Today, I am gonna show you how to rank YouTube videos. Google search results often list YouTube videos on the first page. While searching the google videos, we can see the YouTube videos dominate the list over the videos posted on any other platform. Moreover, YouTube itself is a hugely popular video search engine. Millions of viewers search YouTube directly for the information through videos.

YouTube is a major traffic source for a large number of blogs and websites. Besides being a traffic source to a blog, many YouTubers also use the platform to monetize their videos using Google Adsense and if you want to have successful video, you’ll need your rank Youtube video high for specific search terms. Rank YouTube VideoHowever, uploading a video is not enough to get a lot of views on your video.

You have to target a particular section of the YouTube audience and compete with the uploaders in your niche. Just like a blog post or a website, YouTube videos need to be optimized to rank high in the search results of YouTube and Google as well. YouTube uses an algorithm to rank videos.

It regularly updates the algorithm, and it is not possible to know exactly how YouTube ranks videos. However, YouTube aims to provide the best user experience to people who use this website. You should have a similar goal while making the video and doing anything related to your videos. You should also aim to improve the user experience and help the YouTube and Google in bringing the best out to their audience.


How To Rank YouTube Video Higher In The Search Results


– Purpose Of The Video


First of all, you must define the purpose behind the creation of the video. Why do you want to make the video is the first question you must ask yourself. What do you want to achieve with the video?

For instance, — A ‘Tutorial’ video aims to teach the audience a certain skill or give a lesson on something. — A ‘How-To’ video explains to the viewers how to do a certain thing. — A ‘Review’ video provides information and user experience about a certain product or service. — A ‘Baby’ video shows a baby or babies doing funny or cute things and the audience finds them entertaining.

You have to define the purpose of the video and problem clearly that you will solve for your audience. Why should anybody watch your video? What will they gain by watching your video?

Another question that you should ask yourself at the same time is, ‘Who is your target audience’? Who Is Your Target Audience? Do you know who will watch your video before you create it?

For Instance, – A review video on a quadcopter will most likely be viewed by ‘Tech Enthusiasts.’ – ‘Internet Marketers’ are likely to watch a video explaining the concepts of social media marketing. – ‘Programmers’ who are learning a particular language are likely to watch a tutorial on that language. – Certain videos such as baby videos or pet videos can have a general audience. So, before moving ahead, ascertain who will watch your video and what will they gain from it.


Quality Of The Video


You don’t want to put off your viewers because of bad sound quality or poor graphics or low resolution, etc. You don’t need an expensive camera to shoot a video, but you must ensure that the quality of the video is good enough. Upload high-definition videos as most viewers like to watch high-resolution videos.


Recording Device & Software


The purpose of the video also determines what kind of camera or recording equipment you need to produce the video. For instance, if you are shooting a wildlife video, your videography skills, quality of the camera, lighting, editing skills, etc. will determine the quality of your video.

For a screencast, you don’t even need a camera; you only need a screencasting software. You may want to use an animation software for giving a message or explaining a certain concept to your audience, then the quality of animation software can be a factor determining the quality of your video.

Make sure that the quality of your video is great if you want to capture the attention of your audience.


youtube rank

Audio Equipment


For voice-overs, you must write the whole script of your video before you use the microphone. You don’t need the most expensive mic in the market, but you must invest in a good microphone if you want to produce a lot of videos and make them popular.

What kind of sound recording equipment you need depends on the content of your video. As a YouTuber, you must have a pop-filter in your arsenal which is fairly inexpensive, but it can greatly help in improving the audio quality of your videos.




Make sure that you edit your videos properly before you upload them on the YouTube. You don’t want to shoot an unnecessarily long video that bores the audience.

It will help to get rid of all the fluff in the video before producing the final copy. Add some nice effects, tag different parts, mark areas and do a lot of things while editing the video.




Your video can open with a two or three-second channel trailer, but at the beginning, you must not add any fluff. Hit the nail at the right spot right in the beginning of the video.

Come to the point straightaway as your viewers are ever ready to click their mouse and go away. Internet surfers have a short attention span. If you cannot capture their attention and give them something substantial right away, you will lose them.


Tips To Rank YouTube Video High In Search Results


– Keyword Research


After targeting a particular section of the YouTube audience and defining the purpose of your video, you must think about the keywords your audience will most likely search for the content you are producing. Find the right ‘video keywords’ to get your video ranked high in the search results.

Some of the video keywords include words like, ‘how-to,’ ‘review,’ ‘setting-up,’ ’10 ways to,’ etc.

— Search YouTube With Similar Content – You should begin with searching the YouTube for the content you want to produce. Look at the results and the keywords used in the video title. — Keep Your Content In Mind – Choose the keywords that are entirely relevant to your content.

Never use any keywords in your title just because they are popular. If they are irrelevant, their popularity does not matter.

