Cheapest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Brooklyn counts as the most diverse Borough out of the five different boroughs of NYC.

Cheapest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

With people from various ethnicities residing here, Brooklyn is a mix of life worldwide. 

While other boroughs like Manhattan are considered the heartbeat of New York, Brooklyn remains unbeatable and wins the vote for being the trendiest Borough in New York. Seeing Brooklyn’s popularity rise, we understand the wish to move to Brooklyn, and hey, you’re welcome! 

However, living costs in Brooklyn are hefty, making things hard for you if you are on a budget. But don’t worry – This guide takes you through some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. These neighborhoods are the cheapest and offer a perfect balance between city amenities and affordability. 

So, let’s get going! 


If you want to enjoy the suburban experience of living in Brooklyn, Midwood is the place to be. 

Being home to many businesses and cultural attractions, Midwood has a strong economy and brings many fun experiences for its residents. Apart from its attractions and laid-back vibe, Midwood is a hit for having a relatively low crime rate. 

Talking about the population of this suburb, the people living here belong to different ethnicities. Living in an area with a population belonging to different ethnicities allows you to experience cultures from all around the world, including many tasty cuisines! 

In short, Moving to Midwood gives you easy access to public transport, the many amenities of the city, and safety, making it the best neighborhood to move to in Brooklyn. 

Pros of Living in Midwood

1) Proximity to Amenities

Midwood has many amenities, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and other necessities. Many shops and businesses offer easy access to everyday needs, making life in Midwood convenient. 

2) Public Transportation

Midwood has an ideal location, making it well-connected to the other parts of the city. Living here, you will find it easy to hike public transport, including the B and Q subway lines. The availability of public transport will allow you to commute to other parts of the city easily. 

3) Diverse Community 

Being home to a large Orthodox Jewish population and people belonging to other ethnicities, life in Midwood gets colorful. Living here allows you to experience various cultural experiences. 

Cons of Living in Midwood

1) Limited Nightlife

Being a residential district primarily, nightlife in Midwood is comparatively less active than in other parts of Brooklyn.

Since there are not many places to visit here, you must visit other parts of Brooklyn to enjoy the NYC nightlife. 

2) Inadequate Green Spaces

Despite being a residential district, very limited parks and playgrounds are available in Midwood.

Due to the absence of greenery in the area, you must travel to other districts to find places to relax and enjoy the open atmosphere. 

3) Traffic Congestion

Midwood, like many parts of Brooklyn, can experience traffic congestion during peak hours.

This can lead to longer commute times, increased noise levels, and difficulties finding parking spaces.

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East Flatbush

Located in the center of Brooklyn is yet another up-and-coming community in the Borough. East Flatbush is home to many young professionals and millennials for its quiet and peaceful lifestyle. 

East Flatbush offers one of the most affordable options for people considering moving there. While the average rent for living in Brooklyn is $3250, houses in East Flatbush go for $1400 per month.

On the other hand, buying a house here costs around $300,000. While the number is still hefty, it’s considerably lower than the other neighborhoods’ prices. 

Living in East Flatbush gives you access to many amenities, including the city’s many restaurants, train stations, stores, playgrounds, and the Kings Plaza Mall.

Apart from the easy access to amenities, the location of this suburb puts Manhattan and downtown at a distance of approximately 40 minutes. 

With the availability of public transport, man amenities, and affordable housing options, moving here seems worth it! 

Pros of East Flatbush

1) Cultural Diversity 

East Flatbush is a well-known suburb with a population with high cultural diversity. Moving here, you will notice that the majority population here is Caribbean-American and people from other ethnicities.

The cultural diversity will allow you to explore different traditions, customs, and food worldwide! 

2) Easy Access to Public Transportation

East Flatbush harbors several subway stations and bus routes, making it convenient for its residents to easily access other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The ideal location and easy access to public transport make it easy for the locals to commute and explore NYC. 

3) Abundant Green Spaces

East Flatbush is home to various parks and green spaces, including the beautifully spacious Paerdegat Park.

The abundance of green spaces allows its residents to enjoy nature and relax in an open atmosphere. 

Cons of East Flatbush

1) Limited Job Opportunities

Even though there are many cultural attractions and places to visit in East Flatbush, the suburb surprisingly seriously lacks employment opportunities.

Moving to East Flatbush will shut down your preference for working and living close to your home since you will need to travel to other places to find work. 

2) Crime

East Flatbush isn’t among the safest neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn.

Although the 67th precinct has considerably improved the stats, East Flatbush still carries more crime rates than other parts of the Borough.

As a resident of East Flatbush, it’s always suggested to remain on guard and take necessary precautions. 

3) Limited Green Spaces

East Flatbush has a relatively limited number of parks and green spaces compared to other neighborhoods.

This may impact the availability of recreational areas for outdoor activities, exercise, or relaxation.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach hits the spot for those that want something unique. Otherwise known as Little Odessa, Brighton Beach is becoming trending for bringing a touch of Europe to NYC. 

A higher cultural diversity, including the high concentration of Ashkenazi immigrants moving from Ukraine and Russia, are the reason behind its name.

Besides immigrants from Russia and Ukraine, Brighton Beach is also home to immigrants from different parts of Europe, including Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. 

Brighton Beach harbors many luxury condominiums and single-family houses for people looking to move here. While the average rent costs in Brighton Beach range around $2000, buying a condo here comes at $275K. 

With a high cultural diversity, many places to visit, beautiful sights, and affordable housing options, moving to Brighton Beach is an absolute win. 

Brighton Beach Pros

1) Close Access to the Beach

With its location right by the Atlantic Ocean, the residents of Brighton Beach enjoy exclusive access to beaches! If you are a beach person, moving here is a breeze! 

2) Diversity

When you look at Brighton Beach, the fact that NYC is a melting pot with many cultures in the mix couldn’t be truer. The suburb enjoys a strong Russian influence, with people present from other cultures. 

The cultural diversity in Brighton Beach creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere for people looking to move there and is a way for you to explore the world on a budget! 

3) Food Delicacies

When you combine cultural diversity and the ideal location of Brighton Beach, one thing is for sure: Many palatable cuisines! 

Brighton Beach is a hit amongst New Yorkers for its great seafood and food from various cultures, including traditional Russian Cuisine. If you are a foodie and choose to move to Brighton Beach, you will never tire of places to try and foods to eat. 

Brighton Beach Cons

1) Limited Access to Public Transport 

While the location of Brighton Beach accounts for scenic views, the residents pay the price with limited access to public transportation.

Granted, there are some bus routes and subway stations towards Brighton Beach, but you will spend much time commuting to and from Brighton Beach. 

2) Highly Populated

With many people calling Brighton Beach home, the suburb has become highly dense.

Crowded sights and limited parking are common issues for the residents of this neighborhood. Be ready to deal with traffic congestion and parking difficulties if you move here. 

3) Commute Time

One significant disadvantage is its distance from the southernmost tip of Manhattan.

On a good day, it takes at least 50 minutes to commute from Brighton Beach to the heart of Manhattan, which can be quite inconvenient for those who work or frequently visit the city.

Final Words

There is no doubt that life in Brooklyn gets exciting. However, the high living costs here make living difficult for people. 

While calculating living costs, housing costs take the biggest proportion. So, technically, living in Brooklyn would be possible if you could find affordable housing. This guide brings out some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. 

These neighborhoods are budget-friendly and offer amenities and easy access to public transportation, making them a suitable choice for those with a budget.