10 Best Finance Forums You Should Join Today

Looking to get smarter about your finances or maybe even retire early?

I spend a lot of time on finance forums, and believe me, they’re a gold mine for advice and real-world tips. The ones that have been around for years are especially worth your time. These are some of the best out there.

1. Bogleheads 

Focused primarily on investing according to the philosophies of Vanguard founder John Bogle, the Bogleheads forum is a treasure trove of information for both beginner and experienced investors. The community is supportive and knowledgeable, often providing in-depth advice on how to build a diversified, low-cost portfolio. Topics covered include asset allocation, tax planning, and retirement strategies. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to adopt a long-term, passive investment strategy.

2. Mr. Money Mustache Forum 

Founded by Mr. Money Mustache, a financial blogger who gained fame for retiring at the age of 30, this forum is all about achieving financial independence through frugal living and smart investing. Community members share tips on everything from slashing grocery bills to choosing the best index funds. It also covers broader lifestyle topics, encouraging a minimalist approach to consumption. If you’re interested in achieving financial freedom before the traditional retirement age, this is a must-visit forum.

3. Wall Street Oasis 

A community for finance professionals and students aiming to work in investment banking, private equity, or hedge funds, Wall Street Oasis provides valuable insights into the high-stakes world of finance. The forum offers everything from resume reviews to interview tips and industry insights. In addition to its comprehensive guides and articles, you can find threads on career progression, company reviews, and even day-in-the-life descriptions of various finance roles. 

4. Frugal Village forums

The Frugal Village forums serve as a communal space for people interested in living a more economical lifestyle. It’s not just about pinching pennies; the forum also delves into the nitty-gritty of sustainable living, debt reduction, and smart budgeting. Users exchange DIY ideas, share coupons, discuss cost-cutting measures, and offer tips on how to make the most of what you have. The community is supportive and constructive, providing a space where you can learn to navigate various aspects of personal finance and frugality without feeling overwhelmed. 

5. Reddit Personal Finance 

A hub for all things money-related, Reddit’s Personal Finance subreddit offers a wide array of advice ranging from budgeting and investing to debt management and retirement planning. With a diverse user base that includes financial experts and beginners alike, the forum covers an extensive variety of topics. Whether you have a quick question about filing taxes or need comprehensive advice on buying your first home, this subreddit can be an invaluable resource. The upvote and downvote system helps to highlight the most relevant and accurate information.

6. Bigger Pockets Forum 

Targeted towards real estate investors, Bigger Pockets is a forum where you can learn the ins and outs of property investment, landlord responsibilities, real estate markets, and financing options. It provides a blend of educational resources and real-world advice from a community of experienced investors. The platform also offers podcasts, blogs, and guides to supplement forum discussions.

7. Reddit Financial Independence

This subreddit is geared towards people who aspire to achieve financial independence and possibly even retire early (often referred to as FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early). Discussions often center around investment strategies, expense tracking, and long-term financial planning aimed at creating a self-sufficient lifestyle. The community is particularly focused on optimizing savings rates, generating passive income, and making wise investment decisions to accelerate the journey towards financial freedom. While the topic may seem daunting, the subreddit provides a supportive environment for sharing both challenges and successes. 

8. Money Saving Expert Forum 

Originating from the popular UK-based website run by financial journalist Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert Forum is a comprehensive platform for discussing a variety of money-related topics. From frugal living tips to intricate investment advice, the forum provides valuable insights for individuals looking to make the most of their money. The community is robust and diverse, featuring experts in the financial industry as well as everyday people looking to share their experiences and hacks for smarter money management.

9. Early Retirement Extreme Forums

Tailored for those with an intense focus on retiring early, the Early Retirement Extreme Forums delve deep into strategies for achieving financial independence as quickly as possible. Based on the philosophy of the Early Retirement Extreme book by Jacob Lund Fisker, the forum covers topics like extreme frugality, unconventional investment approaches, and lifestyle changes that facilitate quick wealth accumulation. The community is committed to exploring alternative ways of living and investing that deviate from the mainstream, with the ultimate goal of achieving a life free from financial constraints.

10. Reddit’s Frugal 

Covering everything from couponing and discount shopping to DIY projects and minimalistic living, the subreddit aims to help people make the most out of their money. With a mix of practical advice and shared personal experiences, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality of life. 

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