You’ve been procrastinating? I know the feeling. That feeling you get when you know you’ve been procrastinating for a while—a sort of empty feeling that drags you down. You feel useless, and then you get the feeling of what the hell am I doing?


Sadly, that feeling isn’t enough to get you to do something about it, is it? I know it’s not, because if it was, you wouldn’t be reading this. But, look, don’t worry about it anymore. Forgive yourself for not having worked! Why feel guilty when you already feel crappy enough? No need to add more to your emotional plate when you’ve got stress and frustration already on it.


The thing is, I get it, dude! We all get it. You’re not alone in the endless cycle that is procrastination. All 7 billion people on Earth are in this cycle. We all leave things until the last minute, and we all push things further down on our to-do lists. Let me tell you someting…pocrastination is a modern age disease. That’s right and we have to fight against it, just like we fight against all other diseases.


It’s time for you to get to work, so let’s get right into it. Here’s how you can stop procrastinating, and I mean really stop.


(Quick hint: Whatever tips I give you here, use them. Just reading them won’t do you any good and if you wake up tomorrow, and you can’t remember the some of the rules I laid out, then please, read this again.)

How To Stop Procrastinating Right Now


Work every single day AKA “No more empty days”


What’s an empty day? A day you didn’t do any single thing towards your dream. No more EMPTY DAYS. I do not want to say you have to read a book till noon or run 10 miles till 7 AM, that’s not the idea. Idea is to change mindset. Now, look at your watch. What time is it? It’s 9:00 PM and you didn’t do anything all day? WAKE UP BUDDY! Send that mail. Clean that carpet. Do one push up! Just one, for yourself, for us…


C’Mon man, I spent few hours writing this out to you and you CAN’T do one single push up.


Honestly, you don’t have to do that, fact is you don’t HAVE to do anything. But you get to choose and trust me, nobody is going to remember your choice, except you.


Do not forget. Procrastination starts when you skip one day of work, procrastination starts with one EMPTY DAY, with one “Ehh, it’s fine. I’ll do it tomorrow.” But what happens tomorrow?


So, no more excuses, NO MORE EMPTY DAYS.


No more, I deserve a full day’s break


Why? Because you don’t. Most of the time we fool ourselves into thinking that we’re working hard enough when in reality we’ve just been typing during the commercial breaks of a TV show. And even then, the stupid guy sniffing another guy’s shirt as they hang out in a unicorn distracts us.


You didn’t work, and you especially didn’t work hard. You know you’re smart, and I know you’re smart, so work smart. Don’t give yourself a break if you know you don’t need it. That’s just called being lazy, man. So, from now on—work every single day! Work hard and smart!


You do deserve breaks every now and then, but only when you’ve actually been working.


Be grateful for every part of you & forgive yourself


I know that’s so random, and you’re probably thinking, “What the hell does this have to do with anything?”.


For some idiotic reason, as humans, we like to make our own life a living hell. We beat ourselves up and don’t allow ourselves to feel happy. You’ve been procrastinating, and now you feel like crap because of it?


STOP that, man!


Be grateful for good things you’ve done yesterday (even the things that are pissing you off) and forgive, and thank yourself.


You did that push up? THANK YOU ME. You resisted getting desert after your Five Guys burger? THANK YOU ME. You threw out your soda, and drank water? THANK YOU ME.


Instead of giving yourself a hard time, be grateful for you and your past self.


Isn’t that so much more freeing than, “Ugh, why didn’t you work again yesterday? Why do you have to be so freaking lazy all the time. You’re never going to make it anywhere if you keep procrastinating!”


There’s no need to get mad at you and bully yourself when you already have enough people bullying you, right?


So, be GRATEFUL for you, FORGIVE and THANK yourself.


Focus on your future self


Who is your best friend? Joe, John, Eva….?

News flash: No, it’s FUTURE YOU! It’s you buddy!


Since you’ve forgiven your past self, you can focus on the present and do the work that you’ve been putting off, but you can also focus on your future self, on your best friend.


Now, move your lazy, fat (you know what) and do something for your best friend, DO IT. Finish that project, go to the gym, now, right now and your best friend will tell you: THANK YOU.


Do not forget. Do favours for the future you like you would for your best mate. Think of your best friend, your future you and about how proud he would be of you!


Read books


Books are amazing and this isn’t MANTRA. I swear, there’s so much that you can take from them—more specifically, from self-help books. I don’t care if you don’t want to get into self-help, that’s not what I’m trying to get you to learn about. But, certain books can you help you get exactly what you want.


In this case you want to stop procrastinating, focus better, be present while you work, and get more of that work done. Lucky for you, there are so many books that will give you this information, information that you can use in your life to actually make a difference if you’re sick and tired of procrastinating.


What are these books? Well, here are a few:


– The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (helps you start off your day in the right state of mind)

– Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff (overcome obstacles and get work done)

– Deep Work by Cal Newport (how to focus in a noisy world where distractions are everywhere)

– The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (how to stay present)


There are a lot more books that can help you dig deep into what you really want. There’s a book for every topic, all it takes is one Google search. If you don’t like to read, you could use audible—but don’t deny books. They’re there for you, use them!


Don’t be shy – ask for help


No big project gets completed by a single man, it’s always a team behind the project.  Don’t let “not wanting to bother someone else” become your excuse.  Honestly man, don’t waste hours trying to figure something out on your own when a single phone call or email could solve a problem in a few seconds.  Now, pick up the phone and DO IT.


Time management


Let’s face it. I know you could have completed most of your jobs well ahead of schedule but you’ve faced with your own lack of time management. I’ve been there, so I kinda know what I’m talking about.


You’re going to want to not this, so grab a pen and piece of paper to write it down, seriously.


It’s about being realistic with how long things take.


You’re going for a one hour run? That’s 15 minutes to get dressed, find all your stuff and get out the door. Then an hour to run. Then 20 minutes to stretch and cool down after. If you don’t account for all the extra bits of time you quickly end up over scheduling and not “having time” to do things you’d planned to and your behind of schedule.


Just do it already


Sit down, and do the work. That’s the best piece of advice here. It’s a simple solution—sit down on your desk and force yourself to do the work. Don’t think about it, turn off your phone and leave it somewhere else, and do what you have to do.

Are you ready? Turn the switch and just DO. Doesn’t matter what but start!!!


That’s all I have for you today! I could continue writing but I promised myself I’ll clean the carpet before I go out on a cold beer 🙂


Gotta Go!