A List Of Popular Pizza Places That take EBT

Everyone loves a good pizza. According to Big Mario’s Pizza, about 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the US! 

However, the rising food costs have deprived many of these round, tasty meals. Money should never be the reason you stay away from satisfying your cravings. Fortunately, the US government announced the SNAP program to allow Americans to enjoy pizza at their expense.

So, if you have been craving pizzas and have your Electronics Benefits Transfer card, you are in luck! We have covered a range of pizza places that accept EBT, allowing you to maximize your SNAP benefits without worrying about financial constraints.

Let’s walk through the roadmap of pizza places that take EBT and put you one step closer to satisfying your cravings!

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Understanding The Restaurant Meals Program

The Restaurant Meals Program, otherwise known as RMP, is initiated by the government for individuals under the SNAP program. The RMP allows individuals with EBT cards to buy hot foods from selected restaurants. 

However, this program is only supported in numbered support. According to Low Income Relief, you can only enjoy the EBP benefits if you reside in the following states: 

  • California 
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Hawai
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland 
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Rhode Island 

Even if you reside in the mentioned states, EBT benefits only apply to you if: 

  • You are Disabled
  • Homeless without a permanent nighttime residence
  • Your age is 60 or older 

What to do if you do not live in an RMP-Supported State?

Seeing the list above, anyone can conclude that most US states do not partake in the RMP program. However, the pizza parlors enlisted in the RMP program still extend the benefits to the EBT card holders. Pizza Parlors like Papa Murphy’s allow you to use the EBT card across 37 states. 

On the other hand, you can visit a grocery store and shop for a frozen pizza using your EBT card. Purchasing frozen pizza through EBT works since you buy it unprepared and cold. While it is not the ideal solution, you can bake the frozen pizza at your place and still enjoy the partial benefits. 

EBT Restaurant Threshold 

Gaining benefits from EBT is still possible if you do not qualify for the RMP. You can use your EBT card to shop from retailers under the “Restaurant threshold.” 

According to The USDA, any business that earns 50% of its sales from food heated or cooked on-site for dining in or takeaway qualifies as a “Restaurant.”

 So, if you have an EBT card and go to a restaurant under the “restaurant threshold,” you can ask them for a pizza to take home and bake it yourself. 

What Pizza Places Accept EBT?

Papa Murphy’s 

With more than 1300 branches in 37 states, Papa Murphy’s is a renowned pizza parlor for making mouth-watering pizzas. 

However, Papa Murphy is not enlisted in the Restaurant Meals Program. The absence from the list means you will not be able to enjoy the freshly baked, hot pizzas at the restaurant. Instead, they will provide you with a frozen pizza that you will need to bake by yourself. 

Papa Murphy’s allows you to use your EBT to buy the “bake-and-take” pizza at any of its branches. Since you will not eat it at the branch and it is uncooked, Pizzas from Papa Murphy’s under RMP list as a typical grocery purchase. 

Considering the tasty pizzas made at Papa Murphy’s, having to bake pizza yourself seems like a minimal nuisance! 

Pizza Hut

It is impossible to talk about pizzas and not mention Pizza Hut. After all, they declare their competitiveness and allure through their Slogan; “No one out pizzas the hut.” According to Insider, Pizza Hut has more than 16,000 stores available in 100 different countries worldwide! 

Pizza Hut is well-known for its critical moves, such as its “BOOK IT! Program”. Under this program, Pizza Hut offered free pizza as an incentive for Pre-K through Sixth-Grade to read! 

Whether it be soda, chicken wings, pasta, pizza, or breadsticks, Pizza Hut does it all. However, when talking about EBT, Pizza Hut is only approved for the RMP program in California. 

Even in California, Pizza Hut gives pizzas on EBT at designated branches. However, unlike Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut serves fresh, hot pizza to satisfy your cravings.  


Domino’s is another worldwide pizza sensation that participates in the RMP. With more than 6100 branches extended around the US, Domino’s pizzas are favored by many due to their distinctive bread-based dough. Their dough carries a much higher level of gluten instead the traditional doughs. 

When we talk about EBT, Domino’s is enlisted under the RMP. However, Domino’s only accepts EBT at select locations, namely Arizona and California. 

So, if you have an EBT card, stop by Domino’s to enjoy a tasty meal! 

Little Caesars

From a restaurant that offers you free crazy bread for enchanting their Slogan, Little Caesar’s has adopted a welcoming demeanor towards the RMP and EBT holders! 

Much like Pizza Hut, Little Caesars only accepts the EBT card at a few select locations in California. The program guidelines restrict Little Caesar’s from offering the pizza pickup and delivery chain outside of California lands. 

If you live in California and want a delightful meal for your dinner or lunch with your EBT card, Little Caesars is the place to be. 

Final Words

While restrictions are in place, having an EBT card can be very helpful in satisfying your fast food cravings. Therefore, if you reside in an EBT-supported state, holding this card is your cue to enjoying tasty restaurant meals. 

Please note that most restaurants only offer EBT facilities at select locations. Ensure to call your preferred restaurant’s helpline and ask for the branches that accept EBT.