— Keyword Research Tools – Use Keyword Research tools for your video such as YouTube Trends, Google Trends, Display Planner in Adwords, YouTube’s Autocomplete feature and a must-have tool for every YouTuber – TubeBuddy Google Chrome extension. Tubebuddy Tag Explorer give you absolutely the best relevant keywords. Make a list of the relevant keywords. You must use them in the title, description, and tags.


– Title


Youtube video title

The title of your video is one of the major determining factors for your Video’s success. Spend enough time in just thinking about the title of your video and create a title that can capture your audience’s attention immediately.

Take it very seriously because the first thing your potential viewers will ever see is the title of the video. The title may not matter more than the video, but it certainly matters before the video because your viewers read the title before they watch your video.

Don’t forget to include your main keyword TubeBuddy suggested in the title. Make sure that your title appropriately describes the content of your video. Think about the title that talks about the problem you are trying to solve through your video.


– Length


Make sure that your video is not unnecessarily long. Trim away the parts of your video that contain nothing of substance. You don’t have to put too much information in a short amount of time, but you must refrain from adding any fluff completely.

Your video should not be too short, and you should aim to keep the attention of the viewer who is watching your video. Though you must not try to make your videos unnecessarily long, you should try to cover complete information on the topic you are dealing with.

You should try to explain everything related to the topic so that the viewer gets all the information searching he is searching through your video. This approach is likely to get you more shares, likes and a higher ranking in the search results.


– Watch Time


youtube watch time

You should do everything to increase the watch time of your video. If a viewer starts watching your video and goes away only after watching a first few seconds or half a minute, then it indicates the lower quality of the video.

YouTube takes the factors such as the average of watch time to length ratio into consideration while ranking. Besides producing high-quality content and covering the topic extensively, you should aim to keep the viewer entertained. Factors such as tone, enthusiasm also play a major role in keeping the audience interested.


– Video File Name


The file name of your video should be same as the title of your video. It helps the search engines in determining the content of the video. Crawlers cannot look inside the video but rely on the metadata, descriptions, titles, etc. to understand what’s there in it.


– Description


If you are serious about ranking your YouTube videos, you should never take descriptions lightly. The first few lines of the Description can have a significant impact on the search engine ranking of your video.

You should properly describe what the video is all about in the first few lines and must use the relevant keywords. You can also add the transcription of your video in the description after explaining what the video is all about in the first few lines. Transcription helps the viewers and search engines in understanding what the content is all about.


– Tags


Youtube tags

Use all the relevant tags to let the YouTube understand what your video contains. You can use the list of keywords that you create during the keyword research to add the relevant tags or you can use TubeBuddy Tage explorer feature. Make sure that you don’t use any irrelevant tags as they will lead to less watch time which can hurt the ranking.


– CC Function


You should use CC(Closed Caption) feature of YouTube on your video. It helps the viewers to understand what you are saying. People who don’t understand the language of the content can still benefit from your video by reading the translations of your content using this function.

YouTube automatically converts the content of your video into a transcription. It can be translated into different languages.


– Thumbnail


After you upload your video on YouTube, it gives you an option to choose from three thumbnails it randomly chooses from your video. You should understand the value of Thumbnails as they are seen above the title of the video.

A right thumbnail can capture the attention of the potential viewers immediately and help you significantly in ranking your video higher in the search results. Invest your time into creating the right thumbnail for your video that tells your audience a story.

The aim is to create a thumbnail that instantly grabs the attention of your audience and gives them exactly what they want. You can upload a custom thumbnail to your YouTube video.

The image file must have a resolution of 1280×720 and should not have a size of more than 2 MB. One thing to add about Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy has the a/b testing feature to figure out which thumbs perform best so you can really dial in what works using data instead of your friends’ opinions.


– Playlists


Youtube playlist

Creating playlists for your videos on YouTube is a great idea. Playlists help YouTube understand the content of your video. Just like your video, include keywords in the title and description of your playlist that contains your video.


– Interlinking


Consider interlinking related videos on your channel. You can add links and short videos of other videos at the end of your video. Once, a viewer has watched your video and got the information or content he wanted; you don’t want to lose him. Instead, you can suggest him to watch other videos that you feel the viewer might be interested in.


– Ask Your Audience To Share Your Video


There is no shame in asking your viewers to share the video if they like it. If they like it, they are likely to share them on their social media channels. You must remind them about the sharing option by asking them to share the video.


– Social Media Engagement


You should not forget about the power of various social media channels and repeatedly promote your video in response to the problem your video solves across the social media. You should be active on the Internet promoting your video.

Whenever you find anybody on a forum, Q&A site, twitter, etc. asking for a solution to the problem your video solves, you should always share a link to your video after briefly providing them the solution. You must not spam and post the link to your video unnecessarily. You must be a good contributor to any social media network you use.

Though it is possible to promote a single video and make it extremely popular, as a YouTuber, you would like to grow the size of your targeted audience. Once, you have a lot of subscribers, and people from your niche are well aware of your channel, getting a lot of views will become significantly easier.

