5 Apps Like Shiftsmart to Find Legit Jobs

Looking to take control of your work schedule but not sure where to start? These apps similar to Shiftsmart can be your ticket to making quick cash while tailoring your work to fit your lifestyle.

Let’s check Shiftsmart alternatives that offer you the freedom to work when and where you want, potentially turning a quick gig into a permanent side hustle.


Wonolo provides a variety of opportunities ranging from temporary to permanent job offers for people such as yourself. This platform focuses on helping employees as much as helping people find work. 

Wonolo adheres to connecting you with employers who have opportunities suited to your preferences and skills.  They also give you ultimate flexibility by allowing you to wish where you want to go when you want to and to choose your payment preferences. 

Wonolo’s unique work ethic has shaped the flexible job market, making it easy for you to find high paying through only a few clicks. To start working on Wonolo, you must get their app from the Play or App Store. 

Once you create the account, you can start finding jobs. While entry-level jobs are easy to land and do not require many requirements, the platform also comes with high-paying jobs requiring skills and experience. 

Ultimately, choosing the job and earning as much as you want falls on you. Needless to say, there is no shortage of opportunities at Wonolo.


With its focus on curating remote opportunities, InstaWork is a perfect platform for part-time jobs. Through InstaWork, you can find jobs with an hourly pay rate in the catering, event, and warehousing industries. 

Being available in more than 25 major metro markets of the country, InstaWork allows ultimate flexibility to its workers. You can pick occupations, book your shifts beforehand, or even find opportunities at the last moment! 

To further increase profitability, you can take on jobs during peak hours. Alternatively, last-minute shifts can help you make more money than scheduled jobs. 

After completing the jobs, InstaWork pays you every week. As the week ends, the platform compensates you for the shifts you have worked through the previous week. 

Given its hassle-free mechanism and timely payments, InstaWork is a great platform to consider. 


Featuring a diverse range of opportunities and flexible timelines, UpShift is a great platform for university-going students. This platform categorizes various opportunities, allowing the users to choose their favorite job. 

Being a highly reputed company, UpShift believes in creating opportunities for highly qualified working staff or individuals. Since most university students possess a great number of talents, the tasks on UpShift will feel easygoing if you harness the skills to take on its tasks. 

The platform also requires you to clear a test to uphold its reputation. UpShift takes this test to verify your skills to join the platform. UpShift also requires you to clear an in-person before it lists you in its ensemble of qualified professionals. 

However, once you clear the test, the platform will align itself to help you find the right task. Their website is highly accessible, making it easy to apply for your preferred jobs. 

UpShift sticks to the weekly payment model. To be more specific, any completed tasks will be paid the next week to the one in which you complete the tasks. 

Although UpShift emphasizes sticking to its SOPs and takes evaluations beforehand, it offers high-paying hustles, making it worth the trouble. 


Although WorkMarket has many tasks, it excels in specific industries, including healthcare, training, and insurance. 

Most employers on WorkMarket belong to these industries, making it a lucrative platform for those with experience in these domains. However, the money you make on WorkMarket will vary on the industry and your employer, so there is no average to keep in mind. 

Currently, WorkMarket adheres to three distinct payment methods. Since the platform is accessible in America and Canada, the platform takes adequate measures to pay the people in these regions. 

The best thing about WorkMarket is its flexibility in the payment process. WorkMarket allows you to withdraw money at any time after completing a job. Additionally, the platform has no payout threshold, allowing users to withdraw money whenever needed. 

Apply Up 

Apply Up makes the cut for its simple website. With various recruitment openings, Apply Up considers your skillset and experiences to tailor the best job. 

Since the platform helps, you find jobs according to your skillset and flexibility, Apply Up offers a win-win situation for its workers as well as employers. This platform allows you to match your resume to the job openings on their platform. 

Apply Up has openings and offers worldwide, allowing you to hone your professional skills and maximize exposure to the professionals working in the field. This platform offers adequate opportunities to collaborate with the professionals in your field and develop your skills. 

As you develop skills and gain more experience, Apply Up further curates personalized jobs for you, allowing you to become an expert in your professional domain. 

To start working with Apply Up, you must create an account on their platform. After creating your profile, you can explore job openings to help you develop skills and make good money! 

Final Words 

When compared to full-time jobs, remote jobs are much more flexible. These jobs are flexible and remove the few catches of a full-time job. For instance, you do not have to worry about commuting to your workplace or getting late. 

These jobs offer a comparatively flexible schedule, allowing you to adjust your schedule and fit them in accordingly. These jobs also have considerably fewer requirements, allowing you to complete tasks on time and take on more work. 

However, the key to maximizing profits through flexible jobs is knowing where to look! Some apps like Shiftsmart mentioned in this article are a great place to start flexible work opportunities. While all of these platforms differ, they all have the potential to help you scale your abilities and hone your skills.

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