5 Gas Stations That Do Cash Back

The high gas prices, when aligned with the high living costs, have made things difficult for many.

Vehicle owners are always in search of finding fuel at cheaper prices. While there may not be cheaper fuel available, there are some gas stations that do cash back! 

Read on to discover some gas stations that do cash back, allowing you to embrace your inner frugal. Are you ready to save some money on fuel? So, let’s get going!

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Known well on the western coast, AMPM operates more than 950 petrol pumps nationwide. AMPM offers versatile payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard. The versatile payment method increases your chances of earning cashback in any preferred manner. 

While no fees are associated with cash back, AMPM limits cash back to $40. 

Apart from the gas services, the AMPM gas stations also offer additional services like ATMs, check cash-to-cash payments, and MoneyGram transfers. With its facilities operational throughout the 24 hours, you can stop by at an AMPM gas station for cash back on your refuel any time! 


With over 1,200 gas stations, HyVee is another hit amongst Americans. Recognized as one of the “favorite” gas stations of Kansas City, HyVee offers the highest cashback on a refuel from their gas stations. 

HyVee gas stations majorly accept debit cards. The compatibility with most debit cards makes HyVee a convenient stop for most vehicle owners, contributing to becoming one of the most famous services in the US. HyVee additionally does not charge any fees when rewarding you with a cashback after the refuel. 

The favorable features and the highest cash withdrawal make HyVee the go-to choice if you want to make the most of your cashback. 


Renowned petroleum around the world, Shell has approximately 14000 gas stations operating in the country! Aside from the cashback, the biggest benefit of choosing a shell gas station is its convenience stores. 

Most shell gas stations come with well-stocked convenience stores. Talking about cashback, Shell mainly accepts debit cards for offering cash back. Shell also does not charge any additional charges for offering cash back. 

Besides the convenience stores, Shell offers additional services, including 24/7 ATMs, check cashing, and payment orders. 

The maximum cashback Shell offers on spending is $40. Shell also operates 24/7. So the next time you feel like your car needs a refuel, feel free to stop at a Shell gas station anytime! 


With most of its gas stations separately owned and run, BP gas stations are the frugal’s friend. BP has approximately 7200 gas stations across the country, making it easy to find a BP gas station and earn cash back. 

This gas station majorly offers cash back on debit cards. The wide support of different debit cards makes earning cashback with your preferred method convenient. The BP gas stations allow you to earn a maximum cashback of $40. In an effort to maximize your cashback, this gas station does not impede any fees for cashback. 

While the additional features of BP gas stations vary by location, most have a 24-hour ATM. The ATM is ideal for withdrawing your earned cash back imminently.


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General Store Casey’s

Behold; this is not your average gas station. With more than 2200 stores present across the cities, General Store Casey’s is another ideal stop to earn cash back! 

Much like its counterparts in this article, Casey’s also sticks to accepting mainly debit cards as payment. The extensive support for debit cards makes Casey’s a convenient place to refuel your vehicle and earn cash back. 

The maximum cashback limit at Casey’s is $20. Although the max cashback limit is considerably lesser than other gas stations, Casey’s keeps up with the competition. Casey’s offers unique services like Propane transfer, ATMs, and checks to cash. 

While most Casey’s outlets operate 24/7, operating hours for some outlets may vary, depending on their region. 

Getting Cash Back on Refuels: Some Details to Know

Although there are several mentions of the name of gas stations, there are some places where they may not offer cash back. Confirm the cashback before refueling your vehicle to ensure saving money on your cashback. 

Another crucial consideration about gas station cash backs is the form of payment. Some stations take cash, whereas some offer a versatile choice. Visa and MasterCard are the top picks and will work at most gas stations. 

Before you refuel your vehicle, it is necessary to ask if your debit card is acceptable for the transaction. If a gas station does not accept your card, your best bet would be to go to another pump. The cashback will also vary, depending on the gas station of your choice. The transaction fees can affect your cashback amount and lower your amount considerably. 

Some gas stations may stipulate you make a minimum purchase. You will only be able to get cashback only if you spend the minimum amount. 

Ask about these conditions beforehand to ensure you do not miss out on your cash back! 

Final Words

With financial conditions taking a turn for the worse every day, it has become very hard to keep up with the hike in fuel prices. The number of vehicles worldwide is also progressing rapidly, contributing to the price hike on gas. 

In such conditions, it is wise to save money anywhere possible. One way to cut down your expenses is to get your vehicle refueled at a gas station that does cash back. Refueling your vehicles at these stations can be a great way of saving some money. You can fit in the saved money to cater to your needs or maintain your car. 

However, call or confirm the cashback before refueling your car. Some gas stations do not offer cashback in some locations. So, before you put the hose in your vehicle, confirm that the gas station offers a cash back.