Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card? 

Gift cards are one of the most popular items to give and receive during the holiday season, and they are also a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them all year round. But one question that often comes up is, “Can you buy a gift card with a gift card?” 

This guide will provide an in-depth look at this question and answers for four major retailers: Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. Each section will explain the specific requirements for buying a gift card at each retailer and answer the question. 

Can You Buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card at Target? 

No, you cannot purchase a gift card with a Target gift card. Target gift cards are an electronic payment method only used in the store or website, and the funds on the card are non-transferable and only redeemable directly in the store or online.

Since Target gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, such as prepaid or specialty gift cards, it is impossible to buy a gift card with a Target gift card. 

Target gift cards are convenient to use and easy to purchase. However, unlike debit cards that allow purchases of other types of gift cards, Target gift cards are limited to purchases made at Target stores and on their website.

Therefore, if you want to buy another type of gift card, you will need to use another form of payment, such as cash or a debit/credit card.

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Can You Buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card at Walmart? 

No, it is not possible to use a gift card to purchase another gift card at Walmart. Gift cards purchased at Walmart can only be used to purchase items in-store or online. This means that any purchases made with a Walmart gift card must be items; you cannot use a Walmart gift card to purchase another payment or currency.

However, Walmart does offer a wide variety of gift cards for purchase. Customers can buy physical, e-gift cards, Visa gift cards, and other specialty cards such as seasonal, hotel, and travel cards. While these cards cannot be purchased using Walmart gift cards, customers may use cash, debit/credit cards, or other forms of payment to buy these gift cards.

With the variety of gift cards offered at Walmart, customers can find something perfect for any occasion. Whether a customer wants to give the recipient a special experience or treat them to a shopping spree, they will be able to find the perfect gift card to provide the recipient with something unique that they can enjoy. 

Can You Buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card on Amazon? 

Purchasing gift cards on Amazon is generally possible using other gift cards as payment. However, there are restrictions to this that must be taken into account. According to Amazon’s terms and conditions, Your Balance cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards, prepaid open loop cards, or certain third-party gift cards.

While some third-party gift cards such as Visa or Mastercard may be accepted as payment to purchase an Amazon Gift Card, a card issued directly by Amazon can not be used to purchase another gift card.

When purchasing a gift card on Amazon, it is vital to check that the accepted payment method matches the card you will be using. If a third-party gift card is accepted as payment, then it may be possible to buy a gift card on Amazon using the third-party card.

However, if it states that Your Balance cannot be used for the purchase, it is impossible to use an Amazon Gift Card for the transaction.

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Can You Buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card at Best Buy? 

No, you cannot buy a gift card with a gift card at Best Buy. Best Buy does not allow customers to use gift cards to purchase prepaid open-loop or third-party gift cards.

An open-loop card is a prepaid payment card, like Visa or Mastercard, issued by a third-party organization and accepted by multiple retailers or businesses. Third-party gift cards are those from companies not associated with the store, such as Starbucks or Apple. 

Since Best Buy only accepts its issued gift cards, customers cannot use them to purchase at other stores or websites. This policy protects customers from fraud and ensures that all gift card transactions are transparent and secure.

It also ensures that customers do not receive unnecessary fees or charges when shopping with their Best Buy Gift Card. 

To purchase a prepaid or third-party gift card, customers must use cash, debit, credit, or other payment methods the retailer or website accepts. However, Best Buy Gift Cards can purchase merchandise and services available on and in stores nationwide, and they can also be used for online purchases from the Best Buy app.

Why can’t you use gift cards to buy gift cards?

Gift cards are a great way to give personal yet practical gifts. However, it is not possible to use a gift card to purchase another gift card from most major retailers.

This is because gift cards are considered a form of payment, and if they were allowed to be purchased with another gift card, it would be too easy for a thief or fraudster to get hold of lots of cards without paying for them. 

Another problem is that it is difficult for the retailer to track when and where the gift card was used, making it harder to cancel cards that have been stolen or used fraudulently.

As such, most retailers do not allow gift cards to be used to purchase other gift cards to protect their customers and prevent them from becoming victims of theft or fraud.


Customers can use their existing pre-paid or credit-based store gift cards as long as they are from the same retailer from major retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy to purchase additional gift cars from those stores either in-store or online, depending on the store.

Note that depending on which store and payment method you choose, there may be charges associated with the purchase, such as taxes or fees related to the transaction.

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