Is Lionbridge A Legit Company or an Online Scam? My Honest Review

The rise in remote and freelancing sites in recent years has unfortunately been accompanied by a significant increase in scams, so it became tougher to spot genuine opportunities.

Lionbridge has been making waves recently for providing people with diverse remote working opportunities. But is Lionbridge a legit company? Let’s find out. 

What Is Lionbridge? 

Lionbridge is a big name in the world of remote work, especially for freelancers. It’s one of sites that are similar to Appen.

This company, based in the U.S., is all about helping big companies with AI training and making sure their products work well in different languages and regions.

Despite its trending fame lately, Lionbridge has been around for a while. With its headquarters settled in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company started back in 1996. 

Lionbridge offers a bunch of services like translating, checking quality, testing stuff out, creating content, and working with AI.

With over 27 branches in different countries, Lionbridge has established itself as a highly reliable company for localization and translation services.

In 2019, The Conference Board gave them a shoutout for being super innovative with how they engage their employees and Forbes included them on their list of America’s Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.

How Does It Work? 

To start finding work opportunities on Lionbridge, start by navigating to their website. On their website, select the “Join Our Team” button. 

At this point, Lionbridge will give you an option to choose between one four job options available: 

  • Online Map Analyst 
  • Social Media Evaluator 
  • Internet Assessor 
  • Ad Evaluator 

It is worth noting that every job has different responsibilities and will require completing various tasks. After choosing the most suitable job option, you must provide your email ID and upload your CV. 

Next, Lionbridge will ask you to fulfill a detailed form requiring information like your address, experience, education, and the devices you own. 

Before you can start working on Lionbridge, the platform will require you to take a skill test to assess your skills as the final straw. Assuming that you clear the test, you will be ready to take tasks and enjoy remote working privileges. 

Jobs Available on Lionbridge 

Internet Assessor 

Being an Internet Assessor, your job is to rate the quality of search engine results and their relevance. The search engine results must be specific to seeing the results expected by the search engine users. 

Although becoming an Internet Assessor might seem a challenging title, it usually is very basic and pays $10 hourly on average. As an Internet Assessor, you might have to work anywhere between 10-20 hours per week. 

Online Map Analyst 

The role of an Online Map Quality Analyst at Lionbridge is a flexible, work-from-home position designed for part-time hours.

As an independent contractor, not a W-2 employee, you can expect to work around 20 hours per week. The job involves evaluating online mapping and related information.

Key responsibilities include reading and applying written guidelines, passing an online evaluation, completing online mapping and routing-related tasks, researching for geographic accuracy, and ranking or rating information related to these tasks​​.

For this role, candidates need to possess good research skills and a strong understanding of both local and national geography. Requirements include fluency in English, high-speed broadband internet access, knowledge of geographical areas, experience using online maps and conducting internet research, and familiarity with cultural, geographical, and current affairs. It’s important to have lived in the United States for the last three consecutive years for this position​​​​.

The average salary for an Online Maps Quality Analyst at Lionbridge in the United States is approximately $66,192 as of December 27, 2023. However, this can vary, with the range typically falling between $56,448 and $75,937.

Social Media Evaluator 

As a social media evaluator at Lionbridge, your role would involve rating the relevancy and accuracy of ads and other content on your personal social media accounts.

These ads are targeted based on various market demographics like gender identity, age range, and social media activity. Your responsibilities would include assessing these ads and content for their relevance and accuracy​​.

In terms of daily tasks, you would be responsible for analyzing and judging the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

This includes understanding the different types of social media platforms, their potential for reaching new audiences, identifying issues with campaigns, and managing social media accounts.

Part of your job would be to monitor activity on these accounts and provide insights on the effectiveness of social media strategies​​​​.

As for the salary, social media evaluators’ pay can vary depending on factors like education, experience, and the specific company. The median annual salary for this role is around $47,000, which equates to about $22.6 per hour. Those in the top 10% of this field can earn up to $83,500 annually, or $40.14 per hour​​.

To qualify for this role, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in fields such as communications, marketing, or English. However, some employers may accept candidates with an associate’s degree or equivalent work experience.

Social media evaluators generally receive on-the-job training, which can cover the company’s social media platforms, how to evaluate content, and how to complete reports.

This training can last from a few days to a few weeks. Certifications are not required but can be beneficial for career advancement or increasing earning potential​.

Ad Evaluator 

As an ad evaluator at Lionbridge, you would be responsible for analyzing and providing feedback on online advertisements. This involves evaluating their relevance to search terms used in search engine results.

As a Personalized Ads Evaluator, you would log on to an online tool and choose tasks on a self-directed schedule. The role requires providing feedback and analysis on the ads you find, and rating their relevance to the search terms. Some tasks may require using both a desktop or laptop and a smartphone​​.

The basic requirements for this position include having a high school diploma or GED, living in the United States for the last three consecutive years, being an active user of Gmail and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, having access to a secure broadband internet connection and a compatible computer or smartphone, and being familiar with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media, and cultural affairs in the United States​​.

In terms of salary, the average for a Personalized Ads Evaluator at Lionbridge in the United States is around $77,973 as of December 2023. However, this can vary widely, with the range typically falling between $69,315 and $86,631.

The exact salary can depend on factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years spent in the profession​​​​.

Is Lionbridge Legit?

Yes, Lionbridge is definitely legit!

Lionbridge offers real remote job opportunities.

They might be the right fit for you, or they might not, but the company is genuine. They hire people, assign work, stay in touch, and pay on time.

There’s nothing scam-like about working with Lionbridge.

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