Growing the subscriber base takes time on YouTube, but it’s worth the effort. As you have an audience ready to watch all your videos, you get a lot of likes, shares, and comments in a short amount of time. A lot of activity around your video naturally helps in placing your video higher in the search results.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel


As a YouTuber, you don’t just want to promote a single video, but you want to grow your subscriber base, establish yourself in the niche and attract a lot of response right from the time of uploading of the video.


– Produce Great Videos and Optimize Them


Do everything listed above for each video you create, and together they will have a collaborative effect and help you in the growth of your channel and brand over time.

– Branding


Your viewers and people from your niche should be able to identify your brand and channel. You must position yourself separately and have a unique presence on the internet. Produce a good channel art, cover image, appropriately choose the name of your channel.

You must use the same branding elements across all the social media channels on the Internet. Provide as much information on your YouTube profile and channel page to let your audience know more about it. Give links to the users to reach you through different mediums such as facebook, twitter, etc.


– Stay Active


You must stay active in the community and try to help everybody who shares your passion. Engage with your audience and try to solve every problem of all the users. Try to keep the response time as short as possible.


– Series & Playlists


Creating a series of related videos help significantly in increasing the number of views for all of your videos and grow the subscriber base. When a viewer gets the content he wanted and finds the related content he will like to watch; he will most likely hit the ‘subscribe’ button and come back to your channel to watch the other videos.


– Use Other Social Media Channels



If you already have a good following on some other social media channel, you can benefit from it instantly. You should use the power of other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and establish your brand across different channels.

You don’t have to get overwhelmed by the availability of choices when it comes to social media. Even if you establish yourself well in the community across two or three different channels, you can make your brand popular and get a lot of subscribers.


– Blog And Email


If you have a blog, you can promote your channel and videos there as well. You can also benefit from email marketing and use the email list to reach your audience.


– Advertise


If you think it can be profitable to advertise your channel and you have the resources available to you, you should do that. Many YouTubers use advertisements to grow their subscriber base, though it ultimately depends on the monetization model and goal of the channel.

It is entirely optional and not indispensable at all to find YouTube success. If you want to make your video rank high in the search results, you must understand how viral marketing can benefit you. If your video goes viral, it will attract a lot of engagement and result in higher search results.

There is no sure shot way to make your video go viral, but if you try consistently, you should find success sooner or later.


Tips To Make A YouTube Video Go Viral


– Subscribers


Though it is not impossible to make your video go viral without an audience ready to consume your content, your subscribers will certainly help in producing the viral effect. Once you get in tune with your audience and understand what they want; you can produce exactly what they want to see.

If you have a lot of subscribers across different social media channels and a lot of people like your content, you can get a large number of reshares in a short amount of time.


– Always Stay Ahead Of The Crowd


You should aim to establish yourself as a leader in your community, and you must know about the latest developments. You want to carry the crowd forward through your videos and give them exactly what they need.


– Content Curation


The Internet is an ocean, but if you fully commit to learn everything in your niche and lead the crowd, you can certainly do it. You should use various content curation tools to know everything about your community, people who are part of the community and what they are engaged in.

If you can see what they are the problems they are dealing with and how they are responding to a certain development. You can create a video in response to that, and most likely your subscribers and audience in your community will be interested to watch your content.


– Right Content At The Right Time For The Right Audience


If you can produce the right content at the right time and bring it to the right audience, your video can go viral. That’s why, it is wise to invest enough time in curating the content, learning the behavior of your audience and doing everything that you can to bring your content in front of your audience.


– Size Of Community


When the size of your community is not large enough, you will probably not find it easy to get a viral effect. However, you should not choose your niche based on the size of the community.

You must choose the niche according to your passion and where you can establish yourself as a leader. You should focus on the monetization model, or the goal of your channel, viral marketing is not the goal, but a tool to achieve the goal you set while starting your channel.

If the size of your community is large, you will find it comparatively easier to make your video go viral.


– Be Consistent & Keep Trying


You cannot predict when one of your videos goes viral. You should be consistent and keep trying. There is no set time or pattern that can guarantee the results, but if you try multiple times, there is a high chance that you will ultimately be able to make your video viral.


To Sum Up How To Rank Youtube Video 


YouTube is an incredibly powerful platform that you can use to find success on the Internet. Though video marketing has come a long way, it is still growing. YouTube success does not come overnight, but it is well worth the effort.

If you follow the necessary steps, focus on the quality of your videos, establish yourself as a leader, grow your subscribers, focus on the right keywords and follow best search engine practices, there is no reason why your video will not be ranked high in the search results.

Ultimately, it is the quality of your content which matters the most. Content is the king, and it will always remain the king. Good content satisfies the viewer, and he is likely to promote your content naturally. You must focus on the content, title, description, and thumbnail. Do everything you can to promote your channel on the social media and stay consistent. Sooner or later, you will find success.