8 Pros & Cons of Living in Houston

As the country’s fourth largest city, Houston is seeing significant growth in its population as many people are considering relocating.

It is easy to see why many people are drawn to Houston. The city has a strong job market, delightful weather, and sunny weather all year, creating a perfect environment for its residents. 

But is Houston a good place to live? 

In this guide, we will cover all the amenities and lively experiences Houston offers. We will also highlight a few not-so-great things about Houston that you should know before moving to the city. 

So, let us get going! 

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Living in Houston is considerably cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities like San Francisco or New York. 

Finding a house in Houston varies depending on the neighborhood. However, buying a house in Houston will cost you considerably cheaper than in other cities of the same size. 

Since Houston is a big city, consider finding a house in a neighborhood close to work. Finding a house close to work will save travel expenses and shorten your commute time. 

According to Best Places, living costs in Houston are 19% less than in Austin and 5% cheaper than in Dallas. On the other hand, San Francisco is 179% more expensive than Houston. 

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Job Opportunities

Houston is a big city, meaning there are abundant job opportunities. Houston heavily depends on its energy industry, which creates many qualified people. Besides its energy industry, Houston is also home to the largest medical complex in the world. 

Not only does it ensure a good healthcare system for the town’s residents, but it also creates job opportunities for the locals. Thanks to the booming industries in Houston, the city’s unemployment rate is capped at 4.1%. 

According to stats brought forth by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, some top employees include: 

  • AT&T 
  • Dell Technologies
  • Oracle
  • CBRE Group 
  • American Airlines Group 

No State Income Tax

One of the best things about living in Houston is that its residents do not have to pay the state income tax. 

Eventually, not paying state income tax can prove advantageous financially. Not having to pay state income tax allows you to spend money on having a better quality of life, and you can use the saved money and spend it on luxuries, such as: 

  • Attaining Home Ownership 
  • Trying out new restaurants 
  • Going on Vacation

Top-Notch Healthcare Facilities

People around the country regard Houston as one of the top cities for having high-quality healthcare. According to Health Care Insider, Houston ranks among the top 20 cities for administering high-quality healthcare. 

The reason behind Houston’s high-quality healthcare is the presence of renowned healthcare organizations, including the Houston Methodist Hospital. Houston Methodist Hospital remains a prestigious institute in the country for its excellence in cardiovascular and vascular diseases. The Methodist Hospital has also achieved breakthroughs in organ transplants, cancer treatments, and neurology. 

If you choose Houston, you will have access to top-quality healthcare. The doctors and medical staff in the city are highly capable of administering excellent care to their patients. 

According to the Hastings Law Firm, some of the best hospitals in Houston include: 

  • The Houston Methodist Hospital 
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
  • Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

Diverse Population

Houston is a well-known city for accommodating people of all ethnicities. According to the information brought forth by the Census Bureau, the breakdown of the Houston population regarding their diversities is as follows: 

  • 44.5% Hispanic
  • 24.1% White
  • 22.8% African American
  • 7% Mixed Race
  • 6.9% Asian 
  • 0.3% American Indians.

The presence of diverse cultures in the town helps create a better community and understanding among the Houston residents. Its diverse population is also why many celebrations occur throughout the year. 

Apart from the events and a strong community, a diverse population means you get to try food delicacies from around the world.

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Cons of Living in Houston


While the Texans do not have to pay any tax, they suffer at the hands of higher sales tax. With a sales tax of 8.25%, Houston is one of the cities with the highest sales tax in the country.

Having sales tax-imposed means that you will be paying an additional 8.25% on the item’s actual price.

Even though there is no state property tax, the rule of living in Houston is that the homeowners pay property tax to the local units! 


The weather in Houston is undesirably hot. According to WeatherSpark, the weather in Houston stays hot, with an average high of 95 degrees! Even in winter, the weather remains casually hot, and the residents do not experience winter at all. 

Apart from the hot weather, Houston’s location on the gulf coast also leaves a substantial risk of facing a natural disaster. Houston is prone to the threat of flooding and hurricanes. 

If you have decided to move to Houston, ensure to invest in flood insurance and keep an emergency kit nearby! 


Traffic in Houston has become unbearable. To get around in this sprawling metropolis, you will need a car. Driving in Houston, rush hours feel like a casual thing. 

Apart from the never-ending traffic, owning a car in Houston is not going to be cheap either! Referring to the data provided by AAA, the gas prices in Houston are slightly higher than the national average. As if that was not enough, the average cost to buy full-coverage car insurance runs around $1823 annually! 

Final Words

After studying this guide, one can conclude that Houston has its share of pros and cons to offer its residents. 

Moving to the town holds significant benefits, including attaining housing at reasonable prices, a multitude of activities, and exquisite restaurants. However, the city has shortcomings too, which should be noticed. 

Since this guide contains pertinent information about life in Houston, we suggest you read it thoroughly. Considering the points in this guide will help you make an informed decision and conclude whether Houston is the right place for you. 

We hope you found this guide useful!