lexington mirrors a community that values education and historical preservation. While financial affluence might not be its forte, the city’s rich heritage and the vibrancy of its student population add a unique flavor to life in Lexington.

10. Charlotte County

Median Income: $17,348

Charlotte County, with a per capita income of $17,348, is a place where simplicity and community thrive. Nestled in the heart of Virginia, this county embodies a quieter, slower pace of life. The earnings may be modest, but the residents find richness in the natural beauty that surrounds them and the close bonds they share with neighbors. The area is dotted with farms and small businesses, reflecting a lifestyle that’s close to the land.

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