Tophatter Review: Is It Legit?

Like many things today, shopping is also done online. Due to vast technological developments, it has become very easy to shop online for almost anything.

Just from the comfort of your home, you can have a great shopping experience. Everything is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Thus, online marketplaces have become common for many users to take advantage of. 

One such website is Tophatter. The following review would explore whether Tophatter is a legitimate website to use or not.

Before we answer that question, we must understand what Tophatter is and how it functions. Then we can move on to look into its reliability amongst the website’s current users. 

What is Tophatter? 

Shopping is like an experience. Many people enjoy the process of shopping as it brings them excitement and happiness. Tophatter builds on these feelings by inciting them in their customers.

Tophatter is an auction website. You can either buy the product of your choice straightaway or bid for it. This gives it the similarity of the famous website of eBay. 

Tophatter was found in 2012, which makes it relatively newer in the digital market space. This is why it is not very well known. However, it is expected that this website will bring in $100 million in revenue.

Founders Ashvin Kumar and Chris Estreich claim for Tophatter to become one of the fastest and entertaining websites, where many live auctions take place every day for various different categories of products. 

Tophatter is available both in a website and app form. Both the website and app are increasingly becoming popular amongst the users. So far, 12 million users or shoppers are using the business. This shows that the startup is getting successful in a little time. 

The founders have focused on developing their business and the shopping experience since the beginning. They did not focus on attracting the attention of the media, but instead, they focused on building their business up properly. This strategy has contributed to their success greatly.

Today, Tophatter functions in two locations around the world. One is in San Francisco and another in Shanghai. The advantage of having a warehouse in China is that the manufactured products are cheaper as they are priced at wholesale price. At Tophatter, you can get products shipped from all over the world. 

Now let’s look into how Tophatter functions and works. 

How does Tophatter Function and What are its Features? 

Tophatter has an exclusive shopping structure. With the app and website, you will get an amazing shopping experience. The only thing you have to do is make an account and then be able to access the live auctions that are continuously taking place. Live auctions are nothing new to the world of online shopping; however, in Tophatter these auctions have special features.

Firstly, many products are being put up for auction at the same time. Secondly, all auctions have a time limit of 90 seconds. When you view your product, a bid button is placed at the bottom alongside a timer that displays the time left for the shoppers to place their bids. As more bids are placed, the price of the product increases. The winners are given up to two hours to make their payments for fashion products. For other products, the shopper is given 24 hours to make their final payments. 

The best feature of Tophatter is that it is quick. On other bidding platforms, products can take weeks to sell. On Tophatter, the shopper can own their product within 90 seconds only. This fast speed is what makes shopping at this website an exhilarating experience.

Tophatter also gives great discounts on many products. Items such as jewelry and electronics can have discounts amounting to 80 percent off the original price. Everyone likes a good deal, most importantly, people prefer to buy products that are giving them value for their money. At Tophatter, you will get discounted products and in good conditions. So you can be sure that you will not be wasting your money when buying a product from this business. 

Now we can move on to answering the most important question of all, is Tophatter legit? 

Is Tophatter a legitimate marketplace? 

As with all online marketplaces, there is always a risk of being fake or having a high chance of fraud. However, when it comes to Tophatter, the website is very much legit. This business ensures that all the listed branded products are authenticated before being put up for auction. This means that any designer products you bid for and then purchase will be guaranteed to be originals. 

Tophatter focuses on being transparent to its customers and investors. The website is officially listed on Crunchbase, which shows all the investors how much they have invested in the business. All the financial information is readily available. For a business to be listed on Crunchbase, it confirms its legitimacy automatically. Fortune magazine also featured Tophatter, and this shows us that the business is legitimate. When reputable sources cover a startup, it is a sign of legitimacy. 

This website is also safe to use for customers. It offers several payment options, including PayPal. When shopping online, it is always recommended to use PayPal, as you can make the payments without having to share sensitive information. You can even pay through an encrypted bitcoin, which further confirms the website’s reliability. 

So to wrap it, it can be confidently stated that Tophatter is legit. This business is safe for all its users and will provide you with the thrill of shopping as expected. Your money is safe, and so is all your personal information when making transactions. You will benefit from the discounted items and have the chance to own designer products without having to break the bank. 

Can you make money on Tophatter?

Yes, of course, but I would stay out of it because of the many fees they charge for everything and anything. You’d do much better by selling on Amazon or eBay.