12 Places to Send Fax Near Me for Cheap

Do you need to find out where to find fax services on a budget?

Here is where to find fax services in your area for free or cheap.

While sending faxes was once commonplace, today’s technology has made having access to a fax less and less common.

There may be times you need to send a fax for business or legal purposes, to apply for a job or to take care of financial issues.

Where to Find Fax Services Near Me?

Do you need to send a fax and aren’t sure how or where to go?

If you are wondering where to find fax services near me, here’s where to look! 

Friends or Family

Even though you might not have a fax machine, a friend or family member may.

Check around with your circle of friends and family and see who might have access.

If someone can assist you, you may be able to fax free of charge or only have to reimburse them for the cost of the fax. 

Public Libraries

Your local library offers much more than just books! Most libraries also offer business services such as computer use, internet access, photocopies, notary and fax services.

While there is usually a small cost per page for faxing at your local library, the cost is small and helps keep these important services available in your community.

Some libraries may only be able to send faxes locally and also may require a library card to assist with services.

Check with the library staff for more details and they can help assist you with obtaining a card. 

Credit Unions or Banks

Your local financial institution can often offer assistance if you need to send a fax. Check at your local bank or credit union to see if they offer fax services.

This service is also free to bank members, or may be available at a small price per page. 

Copy Shops, Office Supply and Shipping Stores

If you have a local copy center, chances are they offer additional services including faxing.

Check at your local providers including national chains such as:

  • Office Depot
  • Staples
  • Office Max
  • FedEx
  • UPS store locations

These businesses may also be able to receive a fax for you as well. 

Employer or Offices

If you or your spouse are employed in an office, there may be a fax machine that you can have access to for sending and receiving faxes.

Just be sure to ask permission first before using it for documents of a personal nature. 


Are you traveling and need to send a fax while you are on the go?

Most mid-size to larger hotels offer a business center with computer and printer access, and also often offer faxing as well.

If no business center is available, check with the hotel staff for assistance to see if they can send a fax for you.

This service is often free, or available for a small charge. 

Truck Stops and Travel Locations

If you’re on the road and need to send a fax, seek out large truck stops and travel locations.

These spots on the road often offer business services including faxing.

Search Fax Services Near Me

Want to find exact store or business locations that offer faxing in your area?

Search fax services near me to find a list of businesses close by that offer faxing and other business services. 

USPS Postal Location

While not available in all areas, some larger U.S. Postal Service locations may offer faxing services.

This is not available at all post offices, so it can be worth making a phone call first before making a special trip.

Customer Service Department

If a large local retailer offers a Customer Service counter that does services such as money orders (find out how to get a money order here), they may also offer faxing services as well.

Many large grocery retailers will offer fax services at their customer service counters such as Hy-Vee and Albertsons.

Call locations near you or stop in and ask for more details about what is available. 

Digital Fax Services

Just like most things digital these days, when it comes to faxing, there’s an app for that!

There are now a wide variety of websites and apps that are available for you to scan a document and send a fax including MetroFax, FaxZero, MyFax, Fax.Plus and HelloSign.

These digital faxing services often offer a free trial fax or limited services for free, and charge a small fee for advanced services. 

While most of these digital fax services are focused on scanning and faxing from a computer, there are faxing apps available that can allow you to fax from your phone.

Check the Apple Store or Google Play to see what apps are available for your smart device. Apps are available for both Android and iPhone devices. 

Purchase Fax Software

If faxing is something that you think you might need to do frequently, the purchase of a fax program or faxing software to allow you to fax digitally might be worth the investment.

Check out the selection of fax services software on Amazon here

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Fax?

While some locations such as banks or hotels may provide faxing services at no charge for members or guests, most locations that offer faxing will charge on average between $1 and $2 per page to send or receive a fax.

You can expect to pay slightly more for faxes that need to be sent internationally. 

While not as common as it used to be, faxing is still used somewhat regularly and there will be times when you need to send a fax for personal matters or business.

Fortunately, there are lots of locations where this service is offered and the cost is typically inexpensive. 

If you’re wondering where to find fax services near me, the good news is there are lots of local places you can go to find fax services.

Whether you stop by a copy or shipping store, ask for assistance at an office supply store, take advantage of your local library, bank or credit union, there are lots of ways to fax a document for free or for very cheap. 

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