13 Mobile Business Ideas To Start Right Now

Recent years saw the birth of many small business owners and entrepreneurs taking up the mantle by leveraging mobility and developing a stronger digital presence to level with their competitors. 

If you’re also looking to get in on the action by launching a mobile business, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover some mobile business ideas. 

1. Food Trucks 

Running a food truck is often the go-to choice for anyone looking to start a mobile business, and rightfully so. Seeing that the US Chamber of Commerce has recognized this mobile business as a 2 billion-dollar industry, you stand to gain a strong profit through food trucks. 

As you start your food truck hustle, ensure dedicating a website and social media outlets to it. While food trucks are only accessible to limited areas, running a website will allow you to widen your service area and facilitate more customers. 

Once your food truck starts generating healthy orders, you can consider further expanding your business by buying other food trucks or an outlet. 

2. Catering Business

A mobile catering service is a budget-friendly option to make sure an event is a hit. Whether it be birthdays, corporate events, or weddings, a mobile catering business can make the food arrangements for the guests. 

To start a mobile catering business, begin by finding and purchasing a reliable vehicle. The vehicle you buy must have enough space to store all items and transport them safely to the venue. Once you have a vehicle, you’ll want to stock up on appetizing food items. Also, don’t make any compromises on the quality of your service equipment. 

When looking for food items, tailor the menu according to the venue and the setting of the event. Paying attention to detail will go a long way in helping you stand out and attract more customers. 

3. Barbershops 

In old times, mobile barber shops were a thing! It is one of those vintage businesses. Carry on the hipster appeal and start an old-fashioned barber shop to execute a profitable mobile business idea! 

To boot this venture, you’ll need to find some skilled barbers and the equipment needed for the services. Once you have everything you need to launch the service, start by running marketing promotions for your barber shops. 

Ideally, you could try parking in office complexes to fit in a haircut during lunchtime. Another idea includes being present at wedding venues and special events to help people put forth their best looks. 

4. Mobile Beauty Salon

This business model provides personalized beauty treatments like hair styling, makeup, and nail services. It’s a convenient option for clients with busy schedules or those who prefer the comfort of their own space.

With “Glam on the Go,” customers can enjoy a full salon experience without the need to travel, making it a unique and sought-after service for weddings, events, or regular beauty care.

5. Refill Station 

Considering the recent rise of eco-friendly movements like the #zero waste movement, many people have stopped buying new grocery items due to their plastic packaging. Instead, they prefer getting refills for items such as soap, detergent, toothpaste, etc. to minimize plastic usage. 

To fulfill this need, you can start a refill station on wheels. A refill station will not only accelerate the movement but it’ll also give people a way to get their items refilled without having to go shopping. Since people will be saving on fuel costs and bringing down plastic use, a refill station can rise the ranks quickly. 

You can further expand your reach by venturing into new neighborhoods and advertising your services to the operable areas. 

6. Mobile Art Gallery

“Artistic Wheels” takes art out of traditional galleries and brings it to the public. This mobile art gallery exhibit various artists and styles, traveling to different locations, events, and communities. It offers artists a dynamic platform to reach a wider audience and sell their work.

For art lovers, it’s a chance to discover new artists and buy unique pieces in a more relaxed and accessible setting than a conventional gallery. This business can become a cultural highlight at festivals, markets, or urban areas, adding a creative touch to any space it visits.

7. Drinks Truck 

How fortunate does it sound when you need a drink, and there’s a drinks truck passing by? Whether it be high-end coffees, refreshing energy drinks, or smoothies, drink trucks have a lot of potential to become a successful mobile business idea. 

The best thing about running a drinks truck is the minimal costs involved. You need an operator, a vehicle, and relevant equipment, and you’re settled. 

When running a drinks truck, the secret to achieving success is to keep the goods agile. Take your on-wheel cafe to various locations, such as music festivals, parades, or any outdoor events. You can also try creating a website to fortify your sales further. 

8. Pet Grooming Service

Regardless of how much you love your pet, it can become very difficult to find the time and get them groomed. Fortunately, starting a pet grooming service gives you a way to facilitate busy pet owners. 

Many pet owners today opt for at-home grooming sessions. An at-home grooming session not only helps the owner save time but it also stops your pets from getting skittish. Grooming animals in an environment where they’re comfortable is much easier than doing it in an unfamiliar place. 

9. Mobile Farmer’s Market

“Fresh Finds on the Move” is a mobile farmer’s market that brings fresh, locally sourced produce and goods directly to consumers. It’s especially beneficial in areas lacking easy access to fresh food. This traveling market can visit neighborhoods, office complexes, or special events, offering a range of products from fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses and homemade goods.

10. Car Wash

Every car owner wants their car to look spick and span and at its best. Unfortunately, the time constraints in their life don’t allow them to keep up and take their car for a proper wash. 

To help you become a car owner while fulfilling your responsibilities, you can start a mobile car wash. With a mobile car wash, you have the equipment to service and clean cars from someone’s garage. 

Running a car wash is one of the most economical mobile businesses that you can start with your family. Like a normal car wash, you don’t have to worry about paying rent or worry about getting customers. As a remote car wash, you can always spot a dirty car on the road and offer the owner your services. 

Alternatively, you could also leave a calling card for them. To attract more customers, you can advertise your services on social media and provide services in areas easily accessible to you. 

11. Mobile Tech Support

“Tech-on-Wheels” offers a convenient solution for those facing technical difficulties with their electronic devices. This mobile business travels directly to customers, providing on-site assistance for software and hardware problems.

Whether it’s troubleshooting a laptop, setting up a home network, or repairing a smartphone, “Tech-on-Wheels” saves customers the hassle of going to a repair shop.

12. Mobile Coffee Cart

This business offers the convenience of a café on wheels, serving a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and light bites.

It’s perfect for morning commuters, office workers, or event attendees who appreciate a good cup of coffee without having to go out of their way. With its mobility, “Brews on the Move” can cater to different crowds and locations.

13. Mobile Event Entertainment

“Fun on the Fly” brings entertainment to various events, from birthday parties to corporate functions. This mobile business can include services like live music, DJs, magicians, or balloon artists, tailored to the event’s theme and audience.

It offers event planners and hosts an easy way to add a special touch to their gatherings, providing professional entertainment that engages and delights guests.

Final Words

If you’re looking to start a mobile business, the article above gives you an idea of the number of options to start. In any case, the examples above are sufficient to prove that mobile business doesn’t only implicate food trucks. 

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